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Xfinity vs WOW – Comparing Internet Providers

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Looking a comparison for Xfinity vs WOW internet, then we have the right information for you. Internet needs have changed over time and are now a necessity for many families as well as businesses. People want to pay for internet service and get Value for their money. This includes receiving the advertised speeds and a seamless connection for their daily internet activities. Unfortunately, this is not always, and only some users are lucky enough to get such privileges.

If you want to know whether this is true, check some of the reviews available online. The experiences and horror stories from prior and current users will leave you wondering which Internet Service provider is better than the other in the US market.

One mistake we all make is checking the internet speeds and prices, then base decisions on that. You might think comparing Xfinity to Wow internet is not a big deal because they offer similar speeds.

Besides speeds and internet prices, the Comparison should consist of other merits such as availability, reliability, hidden costs, and, most importantly, how responsive an ISP’s customer support is. With that in mind, allow me to help you make a wise decision when it comes to Xfinity and Wow internet plans for your business or residential requirements.

A Deep Dive Into Wow vs Xfinity Internet – How do they Stack up?

When I am comparing internet providers, I usually start by introducing the two companies. What follows is the kind of services each provider has to offer and what sets them apart. For that reason, let me provide an overview of the two companies.

Wow Internet Overview

Wide Open West or better known as Wow, is an Internet service provider in the US market. The company poses as the 6th largest ISP in the market offering Cable TV, Broadband Internet and Landline Telephone to businesses and residential homes.

Xfinity Internet Overview

It’s very common for people to confuse Xfinity with Comcast and believe that the two companies are different. Xfinity is the brand name for Comcast cable communications. The brand is used for marketing their Internet, Television, and Wireless Service for the company.

is Xfinity or WOW worht it

Service availability Comparison

Xfinity is a renowned provider offering Internet services, cable phone and television to 39 states in the US. Most Coverage is in California, Illinois, and Florida. Its cable Internet is available to almost 111.6 million people in the US. This is actually what makes Xfinity the largest residential cable internet provider. Xfinity also offers fiber internet service to about 18,000 people.

On the other hand, WOW provides internet service to 10 states only in the whole country. It has the greatest Coverage in Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan. Unlike Xfinity that offers cable internet to quite an enormous customer base, WOW cable internet is only available to 7.2 million people. This is what makes WOW the 6th largest residential cable internet provider. Besides cable Internet, the company also provides Fiber and DSL internet to another 6,000 people.

With that information, it’s easy to see that Xfinity wins against WOW in terms of availability and Coverage. Though it’s important to note that the biggest is not always the best. Consequently, we have to check on other factors to make up our minds. The most fortunate thing is that both companies have significant connections in similar states.

The truth is internet speeds, and prices are critical when deciding between similar providers. Without a doubt, they are the biggest influencing factors. These two factors have a significant impact on the decision, but there are other influencing factors to think about too. Before we proceed, check out the WOW vs. Xfinity (Comcast) comparison Table.

Features WOW Comcast
Overview Offers TV, Internet, and Voice services. Offers Internet, TV, and voice services in all states in the US.
Technology Uses Cable, DSL and Fiber Optic technologies. Offers Internet via Cable only.
Installation No self-Installation kits. Requires professional installation at a small cost. Self-installation kits are available.

Can get a Licensed Installation expert at a cost.

Xfinity technology is mostly cable, which means that they mainly offer Internet through a cable structure. The cable companies use copper TV wires to do that. Cable Internet is better than DSL given the fact that it can handle more traffic. Furthermore, it has much higher download speeds than upload speeds. Though, Xfinity has upgraded its gig download speeds in many locations since the beginning of 2020.

WOW offers the Internet through Fiber-optic, DSL, and Fixed wireless. The only setback is that their fiber internet is available in only a few select areas. WOW’s most common choice is cable broadband, which is largely available to residents and businesses in major cities. The distance between an ISP and the consumer is spanned using the fiber optic lines. This is what enables Xfinity top offers to go up to 1Gbps download speeds.

Besides this Comparison, there are several other aspects of their services we are going to touch on. Some of these features don’t directly impact your streaming and uploads, but their effect can be felt.

Internet speeds From Wow and Xfinity – Is it Good?

These two Internet providers are not left in the dark by their main competitors when it comes to download and upload speeds. They offer multiple tiers of top download speeds at reasonable prices. The two of them present every user with an internet plan that can match their overall internet needs.

Xfinity and WOW provide fiber internet with up to 1Gbps download speeds. The issue here is that their fiber internet is limited to some major cities only. All in all, you would want to understand the existing download and upload speeds, internet speeds, and prices. Consequently, I’ve offered a table with all the information for Xfinity and WOW’s internet plans, speeds, features, and prices.

