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unlimited data plans comparison

Best Unlimited Data Plans In America – A Must Read For 2022

These days many people are asking what are the best-unlimited data plans in America because everyone wants to have unlimited data for their phones as we do almost everything on phones such as streaming movies or podcasts, online gaming, emails, video conferencing, and much more.

All the heavy internet users of the phone, wish to have an unrestricted data plan so that they don’t have to worry about finishing their data in the middle of streaming a movie.

Perhaps, you are also looking for the best unlimited data plan otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page. There are lots of providers who will provide you with many unlimited data plans, but you need to choose the best one that is worth it.

So, if you are ready to let go of your worries about restricted data plans, stick to this guide till the end. We hope after going through this guide you will be able to get the unlimited plan you are looking for.

Key Considerations Before Choosing Best Unlimited Data Plan

As we discussed above there are lots of different unlimited data plans from different providers. If you don’t do your homework and just go for one that is advertised so attractively, you may end up subscribing to a bad data plan. Not getting the right unlimited data plan will surely waste your time, money and energy.

Below we’ve covered a few most important key considerations that you should check before going for an unlimited data plan.

Types of Unlimited Data Plans

This is the most important fact to consider while choosing the best-unlimited data plan because not all the so-called unlimited data plans are unlimited. You will get three types of unlimited data plans which are briefed below.

Pretend to be Unlimited Plans

These plans are not unlimited data plans, they are regular data plans which will allow you to have a specific amount of high speed (4G) data per month. If somehow you exceed the limit of these high-speed data then you will get unlimited 2G data.

Most of the unlimited data users don’t like to keep any track of how much data they are using per month that’s why they want unlimited data to plan to enjoy the internet without any tension. But, all the service providers know how much high-speed data a user can spend per month. This is why they limit the data so that they can save a huge amount of data caps.

So, without any doubt, even these fake data plans can fulfil anyone’s need.

Deprioritized Unlimited Plans

Deprioritized unlimited data plans are not like they pretend to be unlimited data plans as it offers unlimited high speed (4G) data to the user. Here, deprioritized means, when you are in a certain location and on that location the network of yours is congested then you may experience slow speed.

The reason behind is that so many people are accessing the same bandwidth at the same time. Nevertheless, this is not very common for most of the locations. You won’t face this slow speed at most of the coverage area.

Premium Unlimited Plans

You can go with this type of unlimited data plan if you need uninterrupted high-speed data. These plans include a specific amount of premium or priority-based data so that you can enjoy the best internet service anywhere. All these prioritized data will provide you LTE data even in a location where the network is congested with tons of users.

However, it offers prioritized data but, still, it cannot guarantee you that you will get the same speed all the time at any location and at any time. When the congestion in a network at a certain time will be very heavy at that time you may get a bit slow speed.

But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t even use the data, you can use the data at the time of heavy congestion also.


While going on the market to look for the best unlimited data plan you need to determine your budget. Determining a budget will help you to narrow down the list of providers.

Though you may have to modify the budget to get the unlimited plan you are looking for. Without determining budget if you go out to research then you may end up choosing a plan that is out of your rich.

Check Availability & Coverage

It is another most important fact to consider when you are going to subscribe to an unlimited data plan. You must check the availability of the provider that you are checking whether it provides service in all the areas you move or not.

Also need to check, the provider you are selecting covers the locations you regularly visit with 4G LTE coverage. Otherwise, you will not get a good internet connection at all the places you daily go.

Check Customer Support and Read The Online Reviews

Most of the mobile data users think why I should check the customer support of the service provider. But, many things depend on the customer support that’s why you need to run a decent check on the provider you are choosing how their customer support service is.

If you face any difficulties in terms of using the service, you must contact the customer support service to get it solved.

So, choosing a very good plan from a provider with not so good customer support service then you may get frustrated while solving any issue. That’s why customer support checking is also important as other factors.

Which is The Best Unlimited Data Plans?

In this guide, after a lot of research and customer reviews, we’ve selected several best Unlimited data plans to make it easier for you.

Sprint Unlimited Premium Plan

With an affordable price range, you will get the best perks from Sprint in comparison to other providers. Like other unlimited data plan providers, Sprint also provides various data plans. They provide exactly four unlimited data plans to choose from.

From these four data plans the Unlimited Premium Plan is the best plan that we are going to introduce here. The features and benefits of this unlimited data plan will surprise you for sure, especially the free access to Tidal music, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

This plan offers around 100 GB of 4G LTE hotspot data so that you connect with a few other devices whenever you need it. If you want to enjoy full HD videos, you can with this plan as it offers 1080P full-HD video streaming.

