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Allo Communications Internet - is it worth it?

Allo Communications Internet Review – A Must Know For 2022

Are you on a constant search for the best internet service providers in the U.S and you’re wondering if Allo communications is a good choice in 2022? Well, we are here to help you discern if this ISP will be the best match for your internet needs.

At this point, you must be aware that there are many ISP in the American internet service market. This often makes it quite difficult for people to make a choice when it comes to the best service provider. However, with the right information, this process should be a piece of cake.

Allo communications overview

Allo Communications is a telecommunications company that is based in Nebraska. It offers services such as telephone, television and internet to residents and businesses found in Western Nebraska. This company is a local service provider hence does not have a large coverage area. Allo communications have a small coverage area but seem to be doing way better than a number of renowned ISPs.

This company stands out from the rest because it’s among the very few internet providers that offer the Fiber to the Home service. Therefore, this means they don’t rely on hybrid coaxial solutions to provide fiber internet service. Allo communications can be a suitable option for the people who need the fastest internet speeds they can get.

Allo communications availability

Allo communications are basically the 26th largest fiber optic internet provider in the whole of the United States. Since the main focus is put on the fiber to the home internet service, it has a much smaller coverage area. Though, they also offer DSL internet to the people who may need it. Allo communications offer its services in two major states which are Colorado and Nebraska. If you happen to stay in the towns and cities within these two states, then you’re in luck.

The fiber optic internet service is available to about 340,000 people. In addition, the DSL service is accessible to an estimated 21,000 people. All of the Allo communications services can be found in 127 zip codes across the country. On that note, the people who want to subscribe to the Allo communications internet services but are not so sure about its availability can always do a zip search on the company main website. You can also directly contact them to verify their internet service accessibility in your area.

Internet Plans and Prices

This is one of the few internet companies that offer top speeds at reasonable prices. This actually makes it a great choice for anyone living in the areas where their services are available. You will have less to worry about and at the same time get the best internet speeds you can ever find.

With this ISP, you are given the option of choosing a pre-made package. The good thing about going for a pre-made package is that each one of them comes with 500mbps and this is quite a sizeable amount of speed. It will surely suit many of the households. The other options at your disposal are picking between three custom packages that you make on your own. These three packages basically differ in terms of the internet speeds you receive with each choice you make.

The popular pre-made packages

In this case, you only have to choose a package that you believe will be the most suitable for your internet needs and usage. We will briefly outline the popular choices to give you a clear picture of what you are likely to receive;

  • The basic package consists of 500 Mbps fiber internet at $60 per month
  • You can opt to include TV in your basic package to make it 500 Mbps fiber internet and 100+ TV channels at $134 per month
  • Pay an extra $4 to get 500 Mbps fiber internet, 100+ TV channels and a fiber phone at only $138 per month.

From the above information, you can tell most of the internet user’s needs will be covered depending on the package they decide to pick. This is because there are bundling options for those who may need either a TV or phone or both. With that said, if none of the options in the pre-made package suits your needs, Allo communications have other plans for you. You can choose a customized package where you mix and match to your liking. This is something you will not find with many of the other providers hence make use of it if you can.

Here is what you can get outside the pre-made packages;

The 20mbps package

While many people want top speeds to accomplish their online tasks with ease, some others may only want the bare minimum. Allo communications have addressed this need through the 20 Mbps package. It is an entry-level package and costs about $45 per month. You receive 20 Mbps download and upload speeds.

This package works well for the smaller households with fewer people or a house with few devices connected to the internet. Furthermore, if you are on a tight budget and want to spend less on the internet, then this is the right package for you. It still provides enough broadband to browse the web, stream and download medium-sized files with ease. However, avoid connecting many devices on the network to prevent an overload on the bandwidth.

The 300mbps package

This particular package comes with 300mbps download and upload speeds for $70 per month. It definitely cuts it for medium-sized households with a couple of internet devices. Such speeds eliminate the need to worry about your internet devices competing for bandwidth. There is more than enough bandwidth to stream all of your desired shows on Netflix or Hulu and still browse on several devices.

The 1 Gig package

The 1 Gig package is the highest tier fiber internet package from Allo communications. It costs $89 a month and this might sound expensive but it’s worth every penny if incredibly fast speeds and reliability are a concern. This is the kind of internet package required by the people who are into 4k streaming, gaming or a large household with multiple connected devices.

