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Verizon Hotspot So Slow

Why Is My Verizon Hotspot So Slow – 5 Ways To Fix It Now

In this dispensation, access to the internet has become one of the repeatedly used assets that it is now difficult for an individual or organization to move forward without it. When it comes to the finest internet service providers, Verizon is among the list because of their consistency in providing good internet speed to its customers.

Verizon hotspot has proven to be a vital device because, with it, you can easily have access to the internet through your laptop, especially while you’re away from home. It also makes access to the internet smoother in a house with limited internet service via DSL, cable, or satellite.

However, some Verizon subscribers are currently trying to understand why their Verizon hotspot is so slow. In this write-up, we’ll outline practical troubleshooting skills that will enable you to accelerate the speed of your Verizon hotspot in other to have a great experience.

Reasons Why Your Verizon Hotspot Is So Slow – How To Fix It

Incorrect Mobile Settings

In case you’re not aware, the speed of hotspot is greatly affected by incorrect mobile settings. This means that any wrong settings will cause the hotspot to be slow. This is why choosing 2.4GHz is very important, and it will improve your hotspot. To check and resolve this,

  • Navigate to the phone settings
  • Select mobile connectivity
  • Click on the mobile hotspot option
  • Choose the advanced drag button
  • Then choose 2.4GHz frequency. This helps enhance your speed.

Switch to Unlimited Data Plan if you’re on Verizon Go Unlimited

If you’ve experienced a slow hotspot, the truth is that it gives less luxury when it comes to internet connectivity. This means you’ve to be patient for minutes for even a simple website to load. In terms of gaming, it will be too slow as a result of continuous lagging. All these back and forth will frustrate the user into doing a series of troubleshooting or even start hunting for another internet plan. According to some Verizon users, they’ve observed that when Go Unlimited Plan goes beyond 10GB, it slows down the internet. Then the internet speed will just be stuck around 600Kbps. Hence, if you’re currently on the Go Unlimited Plan, it’s preferable to switch to the Unlimited Data Plan to experience fast hotspot speed.

Reduce the connected devices to your hotspot.

As you already know, a mobile hotspot functions as a Mifi because it provides internet access to other connected devices. The number of connected devices will determine the speed of the hotspot. This means that a more connected device will undoubtedly slow down the hotspot speed. Hence, it’s advisable to use a limited number of devices one at a time.

Buy a signal booster to enhance the signal strength.

Maybe you’ve carefully checked your mobile settings, and yet you’re unable to enjoy a fast hotspot. At this point, it’s important to recheck the Verizon signal strength on your mobile device. It’s a fact that some areas tend to have more signal strength more than others. In other words, the least areas experience slow speed. If this is the case, you need to purchase a signal booster to enhance the slow signal to enjoy fast internet.

Other reasons why your Verizon might be slow.

Your network is being Deprioritized

You might not be aware, but Verizon can deprioritize or throttle your data. This always happens at the point when you’ve hit the allotted monthly data limit, which will, in turn, slow down your internet speed. This is done to give priority to subscribers who are yet to exceed their allotted data for the month. Those in the unlimited plan are not exonerated from deprioritization and throttling.

Full Cache

As you use your mobile browser, it stores or caches inside your cookies and history, the same way your computer browser operates. The importance of this configuration is that it allows the browser to automatically have access to data without going back and forth to re-download the required data every time you return to the site. The disadvantage of this is that when it gets full, it slows down your mobile performance. Intermittently, it’s essential to clear the cache of your browser as well as the app.

Slow internet due to Traffic Jam

Internet speed is dependent on different times of the day. For instance, whenever there is high data usage on a network, it will seriously overload the network. This can be experienced during the early morning hours or evenings when most people hop on their phones. So whenever more people are using your network in a particular area, less bandwidth will be shared around. It’s better to observe the time of the day when it will be preferable for you to do stuff like gaming or streaming.

In Conclusion

At the point when you have an urgent task to do online, a slow hotspot can really frustrate you. To be out of this situation, and transform your internet experience, note all the suggestions outlined in this write-up. By carefully observing it, you’ll be free from any issue related to Verizon’s slow hotspot.


How can Verizon hotspot speed be boosted?

It hinges on the data plan you’re currently on. For instance, if you’re on the Above or Beyond Unlimited Plan, you have the opportunity to purchase a data boost for your mobile hotspot. You’ll receive an additional 5GB of 4G speed when you pay $35. This will boost your mobile hotspot.

How can hotspot speed be increased?

You can increase it on android smartphones by following the steps below;

  • Navigate to “Settings”
  • Select “Network & Internet”
  • Click on “Hotspot & Tethering” >>>> Advanced”
  • Search for AP Band. This will change the frequency of the Wi-Fi.

Why is my mobile hotspot so slow?

Slow hotspot speed can be a result of so many factors. In some cases, slow hotspot shield connections could also result from memory leaks directly on your mobile device. Other factors include buggy software, packet loss, the problem is with your ISP, or bandwidth absence.

How many Mbps is the Verizon hotspot?

Verizon 4G LTE is more preferable when compared to 3G because it is faster. With it, you’ll experience a download speed ranging from 5 and 12 Mbps and an upload speed that ranges from 2 to 5 Mbps. The peak speed when downloading is up to 50 Mbps.

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