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rocket fiber review

Rocket Fiber Review – The Truth About The Service in 2022

People who are asking about Rocket Fiber and if its worth it in 2022 will get all these questions answered in this quick and in-depth review.

In the USA, the options of Internet service whether for residential or Business use seems endless. New options are popping up every day for all types of Internet connections. One of the most popular internet options in the country is Rocket Fiber.

The company makes it easy to get high-speed internet for all your internet needs without having to check on the internet for additional options. Rocket Fiber is based in Detroit and serves customers that are located in the State of Michigan and today they are expanding to new areas. So, is Rocket Fiber a good option?

Is Rocket fiber services the best for your residential and Business Internet needs, let’s find out.

Rocket Fiber Overview

Rocket fiber is one of the few Internet service providers that were founded and developed from Scratch. The company was started with a single aim of delivering fast, reliable and friendly internet services to people in Detroit.

Six years ago, Rocket fiber saw a void in the Internet industry and decided to expand the services and include other areas. The Fiber connection type makes it easy for all the users to innovate, create ad expand their knowledge without any worries of data limits.

Rocket Fiber first hit the market in 2014 and the aim was to bring internet to Michigan and the neighboring areas. Over time, the company has grown to offer these and more services to the people and businesses in other parts of the country. The company has been acquired by Livestream but will continue to provide internet to residential users in Detroit.

Packages and Pricing

Price is a great factor when shopping for the internet. It’s therefore important to compare the prices for different options before making the decision. Many users want high-speed internet but at the same time wants the prices to be reasonable.

Getting a package that will deliver all the features you need is quite a hustle especially if you don’t have enough time shopping around. Rocket Fiber proves to be one of the providers that understand the hustle of finding such features at affordable prices.

The company only offers one package that meets all the demands. The package costs $70 every month for Fiber Home connect that offers Gigabit internet speeds. The speeds are faster than average residential connections. The speeds are good for both download and upload speeds. With such speeds, you cannot get lags when gaming or streaming movies.


Rocket fiber has good internet. The speeds are symmetrical meaning that the download and upload speeds are equal. Testing the speeds, it’s easy to realize that Rocket Fiber provides the actual speeds that are promised on the site.

After testing the speeds, you will see Download speeds, upload speeds, ping speeds and jitter speeds. The download speed tests the speeds that are provided for downloading data from the internet. The download speeds, in this case, are up to 1000Mbps.

Upload speeds test the speeds that you need to load information and data into the internet. The fact that the download and upload speeds are equal means you will get 1,000Mbps. The upload speeds determine how fast you can play games online and how fast you can upload photos and videos.

Ping speeds on the other hand are measured in milliseconds and indicate the delay time that the data will take to be displayed. Lastly, the Jitter test is measured in milliseconds and indicate the delay speeds that the data will take to travel to its destination.

Today’s Rocket Fiber deals

Rocket Fiber internet is just $70 for speeds of up to 1Gbps. After subscriptions, you will enjoy no contracts and commitments deals, no data caps and no activation or installation costs. The company also provides a 24/7 support and a Free Wi-Fi gigabit router.

The current Rocket Fiber deals are for a limited time only. This means that they are dynamic and can change any time of the day. Take advantage of the below deals before its too late.

  • Free Wi-Fi gigabit Router included
  • No data caps
  • No extra fees
  • No hidden fees

Availability and Coverage

Rocket Fiber is limited in availability which is its main drawback. The company offers services to the Central Business District, Brush Park, Midtown, New Center areas and Woodbridge. Its main coverage area is Detroit Michigan where the company is based.

Today, Rocket Fiber is working hard to bring Internet to other areas as soon as possible. Check whether Rocket Fiber internet is available in your area by calling 1-888-710-3474.

Main Rocket Fiber features

In most situations, it’s the features of the service you are about to get that makes the biggest difference. Rocket Fiber internet is available in a large area in Detroit and Central Business District. Here are additional perks and features that subscribers will get with this Provider.

Besides the fast Internet and low prices, here are three more features of Rocket Fiber.

No contracts

Rocket Fiber services don’t come with any kind of Commitment or contract, unlike many other providers. No one wants to be tied up in yearly contracts especially at a time when new options are sprouting every day.

Rocket Fiber gives you a chance to start and stop the service any time of the year without any frustrating early cancellation fees. So, if you need to switch providers or move to another area, this is not supposed to cause any concerns.

The no-contract promise also gives users a chance to try Rocket fiber services and if that standard is not mentioned, someone can cancel any time of the day.

No data caps

Another feature is the fact that you will not get any data limits that could potentially overload your credit cards through overcharges. Rocket fiber doesn’t want to bring you internet with limits that can compromise your internet usage.

