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T Mobile vs Verizon Internet - Comparing Internet Providers

T-Mobile vs Verizon Internet – Comparing Providers in 2022

If you are wondering how T Mobile vs Verizon Internet compares in 2022 then we cover all the pressing topics of these 2 providers

Nowadays, in every home and business, the internet is as crucial as electricity and other utilities.

Businesses use the internet to do everything including customer communications, credit card processing and many other activities. We need internet at home for streaming, gaming and running the Home security system.

In an industry where the competition for Internet provision is mainly through speeds and price, it becomes very hard for individuals to get the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) for their business and personal needs.

In most instances, every individual or business has more than two ISPs at its disposal and is ready to offer services.

But not all of them have the same reliability, customer satisfaction, prices, speeds and terms of services. If T-Mobile and Verizon are your most available options, it’s very important to compare and contrast the two companies before subscribing to any of them.

Which Carrier is best?

T Mobile and Verizon have been at the top list of the largest American Carriers for years. Recently, T-Mobile brought Sprint on the fold and people have been wondering if the merger has had any competitive advantages on its part or even increased its subscriber count as a result.

T-Mobile just like Verizon has the ultimate goal of becoming America’s Leading Carrier. At a glance, these two carriers are the opposite of each other. That’s why we have to take an in-depth look at each of them ad to compare them.

T-Mobile Overview

T-Mobile US, Inc. doing business in the country as T-Mobile is a US-based Wireless network operator. The company currently offers Wireless Voice and data services in the US. It also currently serves as the host network for many Mobile Virtual Network Operators. In April 2020, T-Mobile and Sprint signed a merger and T-Mobile is regarded as a new owner of Sprint.

Verizon Overview

Verizon is a major communications company in the US with headquarters in New York City. The company was established in 2000 and broke into three main divisions which are the Verizon Consumer Group, Verizon Business Group and Verizon Media Group.

The company is well known for its wireless and all-fiber networks. Currently, the company has more than 1,600 retail locations and about 99% of Fortune 500 Companies. Its top services are 100% fiber-optic network, which is known as FiOS Network and wireless 4G services.

Before we dive in

Before moving on to compare these two companies, we need to take a bird’s eye view of T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless plans. There are many plans and offers that can help you save significantly on your monthly utility bills. Checking on both company’s websites, it’s easy to realize that Verizon offers more and relatively appealing plans than T-Mobile.

This is mainly because T-Mobile offers only one plan with unlimited data.

Unlimited data to me seems to be the future of wireless service. But it may as well be overkill for some of the users.

If in any case, you are not an unlimited-data kind of user, then the decision is easy to make.

Pros and Cons

  Verizon T – Mobile
  • Best Network coverage
  • Higher availability
  • Reliable 4G LTE coverage
  • Better customer service
  • Relatively lower prices
  • High Data caps
  • Good data speeds
  • Relatively higher prices
  • Relatively lower coverage

Network coverage

When it comes to coverage, Verizon rules Supreme. The Verizon 4G coverage has reached more than 70% of the nation while T-Mobile 4G coverage is 59%. The difference in coverage in this regard is significant.

The 11% difference between the coverage for these two companies is very significant especially for people that live in Nebraska, Lowa, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and Wyoming. People living in these areas can enjoy more reliable coverage with Verizon’s network than with T-Mobile. Verizon wins the coverage battle hands down.


As explained above, Verizon offers the biggest bang for people that want to get more internet options. But it’s still relatively expensive than what you will get with T-Mobile. Let’s now start with the comparison of prices and the offers that you will get today from each of the companies.

T-Mobile is a good option for people that are looking for a no-data, no-frills and text plan that will serve all the purposes. This is available for just $20 every month. For those who don’t care about the limited or unlimited data, you can pick the 500MB to 5GB of data from Verizon for just $30 every month.

The unlimited plans from Verizon start from $70 every month for a single line. The deals get better with the more lines you add. For people with up to five lines, it’s just $30 per month per line for the Start Unlimited Plan. With the top-line plan, you can get more unlimited data.

Moving on to T-Mobile’s prices and plans, you will realize that the deals start a bit lower at just $60 every month for a single line. For more than five lines, you will be looking at $24 per month per line for the essential plan.

T-Mobile, unlike Verizon only has three unlimited plans. Verizon, on the other hand, has four plans. Comparing the plans, they are very close to each other in terms of price and data. The two companies offer unlimited talk, text and data. But I liked the fact that Verizon offers Hotspot plans with all the other plans except for the start unlimited.

You will get a year of subscription to Disney Plus and Apple Music when you choose the Verizon Unlimited Plans. These advantages will always accrue regardless of the lines you have. But if you have more than two lines, you can get Netflix and Quibi Free on the Magenta and Magenta-Plus plans. Talk about juicy perks!