Xfinity Internet plans Wow Internet plans
Internet package Download speeds Upload speeds Price/month
Performance starter+ 25Mbps 3Mbps $29.99
Performance select 100Mbps 5Mbps $34.99
Performance pro+ 200Mbps 5Mbps $49.99
Blast 300Mbps 10Mbps $64.99
Extreme pro+ 600Mbps 15Mbps $74.99
Gigabit 1000Mbps 35Mbps
Giga pro 2000Mbps 2000Mbps
Plan Download speeds Data cap price
Internet 100 100Mbps Unlimited $34.99
Internet 200 200Mbps Unlimited $44.99
Internet 500 500Mbps Unlimited $54.99
Gig Internet 1000Mbps Unlimited $74.99

Xfinity: which is better for YouTube streaming?

With the information above, it’s easy to notice that the two companies offers Internet speeds that are perfect for most residential and Business needs. The 100Mbps from WOW is perfect for streaming and watching movies online.

Xfinity and WOW offers 100Mbps at the same cost of 34.99 dollars which means the two internet plans are reasonably priced for streamers and junkie internet users. If the demand for the Internet is higher in your home or Business, it’s important to go for higher internet plans.

Two Internet providers have no difference when it comes to prices and Internet plans. The prices are affordable for both residents and businesses. The only drawback is that Xfinity upload speeds are not the best. As a matter of fact, WOW offers better upload speeds.

Upload speeds may not be a concern until you have a project that involves uploading of large files or needs for Video conferencing hits your business. In such cases, I would prefer WOW internet. Their upload speeds are faultlessly fine for such functionalities.

Besides that, it’s important to say that the information can change from time to time. There are chances that the internet speeds and prices will change. For that reason, you should have to check their official websites for any updates and changes.

Best Value For Bundled Internet + Phone+ TV

These two companies offer a plethora of Bundle packages. This is for anybody that wants to combine TV, internet and Landline phone services. This can benefit people significantly by getting all the services from a single bill.

As it has been the story with their internet plans, you can expect that the Xfinity Bundle packages are comparatively pricier than those of WOW internet. The smallest Bundle package from Xfinity is offered at $79.99 per month. With this Bundle package, you’ll get 200Mbps and more than 140 channels. For people that want to Bundle TV, Internet and Phone, Xfinity offers that through X1 starter ProTriple Play.

This is the lowest priced Bundle that offers Phone, Internet, and TV on one parenthesis. With this Bundle, you’ll get 300Mbps, 140+ channels, and unlimited local and long-distance calling. The highest-priced Bundle with Xfinity is X1 Premier Pro+ Triple play that offers you 100Mbps, 260+ channels, Unlimited local and Long distance calls at $159.99 per month.

Equally, WOW offers some Bundle packages that are reasonably priced. With these plans, you can get speeds of up to 100Mbps and over 20 channels included. They offer sports and news channels at a very reasonable price.

The lowest-priced Bundle Package from WOW internet is Wow Internet+ Cable TV Bundle plan. This plan offers you 20+ channels and over 100Mbps. The highest-priced current Bundle on WOW is the Wow Internet + Cable + Phone that offers you the speed of 100Mbps, unlimited National wide calling, and more than 20 channels, both local news, and sports.

Monthly cost, Data Allowances, and Value for money

These two Internet service providers publish introductory prices on their websites. These prices are locked in a 12 months contract. I wouldn’t say Xfinity is the most forthcoming company, but when we come to the standard rates, you will suffer after that.

Though their prices are easier to find, many people would also opt for the WOW internet not because it’s the cheapest but because their standard rates are the lowest. The Xfinity introductory prices are appealing, but they may skyrocket significantly after one year. For that reason, our winner in terms of the monthly cost is WOW Internet.

Installation and other fees

Some of these Internet providers will try and hide some of the costs that would accrue at the end of it all. Thus, someone is supposed to be very careful and conservative. Xfinity and WOW charge for their professional installation. This is a common practice for ISPs in the US market.

Xfinity and WOW also offer deals that are very likely to offset the installation fees. The companies may extend these services during different parts of the year. Consequently, always check for deals and other promotions that can save you money along the way.

You’ll have to pay $50 for the installation fees for WOW, but there’s the likelihood of getting a free installation if you order online. Their whole-Home wifi costs an additional $9.99. To terminate the WOW contract, someone will have to pay up to $345 or $15 for each of the remaining months.

You’ll additionally have to buy or rent equipment from WOW when signing up. For people that want to rent, there’s a monthly modem rental fee of $10. I recommend buying your equipment if you’re sure you’ll remain on the contract. That can save you some money on rental equipment.

Equally, Xfinity will require you to pay $10 for the rental equipment and another installation fee depending on your place of residence and the services. Verily, their installation fees is higher than that of WOW internet. Equally, I would advise you to buy your own equipment to save on the monthly rental equipment fees.

Data Allowance comparison

When it comes to Data allowance, WOW wins again. WOW doesn’t have any form of data caps, but Xfinity has. This indicates that all the internet plans from WOW are unlimited. But this is not all bad news because the data cap on Xfinity is reasonably high.

What Are Xfinity and WOW internet deals

A Big noticeable deal with Xfinity and WOW is their introductory rates. They both offer lower introductory rates for internet plans. This rate is expected to go up with time until you reach your standard rates. The two companies both publish low introductory rates to entice new users. Besides these, there are a couple of other internet deals from both of them in a year. All you should do is to keep an eye on their website for that kind of promotion.

