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what is sprint spot and how does it work

What Is Sprint Spot – Useful or Useless

Over the years, Sprint Corporation has proven to among the best service company that has present over 50 million subscribers with great offers and integrated contents.

This cuts across developing, engineering and other innovative technologies which gave rise to their wireless 4G becoming one of the most desired product in the United States. This has earned them a place within the DIJI Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the last couple of years.

Sprint Spot in details

The Sprint Spot a new application that provides a compendium of services such as TV shows, games, music and videos. These services are supported by Amazon Prime, including other notable partnerships. The android mobiles will be preloaded with the apps, but it can also be downloaded from the Google play store. The Sprint spot was integrated with these features to help deliver all that a subscriber needs such as downloading of desired movies, listening and discovering of new music.

Sprint Spot came up with the collaboration of MobiTV, which is a company that provides users with on-demand TV services right from 1999 when it was launched. Before now, MobiTV since its establishment has been popular because of their innovative idea of being at the forefront of delivering on-demand broadcasting TV services, especially to smartphone users.

They were able to achieve this feat because of their foresight to partner with Sprint and other broadcasters in the industry. The partnership with Sprint has spanned over the years that it was through them that Sprint TV, which is streaming service for video and audio was able to kick off in 2003.

The sprint spot latest version with a broad range of specifications can be downloaded from the play store for android users while iOS users will be able to access it soon. With the demand of this service, Sprint, together with MobiTV, came up with more comprehensive and high access service that is very convenient to use because of its affordable plans.

The unique thing about this is that it works perfectly well with third-party applications, i.e. you can have access to music, videos, games and TV shows in just a single place. Furthermore, there is also a recommendation on the app to focus on content delivery.

Sprint Spot Features

This app was designed to enable subscribers to have access to every content in one place. The app allows a stress-free purchase via great validation and carrier billing. This implies that this single platform, customers can easily subscribe and manage all their services. More features can be seen on the new version, which delivers more premium applications and other benefits to customers.

Besides, users can easily access third-party applications on Sprint spot; hence the variety of Sprint’s services can be put into use simultaneously with the robust options recommending the needed service apps. All these are well integrated with the Sprint TV that offers remarkable service to customers. This made it become the preferred mobile management TV solution in the market.

The integration and high-quality features of this app have earned it an Engineering Emmy Award. There is also another Mobile TV Connect that offers content and TV series to subscribers. The partnership between Sprint and MobiTV have really functioned so well to deliver the best facilities together with integrated content which endpoint is to satisfy their customers.

Downloading and learning how to make use of Sprint Spot

Without proper guidance, learning how a new app works can really pose a challenge to especially new users. Below are a few steps to follow to enable you to understand the Sprint Spot for effective usage;

  • If the application is not yet in your phone, then you need to download it from the App store iOS users and Play Store for Android users.
  • On the play store, you just need to type and search for Sprint Spot and download it.
  • After downloading the app, go to the applications menu and click open.
  • The next stage is keying in your Sprint information. Follow it sequentially and type all the information needed for access to sign up.
  • On signing in, you’ll be presented with category menu that comprises all the services such as music, videos etc. from there you can select your preference. There will always be options based on the selected criteria.

The reason why it’s essential to make use of Sprint Spot

With the Sprint Spot, you can discover different categories of music and videos. This has been a revelation since its launch in 2004 as the first app with such unique features at a valuable price. The quality led to over 9 million downloads with positive feedbacks.

Sprint Spot Benefits

Carrier Billing and Authentication – With Sprint Spot, customers will be able to enjoy all interactive and rich content they desire in a one-stop-shop. In other words, Sprint customers have the opportunity to purchase and as well manage all their Sprint subscriptions from a unified and straightforward interface. Carriers can also promote premium applications that will further engage their customers.

Direct Access by Users to Third-Party Apps – By a tap of the finger, you can gain access to a range of third-party apps in a single platform. Hence, from here, users can easily explore to discover, make purchases, play video games, music and much more. Sprint Spot improves MobiTV’s platform from the Sprint TV merchandise to a completely cohesive platform beyond video that arranges consumer accessibility and choice.

How to use sprint hotspot. 

  1. You must have active wireless hotspot data – Checking to ascertain if you’ve an active wireless plan is the starting point. For those that use a limited Sprint data plan, your monthly data allotment is responsible for the hotspot data. For instance, if you subscribe to a 3 Gigabyte active data plan, your wireless hotspot access will still be from the same plan. Unlimited data plans are the best if you intend to make use of hotspots to avoid unnecessary overage data fees. You should also be aware that it drains the battery of your device faster.
  2. There should be available network service on your device – There is no way you can have access to a Sprint Wi-Fi hotspot without the availability of a network on your phone. This simply means that your phone changes the cellular service into a Wi-Fi signal which can serve as a hotspot. This is where network coverage of your carrier plays an important role. As for Sprint Service, you must check the coverage map of your location before venturing into creating a hotspot.
  3. Turn on your Wi-Fi hotspot symbol from the top of your phone. The process remains the same for either Android or Apple phone users. It involves a few steps as follows;

For Apple Phones;

  • Click on Settings.
  • Tap Cellular. You’ll see a slider next to Cellular Data. Ensure it turns green.
  • Next, tap Personal Hotspot and click the next slider. This allows others to turn and change to green as well.
  • Modify the hotspot name and customize with a password of your choice.

