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cox vs xfinity

Cox vs Xfinity – Which is The Best Internet Service?

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To enjoy a sustainable and smooth internet experience choosing the right service provider is a must. Before deciding to subscribe to any particular internet service provider you should first gather relevant information to see which provider is the best in meeting your needs. While doing so you might get stuck between two prominent internet service providers like the Cox and Xfinity.

Which one would best meet your requirements? Cox or Xfinity?

This article will help you to choose between the Cox and Xfinity by deep comparing and contrasting these two internet service providers. Now, let’s jump to the comparison.

Comparing Cox and Xfinity

Cox Communications Internet Overview

Cox is one of the main internet service providers operating on the US that comes with cable internet, digital phone service, and TV. The company also offers home security as well as automation products for smart home under the brand named “Homelife”

Xfinity Internet Overview

Xfinity is considered to be the largest residential internet service provider through cable connection in the US which is available to 111.6 million people across 39 states. The company offers three major services such as cable internet, television service, and digital landline telephone service.

Speed – Is it fast?

When deciding between two nearly similar internet service providers the primary feature you will look for is the speed they provide and which one provides more speed at a reasonable price. Both Cox and Xfinity offer almost similar speed and speed options to select from.

Cox provides the customers five options to choose from which starts from 10 Mbps and ends with 940 Mbps. In between 10 Mbps to 940 Mbps, customers can go for 50 Mbps or 150 Mbps or 300 Mbps. If there are less than three people who use the internet you can go for the 10 Mbps to save money and of there are many members in the house who will use the connection for streaming, gaming, downloading etc. you should go for 300 Mbps or the 940 Mbps.

On the contrary, Xfinity comes with six-speed options for their customers which starts from 25 Mbps and ends with 1000 Mbps. In Between, you can select 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps or 300 Mbps or 600 Mbps. In terms of the speed range, Xfinity is better than Cox but as it provides 60 Mbps higher speed than Cox. However, in terms of cost of the starter pack, Cox is a better option for small families with 10 Mbps speed at a cheap rate.

Coverage Availability in your area

Both Cox and Xfinity comes with fiber-optic cable connection which mainly depends on coverage are or location. It might happen that your area isn’t covered by any od these service providers. Thus, the you need to be clear about the availability of these service providers.

Cox provides cable connection service in 18 states of the US including California, Virginia, Arizona, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Ticson, Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, Connecticut, Lowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Nebraska.

On the contrary, Xfinity is now the largest residential cable connection provider in the US providing connections across 41 states. Top service includes California, Chicago, Florida, Miami, Illinois, Houston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Denver, San Jose and 31 other states. So it is clear that Xfinity is available in more areas than Cox and here the winner is Xfinity.

Data Caps

Both Cox and Xfinity have a data cap of 1 TB per month which means that your connection will be limited to 1 TB and exceeding this limit will cost you an additional fee which is $10 for each additional 50 GB of data.

If you assume that you will use more than 1 TB of data per month you should go for Cox because they provide plans with unlimited internet as well as 500 GB of extra data every month. So, here our winner is Cox and you should choose Cox if you are a heavy consumer.

Price is it worth it

When it comes to price both Cox and Xfinity are close competitors. The starter plan of Cox is priced at $29.99 per month with a bandwidth of 10 Mbps. On the contrary, the starter pack of Xfinity is a little higher than Cox which is priced at $34.99 per month with a bandwidth of 25 Mbps.

So, as we can see Cox is a little bit cheaper than Xfinity as their starter pack is almost $5 less than Xfinity. However, Xfinity gives you value for money because they are offering a bandwidth of 25 Mbps which is 15 Mbps faster than Cox for an only $5 increase in price. Thus, Xfinity provides value for money when we are talking about price but Cox is cheaper.


Most of the internet service providers come up with plans which include a 12 month contract period. This means that you are stuck with the company for a year and you cannot change or stop their service. They will charge you if you try to eliminate the contract before 12 months.

Cox has a contract period of 12 months in all of their plans excluding the StraightUp Internet plan which is offered with 1 month of prepaid payment.

On the other hand, Xfinity also asks for a contract of 1 year in some of their plans. However, Xfinity also offers no term contract plans as well as the Performance 60 plan which has a price of $39.99 per month and a bandwidth of 60 Mbps.

So, here our winner is Xfinity as they also offer plans without a contract so that the customer can enjoy flexibility. If you do not like to get stuck with a particular service provider you should choose Xfinity.

Installation Process – Everything you should know

In terms of cable internet connections, Cox and Xfinity both charge almost similar fees for installation. However, Xfinity is cheaper than Cox when we are talking about cable connection installation fees. On the other hand, Cox is much cheaper than Xfinity when we are talking about fiber internet because Xfinity charges a lot for installing their fiber internet plans.