Check out the table below for the Cheap Plan Comparison

Plan Inclusions Data  Price
T-Mobile T-Mobile Connect Unlimited Talk & Text + 2GB Data
  • 2GB Data
  • No Contract
T-Mobile $20 Unlimited Talk & Text Only
  • No Data Included
  • No Contract

+ $10 Upfront

T-Mobile T-Mobile Connect Unlimited Talk & Text + 5GB Data
  • 5GB Data
  • No Contract
Verizon Wireless Basic Phone Plan
  • 500MB Data
  • No Contract

+ $20 Upfront

Verizon Wireless 5GB Plan for $55
  • 5GB Data
  • No Contract

+ $20 Upfront

Unlimited Pricing

Comparing the two companies for the cheap unlimited data, it’s easy to notice that T-Mobile has decent prices. The company has the cheapest and the most affordable unlimited data plans that usually come at a price lower than $60. The T-Mobile Essential plan offers users a cheap way of getting unlimited texts, calls and data.

The only issue, in this case, is that the data can be deprioritized during peak times. This means that the T-Mobile company will slow down speeds to allow better internet service to the most important customers such as the businesses or the ones that pay more.

You can choose the Magenta plan if you want to avoid deprioritization. The Magenta plan comes with some extra benefits but it’s relatively expensive. It retails for $70 and includes international texting, 5G access and in-flight service. Though, before you pick this T-Mobile bandwagon, check out other similar plans from Verizon.

Unlimited Plans from Verizon

Verizon just like T-Mobile will slow your internet to accommodate and offer services to more important people. The good thing is that Verizon tries to make it up for this disadvantage with some benefits such as free subscriptions to Apple Music and Disney+. Verizon also operates the best Mobile network in the country. Looking at the higher-tiered plans from the company, the main benefit is high-speed internet and relatively better streaming quality. That said, the Magenta Plus plan and Verizon’s Get More Unlimited plan offers the best streaming quality.

Verizon is a winner when it comes to high-speed capped data. The company offers up to 75GB of data before they throttle. If you compare the 75GB to the 50GB offered by T-Mobile, Verizon offers more data and that’s what we like.

Data Speeds

Comparing Data speeds from T-Mobile and Verizon, we have a clear winner. T-Mobile offers the best download and upload speeds for the wireless network. The download speed for the T-Mobile Internet plan averages 32.7 Mbps download speeds and about 12.9 Mbps upload speeds. On the other hand, the download speeds for Verizon wireless is 32.2Mbps and 10Mbps upload speeds.

Is the download speed up to par?

Download speeds help get faster Google Results, refresh your Facebook pages and download your music fast enough. Faster upload speeds, on the other hand, makes it easy for you to upload TikTok videos and participate in Videoconference and Video calls with little or no hitches. Although these two companies compare well in terms of download speeds, the upload speeds for Verizon Internet are a bit lower than the speeds you get with T-Mobile.

Data Caps

Data caps mean the amount of data that you can use in a month. Most ISPs always impose data caps to limit the data usage and enable them to offer services to a larger customer circle with the same network capacity. Even though these companies claim to offer unlimited data, such a thing doesn’t truly exist in wireless internet.

  • T-Mobile Data Cap: 50GB
  • Verizon Data Cap: 25GB-75GB

Data caps for Verizon ranges from 25GB to 75GB depending on the plan you’ll go for. The Play More Unlimited Data plan has a 25GB data cap, while the Get More Unlimited Plan comes with a data cap of 75GB.

For people that frequently stream Videos, Movies and TV shows, data caps are not good news. But now that the data caps in this regard cannot be avoided, you should go for the option with the highest limit. A higher data cap means you can stream more movies and TV shows without worries.


T-Mobile and Verizon cope differently with streaming. Firstly, the two companies set different data caps, which highly limits streaming. Verizon, however, has higher data caps of 75 GB per month. T-Mobile’s data cap is 50GB.

But remember to get the 75GB data, you need to subscribe to high-end Verizon plans that are relatively expensive. In both cases, you can stream movies and TV shows in HD quality and stream for some time before you’re deprioritized.


You need some good upload speeds to be able to take challenges online on Mortal combat. In this regard, T-Mobile proves to have better, reliable, consistent and high data speeds. Comparing the 10Mbps upload speed from Verizon, T-Mobile is the winner for online gamers.

But the data caps vary greatly and you might need to go for the plan with the highest data cap to the game for the better part of the month.

Customer Service

When it comes to Customer service, T-Mobile Outshines Verizon. T-Mobile is fairly better in every customer service measurement. According to data available from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), T-Mobile customer service is slightly better than Verizon’s. When it comes to Consumer reports, T-Mobile still outshines Verizon Mobile.

5G Networks comparison

T-Mobile’s low band 5G network has a higher percentage of the population than Verizon’s High-band 5G hotspots. It means that the customers of T-Mobile get more reliable 5G access and speedy connections. Verizon offers 5G access to a very small population in the market. In the case of 5G, this isn’t even a contest, T-Mobile wins the realm. Verizon may boast of faster 5G speeds but the services are barely accessible.