For Android Phones

Despite the android device you’re using, the pattern is still the same for the majority of Android devices.

  • From your phone, open the Settings app.
  • Click the Network and Internet option.
  • Proceed to Hotspot and tethering.
  • Choose Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Change the slider to Bluetooth tethering.
  • Modify the hotspot name and customize with a password of your choice.

Get connected to your Wi-Fi hotspot to use the device – Once you’ve finished with the above three steps, you can now link your device or even your computer to get access to the internet.  

Can Sprint Hotspot Handle Working from Home

1. Hotspot Data Allowances

Majority of us are heavily dependent on the internet to get out various task done, especially when we’re out of the office environment. If part of your job will be done from home, you need to understand that mobile hotspot won’t be supportive because of the data limits. This is where Sprint’s hotspot allowance comes to play. With Sprint’s Unlimited Premium plan of 100GB LTE hotspot data, you’re covered. This is ideal if your internet usage is majorly for video streaming or playing games. To further save more money, you can subscribe for the Sprint’s unlimited 50GB 4G hotspot plan.

2. Network

Sprint coverage might not be the same everywhere. So it’s essential to take a look at the coverage map to get an insight into the Sprint coverage where you reside. Sprint might not have excellent coverage in most of the metropolitan areas, but when it comes to rural areas, they do have coverage.

3. Internet Speeds

When it comes to data speed, no carrier has the best mark because it varies depending on the location. So Sprint is not an exception. In certain parts, the speed might be entirely consistent while at some other place it won’t. However, Sprint still has an average internet speed of around 30Mbps, which should be sufficient for working from home. But this might not give you the best result when it comes to viewing 4K video with it.

In Conclusion 

It’s enjoying when you use Sprint Spot, which is free to find all your content from various category to spice your entertainment moments. It’s amazing, especially now that Sprint has launched the MobiTV which has a paid partnership with Amazon prime together with other carriers. With the MobiTV app, you can get access to the latest version which has been updated with a broader range of categories such as sections for music, movies, games as well as TV shows. The Sprint spot is not complicated to use even as a new user.

Furthermore, the app comprises of affordable plans that are also integrated with international perks. Peradventure you encounter any challenge while installing this app, you can refer to the possible solutions in this write-up.


What is the primary use of Sprint spot?

On all Sprint Android devices, the Sprint Spot is preloaded in them for free though this app can still be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The iOS version will be soon launched. Furthermore, the Sprint Spot is the newest product in the collaboration of MobiTV and Sprint, which started with the launch of Sprint TV in 2004.

How do I remove a spot from Sprint?

  • Go to the settings.
  • Click the Application Manager which can be seen as Applications on some other phone devices.
  • Navigate through the list of all apps.
  • Here tap on any app you want to remove.
  • There you will see either of the following Disable, Tap the Turn Off or Uninstall button.

What’s the reason why my Sprint mobile hotspot won’t work?

First, you need to check if you still have an active data plan. Alternatively, go to website, login to verify whether the add-on is active on your subscription. Without this add-on being active, there is no way you can share your Pocket Wi-Fi mobile hotspot with other phones. At this point, you need to do a reset to reconnect your Pocket Wi-Fi to the Sprint network.

Does Sprint offer a personal hotspot?

Yes, it does. Once you’re a Sprint subscriber, you can share your Sprint data connection with other Wi-Fi-capable devices. But this is basically done with the Sprint Mobile Hotspot add-on service.

Is there any extra cost when using sprint hotspot?

No, there is no cost involved to get the new hotspot data. For Premium users and Unlimited Plus, automatically, Sprint will add the feature. Still, older unlimited plans need to login via the Sprint website into their accounts on to add the feature.

Can mobile hotspot replace home internet?

This is possible only when you’re a light data user. On the other hand, because of data caps, heavy-internet users may max out data plans within the first few days, hence incurring data overage fees. In the end, this will be expensive than directly subscribing for a home internet plan.

Does Sprint offer a hotspot service?

The most massive 4G LTE hotspot allotment of any significant carrier cell phone remains Sprint’s unlimited Premium at 100GB. With your phone’s hotspot allowance, you can power your TV, computer, and other devices.

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