It’s also the best package for freelancers and home-based business owners. You can connect many devices on the network and there will still be no such thing as lagging. The Gig package is designed to take on heavy internet users and multiple devices without competition over bandwidth. Hence, if you need lightning-fast internet speeds and a reliable connection, this package is definitely for you.

How the Allo communication internet copes with internet tasks and applications


Netflix recommends at 5mbps internet speeds to stream content in standard quality. With that said, many of us would like to stream at least in HD for the best experience. The basic package from Allo communications consists of 20mbps internet speeds which are enough to stream content in HD. On the other hand, if you prefer 4k streaming, then it’s best to consider the 500mbps package or the Gig package depending on your usage. All in all, its internet connection does a good job at streaming regardless of the package that you choose. It’s your budget that will walk the talk.

Browsing and other general applications

For the people who want the internet solely for simple online tasks such as shopping in online stores, checking emails, keeping with the local tabloids and so on, the 20mbps basic package will do the trick. As a matter of fact, 20mbps download speeds can support browsing on a few devices without any lags. Besides, you will cut down the costs of paying for internet speeds that you don’t really need.


A large household with avid gamers is better off with the Gig package. The gigabit speeds are what you all need for a smooth gaming experience. Furthermore, other online tasks can still go on seamlessly because there is plenty of bandwidth.

Uploading files

The fiber internet packages have symmetrical upload and download speeds. If you are paying for the 500mbps package, it comes with 500mbps upload speeds. The people who will benefit the most from this are the photographers and videographers. With 500mbps upload speeds, uploading large files, videos and photos will be a smooth process. While many of the internet service providers don’t pay much attention to the upload speeds, Allo communications take this into account and that’s commendable.

The phone plans

Aside from internet services, Allo communications also provide phone services to its customers. If you already have internet from the company but now you need the phone service, you can choose to bundle at an extra cost of $20. The phone service alone costs $25. It comes with features such as free caller ID, unlimited calling, call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding and robocall blocking.

The TV service

For the TV service, there are two options which include the basic and locals. The basic package costs $99 per month or $53 per month when you opt to bundle with the internet. You will get;

  • A set-top box
  • Whole-home HD equipment
  • Restart the TV function, for you to rewind the last four hours of footage
  • 100 channels

The local package on the other hand costs $38 and comes with 20 local channels. There are extras such as Whole Home DVR but they are included at an additional cost.

Equipment and fees

Modem and router

When you subscribe to any of the Allo communications internet plans, you are given an option to choose between two modem/router combos. There is the Allo GigaCenter router and the Allo Blast. The Allo GigaCenter router is the free option. It’s a good option and will work for most homes. It supports speeds of up to 1,000mbps and you can hook up to 100 devices on it.

The second option is designed for large homes with a couple of dead zones. The Allo Blast is meant to provide wireless coverage in the larger homes which would otherwise have poor signals. If you decide to use the Allo Blast, you will be paying an extra fee of $5 monthly.

Service fees

We like that there is actually no activation or installation fee for the customers seeking the Allo communications services. This is remarkable considering many of the ISPs charge such fees. But, the new customers must pay a $150 security deposit to confirm they can afford to pay for the services. Though, there are several ways to waive this;

  • Simply sign up for automatic payments
  • Provide a copy of a bill from another similar provider as proof you pay bills on time
  • Transfer your current phone line to Allo communications

Keep in mind, if you fail to pay your bills on time, you will be charged a $5 late payment fee.

Customer service

Allo communications have pretty impressive customer support. On the official company website, there is an online customer support section that covers various topics including internet usage, TV usage, phone usage, a channel guide for 2020 and account questions.

In addition, there is a FAQs section with lots of questions concerning their service, fees and terms. This only proves that Allo communications are a transparent internet provider that ensures the customers are up to date with everything.

You can get in touch with them through their toll-free numbers, send an email or contact them via social media accounts. Either way, you will get a response to your issues or queries within a short time. Most of the customers are happy with the customer service, which is stellar news.


How much does Allo internet cost?

The basic internet package from Allo costs only $45 a month. It consists of 20mbps internet speeds and you can use it to stream videos, download music and video chat.

Where is Allo available?

The Allo internet service is accessible in the states of Colorado and Nebraska. The fiber optic internet from the company is available to approximately 340,000 people in the U.S.


Allo communications are among the best internet providers you will get in the US. If you live in their service area, you are actually lucky. Their prices are unbeatable, the customer service is remarkable and they offer the best packages. In addition to a free router, there are no data caps. You will not find many ISPs out there that will offer you all this.