Where Verizon has the Best Coverage

Verizon has the best coverage in the market regardless of whether you live in urban or rural areas. The service is available to 27 states with the best cellular coverage. That said, the services are mainly available in States such as Georgia, Kansas, Arkansas and their neighboring parts. It’s also very clear that Verizon has a strong presence in major cities throughout the US. The picture includes rural areas that are often underutilized by larger ISPs.

Despite having good coverage, there are some areas where Verizon services are unreliable. Some areas including Alaska are left out in the literal cold. Alaska, for example, has a coverage of about 1.92%. Other states where Verizon services are spotty include West Virginia, Montana, Nevada and a few others.

Who is Verizon Network for?

Verizon internet is for the people that want the most reliable internet, speeds and connectivity in areas that are underutilized by other ISPs. If you live in rural areas, Verizon internet might be the best option you could ever find. Everyone with a business or needs internet in American rural areas should be looking at Verizon. With a map that outshines major competitors, Verizon proves to be an option for people regardless of where they live in the country.

Phone deals

Verizon and T-Mobile can hook you up with the latest phone deals from popular brands such as Google, Samsung, Apple and others. The only difference that exists is the temporary deals that run on the new devices. Check out the list for the most popular phone deals from each of these two companies.

Perks and Promos

Besides the fact that most Internet customers usually care about the speeds and the prices, there are some important perks that you should take into consideration. For people that are serious streamers, Verizon is the real deal.

The unlimited plans include Disney plus and Apple Music for free. But remember T-Mobile is no slouch because it features the Magenta and Magenta Plus plans that have Netflix and Quibi.

All Verizon plans promise a Disney Plus subscription and you will get six months of Apple Music with the start, Play More and Do More plans. The Get More plan has Apple Music on a permanent basis.

Moving on to T-Mobile, the Essential plan doesn’t have the best features. This is clear that you will have to skip it if you’re interested in streaming perks. T-Mobile users will have a chance to decide whether they want Netflix or Quibi on Magenta and Magenta Plus. This is an opportunity for you to choose wisely. The Magenta plan has only one screen of access but the Magenta Plus doubles the count to two screens.

T-Mobile doesn’t have the best streaming perks but remembers it’s the cheapest and offers some freebies, discounts and promotions from time to time.

These two companies usually offer good promos but you will have to grab a new device if you want the full serving. It’s better to trade your device if you are switching carriers. Moving on to Verizon, most of their deals are in terms of Buy one get one basis. This proves that you may have to switch your entire family to Verizon to get maximum savings.

To some users, it’s easier to save $1,000 on a Galaxy Note 20 when you buy one. It’s also easy to save on iPhone 11 especially if you buy another line.

Which one should you pick: T-Mobile or Verizon?

Considering all the information available above for T-Mobile and Verizon, making a decision, in this case, is not complicated. In terms of prices, Verizon services come at slightly higher prices every month. But remember the service includes Apple Music and Disney Plus. On the other hand, T-Mobile is also a great option for budgeters since it’s cheaper and reliable.

People living in rural areas will get more coverage on Verizon. Verizon has wider coverage than T-Mobile and it is also more reliable in rural areas. For heavy internet users or people that know they usually use a lot of data, Verizon has higher Caps for its high-tier plans. But lower plans usually have lower data caps.

Verizon has proven to be better than T-Mobile in most categories. On the other hand, T-Mobile is the best fit for budgeters.


How does T Mobile compare to Verizon?

Verizon has relatively better network coverage in the country. It has 70% 4G coverage while T mobile has 68% network coverage in the country. However, these two companies compare relatively well in terms of prices, speeds and stability.

How can I check to see whether Verizon services are available in my area?

It’s easy to check for the Verizon coverage area. You can get the information you need about Verizon Coverage on the website or use the address lookup feature.

How does Verizon’s Coverage compare to other major carriers?

Verizon has the top network coverage in the country boasting over 70% coverage. T-Mobile on the other hand also has a relatively closer coverage with about 62%. Verizon is known for its wider network coverage.

Is Verizon the best?

Every Internet service provider stands on its own depending on the offers they have at hand. But Verizon is well known for its strong network and coverage. It’s arguably one of the best ISPs in terms of data speeds and coverage in the country. Its robust coverage is the main reason why many users are subscribing.

Should I switch to T mobile from Verizon?

The decision is yours depending on the current internet needs, budget and where you live. T- Mobile offers relatively cheaper unlimited internet plans, while Verizon offers data plans that are fast and reliable.

Do Verizon and T-Mobile have 5G coverage?

Yes, they both have 5G coverage but T-Mobile coverage and reliability outshines Verizon 5G coverage. Verizon 5G network runs in specific cities throughout the country and is limited to outdoor hotspots within the locations.

Final verdict

The decision of which is better between Verizon and T-Mobile entirely depends on your internet needs, budget and service availability. Verizon Network beats T-Mobile in terms of coverage but T-Mobile average upload and download speeds are higher and consistent. T-Mobile is also cheaper. But remember Verizon has a wider coverage and its services are readily available in rural areas.

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