Besides the speeds, you can as well get connections without any worries of data caps. They will not throttle or slow down your internet. You will only get fast and stable connections that you can use all day for streaming and gaming.

How good is Rocket Fiber Customer Service?

Besides getting no contract services, free installation and fast Internet, rocket fiber brings you Free customer support for 24 hours every day through the official number (844) 847-6253. There’s also a live chat feature on the Rocket Fiber website giving you greater control of your tickets.

This allows you to talk to an actual representative who can eventually help to troubleshoot any issue that you will get along the way. Sending an email to their email address can as well help in case of any issue. It’s also easy to get assistance through Twitter and other platforms.

Most of the common issues are answered in the FAQs section that is available on the website.

Wi-Fi gigabit router included

Every customer that subscribes to Rocket Fiber internet will get a Wi-Fi gigabit router included. There are no costs or fees for this equipment Mainly because the company wants to bring super-fast internet to you. So, enjoy these services with your current package for Free.

How to switch to Rocket Fiber today

Switching to this Internet service provider is very easy. You just have to call their customer support team to get started. The internet specialists will help you and your family switch to a better internet package. However, it’s important to check whether Rocket Fiber offers Fiber internet services to your area. Rocket Fiber makes internet switching very easy for you.


  • No contracts
  • Free router
  • Free installation
  • No data limits


  • Only one Internet plan
  • Limited availability.

What Customers Are Reporting?

Being in the market for about six years now, Rocket fiber has provided internet services to many people and some of them spared time to review their services. If the reviews available on major reviews sites are significant and good to use for decision making, then it shows that Rocket Fiber is a good internet service provider.

The company has an overall rating of 4.6 stars. This means that most of the customers are very satisfied with the internet speeds, the prices and customer service. One of the previous customers claims that the company offers exactly what it promises. The actual to advertised speeds are relatively similar.

Employee reviews

Lastly, we would like to know what other employees whether previous and current are saying about the company. Rocket fiber has been praised as a good company to work for. One employee left a five-star review on Glassdoor.com claiming that Rocket Fiber is a great company that gives their employees a chance to grow.

Equally, the company has great people to work with and the monetary benefits are amazing. But he clarified that with every job, there are always its negative effects but in this case, the pros outweigh the cons.

Another former employee says that the company was a great environment to work in. He said that he worked for Rocket Fiber full time for more than a year and he never had a thing to complain about. The team is amazing and very helpful. There were lots of opportunities that can help you grow. But the work balance sometimes got out of kilter.

Rocket Fiber competitors and alternatives

If you are moving to Detroit or other neighboring areas and wants to know whether there are any alternatives to Rocket Fiber, then here is a list of its main competitors and alternatives that you can weigh before buying the service.


AT&T fiber is the best alternative to Rocket Fiber if you are moving to the motor city. The company is known for its customer satisfaction for both DSL and Fiber internet. The speeds are equivalent to what is offered by Rocket Fiber. The availability is however larger than the Rocket fiber coverage area.


Xfinity fiber offers Internet services to a wide area in the country including Detroit and all the neighboring area. So, if you want the best speeds, this is the best deal. But remember the prices are higher than the $70.

How to save on Rocket Fiber

There are several ways you can save money on Rocket Fiber Internet. We are all in a constant lookout for the best methods. In this case, I have listed two main ways that you can save significantly on Rocket Fiber deals.

Get a Free Quote

It’s easy to request a Free quote from Rocket Fiber that is used to compare with another Potential service provider.

Refer a Business

If you think Rocket Fiber is a good option for you, then you can refer to another business and save significantly. After referring to the business, you can get a $250 Visa Gift in the mail. This will definitely be a good option and you will save a lot of money.

How can I test My internet speeds in Detroit?

Besides the fact that most ISPs promise high internet speeds, there are chances that the actual speeds are lower than the promised speeds. To test the speeds, use a 3rd party tool that will give the statistics for download and upload speeds.

Why is my internet slow in Detroit?

Many factors can affect your internet speeds. Check the speeds and try to consult with your neighbors in the same service to see whether there is an outage.

Is Rocket internet speed enough for Netflix?

Yes, speeds of up to 1000Mbps are enough for Netflix and all the streaming needs. To get the best performance and avoid lags, you need internet speeds of about 25Mbps.


The speed tests for Rocket Fiber are good and prove that the company offers the right speeds for gamers and serious streamers. Rocket Fiber is equally a good ISP but the only challenge is limited availability. The prices are good and if you are lucky enough, you will get the best speeds for your internet needs.