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Midco Slow Internet - 10 Easy Fixes (Guide)

Midco Slow Internet – 10 Easy Fixes Guide 2022

Have you noticed a drop in your Midcontinent Internet download and upload speed? I know this is frustrating, but some situations make it get slowed. Everybody needs speedy internet, and for most of us, slow internet can inconvenience us and lower business productivity. So, what causes slow Midco Internet? What can you do about the slow internet?

Test your Midco Internet speeds

Before you start checking for possible issues with your Midco Internet, start by testing to confirm whether there’s an outage or your internet is just slow. Midco.com offers a reliable Internet Speed test for users. The speed test measures the speed at which the computer is utilizing the internet. Checking the speed can significantly help you in understanding ways to boost performance.

What caused Midco Slow Internet?

Before we jump into the solutions of slow internet, let’s first of all state and explain some of the major reasons why your Midco Internet is slow. The issues range from easy-fix-at-home to sophisticated issues that only a Midco Technician should handle.

Routing device underperformance and Malfunction

The first main reason why Midco Internet is slow is that your routing device has issues. Most people don’t check the routing device to see whether it’s overheating or getting damaged by high temperatures or children. The fact is routing devices are on most of the time. This causes internal overheating that can eventually damage or affect the device’s performance. The solution to take here depends highly on whether the device is damaged or just overheated. If the device is damaged, Midco Technicians will have to come and reinstall another one. The whole process is likely to cost you tens of dollars.

Poor connections

The router probably has a couple of wires to and from other devices. Each of these wires has a particular purpose, and for it to perform well, it should be securely fitted. Most people jump to replace the router or to call Midco Support to fix some of these errors. Calling Midco Support is costly, and for that reason, it’s essential to start by checking the wires. Remove all the wires from the router and try to fix them back. Take the time to ensure the Ethernet cable is securely connected to the computer, and the power cable for the router is securely plugged.

Computer issues

How old is your computer? Is the computer compatible with the current high-speed technology? To check whether the computer causes the whole slow internet issue, try the Ethernet cable with another laptop or computer and test the speeds. If the speed is high on the other device, there’s a likelihood that your computer is just outdated. The only thing to do here is to either sacrifice performance or invest in a new device.

Connecting multiple devices

The average download and upload speeds define the number of devices that should be connected at a given time. If you’re using Midco Internet 50, you shouldn’t connect more than three devices using internet simultaneously. For people using 200Mbps or more of internet, connecting up to 5 devices will not significantly impact on the download speed. So, check to see how many devices are using the internet at home right now. If more than the recommended numbers of devices are connected, expect your internet to be a bit slow.

VPN issues

We always jump to pick a VPN when we want an extra layer of protection and privacy. Have you factored in the fact that VPNs can cause slow internet? This is uncommon though and only happens if your VPN is not performing well. Some Free VPNs have this issue and are likely to reduce the download speeds by more than 30% of the speed. So watch out for the performance issues with your VPN and disconnect if the need arises.

Malware and Viruses

Slow Midco Internet can indicate that your computer is infected with Malware and Viruses. Malware and Viruses usually affect browsers and storage, which is directly vital in speedy internet access. It’s therefore important to make sure that the computer and all the other devices using internet have a reliable antivirus.

Errors with the system

Have you heard about the Walled Garden error or Red Globe error with the router? Probably not, but these are some common errors with the internet system that can either slow your internet or disconnect you from it completely. The red Globe error will show as a red signal on the router caused by either overheating or issues with the router. The company to curtain the use of paid content and other parental-guidance information likely initiates the walled Garden error.

Common ways to fix Midco slow Internet

Here is a list of all the notably viable things you can do to increase the speed of your internet. The steps are easy and effective in most cases with your Midco Internet.

Check whether there’s an outage

Before jumping to conclusions check the connections or reboot the routing device, it’s important to be sure that an outage causes the current issue. You can either do this through consulting your neighbours under the same Internet service provider (ISP) or call the customer service to consult about it.

Check the connections

After asking about outages, you better check whether the connections are stable and fixed right before jumping into conclusion. Check all the networking connections, the wired and the wireless ones. All the connections should be fixed correctly and securely in the right place. The connections should also be properly connected between the digital devices and in a position to establish a secure connection with your devices.

Reboot the Routing device

One of the common issues with slow internet is if for any case the routing device is malfunctioning or overheating. If the device has overheated, it’s likely that it’s not working correctly. For people using a wireless Internet router or a Wi-Fi modem, just make sure the connection is appropriately fixed. Before rebooting the device, you can try to fix the antenna to see whether it will establish a better connection. After this, try to reboot the device. Unplug the device from the power, wait for about 1 minute and connect it back again.