Xfinity pros

  • Wide availability
  • A broad range of cable plans
  • Reasonable prices

Xfinity cons

  • Comparatively expensive Internet plans
  • Persistent outages according to customers
  • Unreliable customer support

Wow pros

  • Good prices
  • Free installation
  • Comparatively better Customer service

Wow cons

  • 24-Month contracts
  • Customer report frequent interruptions

Customer support

The two companies have a very bad reputation when it comes to customer support. Although this is common with Internet providers, it’s not something promising. Xfinity, for example, has been the worst hit. This is definitely because they have a larger coverage and the company may fail to meet the higher demands for resolutions.

On the other hand, Wow has a responsive customer service, which I assume is comparatively better than the Xfinity Customer Support. People complain that Xfinity customer care plays hard to get. The dial options don’t offer dependable solutions, and when you opt to talk to a representative, they will put you on hold for a long time.

On the side of WOW, a noticeable amount of people say that their customer service is exemplary and offers timely solutions. But few others feel the WOW support team is not very qualified, and they may fail to deliver as required.

Customer reviews – Where The Truth Comes Out!

These two companies cannot brag about their customer satisfaction. The two of them have received a really bad review from their previous and current customers. But this is common with almost all Internet Service providers.

While the two of them suffer the wrath of angry reviewers, WOW stands in a better position. WOW has a higher positive rate than Xfinity. This is an indication that Xfinity Customers are not as satisfied as those of WOW internet providers.

With WOW, some customers seem to be displeased by their TV services, which I think is common. People don’t like WOW spotty services as well. To better understand what I am talking about, check the below reviews from WOW previous customers.

Michal complained that their $5 offer that was bailed with autopay was not as effective. She says that she signed up a few months later and realized that the auto-pay doesn’t work.

Another reviewer left a review on April 19Th, 2020, claiming that the company offered non-existence upload speeds. Though, he agrees that the WOW internet download speeds are awesome. At some point, he complained that the upload speeds for this company seemed to be less than 1Mbps.

Xfinity, on the other hand, has faced strong criticism from its customers because of the prices and billing practices. People also complain of persistent outages, and few others complain about their customer service. To give you a clear image of what I am talking about, let’s share two reviews from their customers on Broadbandnow.

Ann Wright says that she was having trouble with the sites on the Internet. This was almost a blocked site. She talked to Xfinity Customer care, and the solution was offered immediately. Although her issue was solved, she still complains that their customer care can take longer to get you through.

Cassandra left a two-star review saying that Xfinity was good until the last few months when she started experiencing higher bills. She tried to cancel the connection, and she was told to pay$300 for the cancellation.

Lastly, Heike Jonassohn left a review on the Internet on May 19th, 2020, claiming that the Xfinity Internet is way too expensive. He adds that he cannot complain about the speeds and other things, but paying $130 for the Internet was way too expensive.

Similar Internet Providers – Good Alternatives!

Some people may feel unconvinced to pick WOW or Xfinity for their residential and Business internet needs. For that reason, someone may wonder whether there are other alternatives to check. Here is a list of three main alternatives to Xfinity and WOW Internet.

Verizon FiOS

This company is one of the largest providers in the US and for that reason, it’s assumed to be a perfect alternative to Xfinity and WOW internet services. Verizon FiOS offer fast download and upload Internet to help businesses run smoothly. Their speeds start from 75Mbps to 500Mbps.


RCN is another perfect alternative to Xfinity and WOW internet service for residential and Business needs. They offer download speeds from 25Mbps to 330Mbps. This is enough internet speed for major operations such as streaming, upload of huge files, and daily internet access.


I decided to choose CenturyLink as a good alternative to Xfinity and WOW internet service because of the prices and overall value for your money. Their internet speeds vary from 15Mbps to 1,000Mbps, which is perfect for streaming and major business and residential operations.

Xfinity vs WOW internet comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xfinity better than Wow?

When it comes to cost and Value, Wow can beat Xfinity, but when it comes to availability Xfinity would pick the top position. After all, Xfinity is bigger than Wow when it comes to availability and Coverage.

Is WOW Internet any good?

I like where Wow is headed even though it’s a small company with low Coverage in the US market. The company offers no-contract plans that are very attractive. One thing I personally don’t like is the fact that someone is forced to pay more per month. This is why I cannot recommend Wow unless someone is ready to put up with their two-year contract terms.

Is Wow better than AT&T?

Wow, can never come near AT&T when it comes to availability and Coverage. But wow offers better prices than AT&T for some of its high-speed internet plans. If not for the availability and Coverage, I bet Wow would be in a better position to beat AT&T.

Final verdict

Deciding between Xfinity and WOW internet providers is like deciding between T-Rex and Kong. These two Internet providers may not have the same large Coverage and availability, but they are close antagonists. But one visible thing is that WOW has won many categories, which makes WOW internet provider services the best overall.

What Internet Service is Available in My Area?


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