The best feature you will get with this plan is that it provides 5G network access. So, if you have a 5G enabled device you can enjoy the lightning-fast internet speed. To get all these features you need to spend $80 per month for this plan.

You can choose from other plans of Sprint as well as they are also good enough to meet your need. Like if your budget is a bit low, you can go for their Basic plan which starts at $60 per month.


  • Unlimited 4G data
  • 5G network is available
  • Lookout Premium Plus free security for your devices


  • Speed may be reduced during busy network

T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plan

Currently, the Magenta from T-Mobile is the best-unlimited plan that can fulfil the demand of having unlimited data plan every month. To subscribe to this plan you need to pay $70 per month.

With this price, you can enjoy unlimited internet surfing on your phone anytime anywhere. You will get 3 GB of 4G hotspot data which is one of the best features of this plan. And the only back draw of this plan is that it won’t let you stream HD videos.

But if you want to stream HD videos you need to pay an additional $15. By paying this extra you will subscribe to their Magenta Plus unlimited data plan which comes with lots of features such as 20 GB of mobile hotspot data, talk and text in Canada and Mexico, Unlimited international data allowance and many more. The most amazing feature is that you will also get Netflix subscription with this data plan.

The T-Mobile Magenta Plus unlimited data plan is best for frequent travellers.


  • Amazing features
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Includes 5G coverage


  • Rural coverage is not very wide

Verizon Do More Unlimited Data Plan

In terms of overall performance Verizon is one of the best-unlimited data plans, but to get the best performance and high perks you need to pay more.

Though it is a bit costlier than other providers, it is the most widely available provider in the whole US. So, if you are looking for overall performance and maximum coverage rather than fancy perks, you should go with Verizon.

Like most of the providers, Verizon offers four unlimited data plans to choose from. Depending on overall price and perks we’ve selected the Verizon Do More Unlimited plan which will provide you with the service you may require.

The plan starts at $80 per month and it will allow you to enjoy high-speed 4G LTE data up to 50GB each month which is more than enough for any user. Somehow, if you exceed this limit, you can still enjoy unlimited data, but the speed will be reduced.

The Do More Unlimited plan comes with 500GB of free cloud storage and it also offers 15GB of hotspot data. Other amazing perks include 6 months of free Apple Music, Full HD video streaming and most importantly 5G network coverage.


  • Vast network coverage
  • 5G network coverage included
  • Excellent performance


  • A bit expensive compared to other providers

AT&T Unlimited Elite Plan

If you are searching for a plan that can provide you with the best unrestricted unlimited data plan, you can try the Unlimited Elite plan from AT&T. For HBO lovers this is the best-unlimited plan as this plan includes HBO Max which is a brand new streaming service.

You can enjoy up to 100GB of high-speed data without any restriction, but after that, you will get slow speed only when the network is congested.

However, this plan also allows you to access the 5G network with 5G enabled devices. You can enjoy 720P HD video streaming with this plan To subscribe to this plan you need to pay $85 per month which is a little expensive though.

But, it has two other plans, one is Extra that comes with $75 per month and the other one is a Starter that starts at $65 per month. You will get 50GB of high-speed data and also the 5G coverage with the AT&T Extra plan.


  • 30GB of mobile hotspot allowance
  • Access to HBO
  • Includes 5G network


  • Full HD (1080p) streaming not available

Visible $40 Unlimited Plan

While the big names like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon are dominating the market of mobile data plans, few awesome small prepaid providers are also delivering great services with a very cheap price range.

Visible is a company that offers mobile data plan services with a cheap price range. So, if you are looking for a best cheap unlimited mobile data plan, the Visible $40 Unlimited plan is just perfect for you.

Visible is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses the network of one of the best coverage networks Verizon. So, despite being a small company you should not worry about the coverage at all.

You will get unlimited data with this cheap data plan and it also allows you unlimited hotspot data as well.

To reduce your monthly bill you can subscribe to this plan, but you also need to keep in mind that being a cheap unlimited data plan it won’t offer fancy perks like other big expensive providers.


  • Very cheap plan
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • Give access to wide network coverage of Verizon


  • Data may be deprioritized at the time of heavy congestion

Bottom Line

We hope by now you know all the details about choosing the best-unlimited data plan and also from this list you can easily choose your plan based on your budget and overall requirements.

Different people’s requirement is different that’s why we don’t recommend one specific provider or plan to choose. So, it is completely up to you which plan is best for you and to choose the best plan we’ve made the process easier for you.