Reset the router

It’s easy to reset the router as a way to establish a stable and fast Internet connection with your devices. For most brands, long-press the start button and release after 10 seconds. This will reset the router and get it back to factory settings. You will have to use the IP address for the router and set another username and password.

Disable the protective firewall temporarily

It’s also important to disable the protective firewall for some time. This is because the protective firewall sometimes affects the download and upload speeds. To do this, disable the protective firewall, restart the computing device and establish a fast connection. After restarting the computing device, enable the firewall again and test your Internet speed.

Disconnect the VPN software

We all care about the safety and privacy of the information we usually share on the internet. As much as that is a concern, choosing Free or malfunctioning VPN software increases the risk of data loss and unstable internet connections. If you have tried all the above methods and still haven’t succeeded in boosting your Internet speed, consider disabling your VPN and test the speed. The performance issues with your VPN might cause the slow internet with your Midco Internet.

Disable the Wi-Fi feature

If you have connected your devices to the Wi-Fi for a long time, it’s very likely to start misbehaving. To some extent, disabling the Wi-Fi feature for a couple of seconds and restarting the device can help get the speed back. The device being connected to the internet for a long time can cause a couple of performance issues. It’s very complicated, and no one really knows why this is the case. What you should do is to give your device some time to breathe by disconnecting the Wi-Fi feature and restarting it. You can as well switch the device off for some time until it cools off.

Check for signal interference

Many things in your house and neighbourhood can cause signal interference. If your microwave is on, there are chances that it’s causing slow internet from your laptop. Other signal interferences might be caused by signals from your neighbour’s wireless internet. The router can sometimes disconnect from one signal to the other. Electromagnetic signals cause the most significant harm. So, unless you’re using these devices, make sure they’re off all the time. You can as well avoid the interference by putting these devices far from the router and the internet cables.

Disconnect all unused devices

If you have many devices connected and working simultaneously, there’s a likelihood that the internet will have some performance issues. At all times, make sure that the unused devices are disconnected from the internet. If you are experiencing slow speeds, it could have something to do with the unused devices still running. The fact remains that the lesser the connected devices, the better the internet performance. Take a speed test before and after disconnecting the devices.

What is the state of your hardware?

The hardware you are using is very likely to cause more trouble with internet speeds. The connection speed you are currently experiencing with your Midco internet might be because your hardware is out of date. Older devices are likely to use more internet and might not be compatible with the current high-speed internet technology. What this means is that you have always to check and make sure that the hardware you are using is up to date.

Does Midco Throttle Internet?

There are no policies regarding data use limits with Midco Internet. But it’s always important to know how much data you are using. Some Internet Service Providers are likely to limit your internet if you’re a heavy Internet user unless you use VPNs to block your browsing behaviour. With Midco, I haven’t come close to any of that.


Why is Midco Internet not working?

Is there an outage in your area? Please check out for outages from your neighbours or 3rd party websites providing outage internet information to the local people. If there’s no outage, know it could be issues with your Modems, routers, cables, your Midco Account and the wireless devices. Try to look for the root cause using the methods explained above.

How do you know what is slowing down your Midco Internet?

When you doubt the speed of your internet, it’s actually important to test the speed first. You are very likely to find a reliable website to help you test Internet speed online. Now, after confirming that your internet is actually slow, it’s time to check for the root cause. One major problem with your internet is loose connections, rooter overheating, interferences, and/or issues with your Midco Internet account.

How much does Midco Internet cost?

Midco Internet plans vary depending on the download and upload speeds and features. Midco Internet 50 costs $49.95 for 49.79 Mbps, Midco 100 costs $59.95 for 105.99Mbps and Midco Internet 2002 costs $99.95 for 71.44Mbps.

Can Viruses cause slow internet?

Connecting to the internet wirelessly is no different from connecting to the internet with a cable. As you continue to browse the internet, there a chance that you can fetch some viruses and install malware in your internet, which can actually cause additional issues with the internet and computing devices. Viruses slow the internet by infecting the browsers and slowing their speed and at the same time affecting the internal storage of the devices, which ultimately slows the device and the internet. What to do in this dire situation is to install reliable and effective antivirus software.


I have mentioned more than eight viable steps of solving most issues with Midco Internet. If the Midco slow Internet still persists, you should get in touch with the Midco support for further assistance. The company can send a technician to check the issue at hand and correct it accordingly.