Which Provider Has The Best Deals

Both Cox and Xfinity are not apt in attracting the customers by offering huge deals. However, Cox offers some deals regarding free installation and also offers some free TV channels in their bundle packages. Cox also gives new customers a nice discount for their first year with Cox. So, Cox is the winner here in terms of offering deals.

Customer Support – Whos Better

Cox managed to score a total rating of 60 out of 100 in 2019 based on the ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) survey report. This high score which is almost near the industry average that is 62 indicates they are effective at handling consumer issues and offering good service to them. Cox also gives its clients on-time customer service assistance. If the professional is late then clients will earn credits amounted to $20.

Xfinity also has a score of 61 out of 100 according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index which is more close to the industry average of 62 points. Clearly, Xfinity is one point ahead of Cox in terms of customer support. Both of these service providers cross each other every year. So, it’s almost a tie between Cox and Xfinity in terms of customer service but Xfinity is a little bit ahead of Cox.

Internet Plans of Cox

There are mainly five plans offered by Cox which are detailed below.

Cox Internet Starter 10 Mbps

  • 10 Mbps Download Speed and 1 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Suitable for 3 devices or fewer
  • 1024 GB Data cap monthly
  • Cable Connection
  • Contract for 12 Months
  • $29.99 Monthly

Cox Internet Essential 50 Mbps

  • 50 Mbps Download Speed and 10 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Suitable for 3 to 5 devices
  • 1024 GB Data cap monthly
  • Cable Connection
  • The contract for 12 Months
  • $39.99 Monthly

Cox Internet Preferred 1 50 Mbps

  • 150 Mbps Download Speed and 10 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Suitable for 5 to 7 devices
  • 1024 GB Data cap monthly
  • Cable Connection
  • The contract for 12 Months
  • $59.99 Monthly

Cox Internet Ultimate 500 Mbps

  • 500 Mbps Download Speed and 10 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Suitable for 7 to 9 devices
  • 1024 GB Data cap monthly
  • Cable Connection
  • The contract for 12 Months
  • $79.99 Monthly


  • 940 Mbps Download Speed and 35 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Suitable for more than 9 devices
  • 1024 GB Data cap monthly
  • Cable Connection
  • The contract for 12 Months
  • $99.99 Monthly

Internet Plans of Xfinity

Xfinity offers more data plans than Cox and you might also get higher speeds for a little bit of extra money. Prices might vary due to time and location.

Performance Starter

  • 25 Mbps Download and 2 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Data Cap 1 TB
  • Contract 12 Months
  • $34.99 Per Month

Performance Plus

  • 60Mbps Download and 25 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Data Cap 1 TB
  • Contract 12 Months
  • $39.99 Per Month

Performance Pro

  • 200 Mbps Download and 5 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Data Cap 1 TB
  • Contract 12 Months
  • $70 Per Month

Blast! Pro

  • 300 Mbps Download and 5 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Data Cap 1 TB
  • Contract 12 Months
  • $80 Per Month

Extreme Pro

  • 600 Mbps Download and 15 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Data Cap 1 TB
  • Contract 12 Months
  • $60 Per Month


  • 1000 Mbps Download and 35 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Data Cap 1 TB
  • Contract 12 Months
  • $84.99 Per Month

Gigabit Pro

  • 2000 Mbps Download and 2000 Mbps Upload Speed
  • No Data Cap
  • Contract 12 Months
  • $299.95 Per Month

Pros and Cons of Cox and Xfinity



  • Flexibility
  • Cheap
  • Attractive Deals


  • Low Coverage
  • Below Average Customer Support



  • Better Speed
  • No-contract Deals
  • Huge Coverage


  • Varying Prices
  • Average Customer Representatives

Top 3 Similar Service Providers


If you’re looking for a service provider with no data cap and no contract, you can definitely go for Verizon. They’re famous for this feature and their prices are also nearly similar to Cox and Xfinity.


Another choice can be Spectrum which provides reliable connection without a contract. Their double pay and triple pay can also help you to minimize monthly costs.

Country Link

Another alternative can be Country Link which is known for providing the best value with a speed of 15 to 940 Mbps and price of $49 to $65.

Some FAQS About Cox and Xfinity

Which one gives value for money?

Xfinity gives value for money as they provide the speed of 25 Mbps at just $34.99 where Cox provides the speed of just 10 Mbps at $29.99.

Which one is the overall comparison winner?

Xfinity is the overall comparison winner as it has won in many categories than Cox such as no-contract deals, value for money, availability, customer support rank etc.

Does Xfinity offer bundle deals?

Yes, they offer a few bundle plans and you may go with the preferred XF Double Pay which gives 220+ channels with 150 Mbps internet.

Bottom Line:

Xfinity and Cox both offer similar services in many aspects. However, Xfinity is better than Cox in an overall comparison but Cox may also be a better option in some situations. For example, when there are only two people in your house to use internet, it will be cheaper for you to select Cox. So, Xfinity is better than Cox but you should also consider your situation before going for one of them.

Cox vs Xfinity review


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