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rcn vs xfinity

RCN vs Xfinity – Comparing Internet Service Providers

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Businesses and residential homes need a stable internet connection at a reasonable price and this is where we compare RCN Vs Xfinity internet to see how they compete against each other.

Besides the fact that everyone in the US at least has two Internet Service providers (ISP) available, finding the perfect match for your budget and needs is still a frustrating experience. This is why I compiled this guide to compare two major ISPs in the US, Xfinity vs. RCN. Follow the guide below if you want to draw a clear line between Xfinity and RCN Internet Service Providers.

How do RCN and Xfinity Internet Compare?

RCN stands well for businesses and huge internet spenders because of their no data cap policies. On the other hand, Xfinity offers data caps at 1TB. With that said, you can easily know to compare RCN, and Xfinity is like comparing a grizzly bear to a gorilla.

The Pricing and speeds of RCN and Xfinity internet plans are closely similar, but the fact that Xfinity offers data caps is a major setback. Their TV and Phone bundles are not similar to a reason why you should research more for additional data.

Internet availability & Coverage

RCN offers Fiber, copper Internet, and cable internet to only seven states in the US. Their services are mainly available in New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Though, people can still get RCN business and residential Internet from other major cities such as Chicago, Jamaica in New York, Bethesda, Forest Hills, and Falls Church in Virginia, Gaithersburg, Newark, and Medford among many other cities.

Unlike RCN internet, which is only available in 8 states, Xfinity from Comcast offers internet services to 39 states. Though, they have the most extensive coverage in Illinois, Florida, and California. Its fiber service is available to about 18,000 people in the US, while the Xfinity Cable Internet is available to an estimated 111.6 million residents and businesses.

From the above statistics, it’s easy to notice that Xfinity is comparatively available to more people. This is one reason why Xfinity from Comcast has an established customer base in 39+ states in the US. RCN, on the other hand, is still trying to offer its services to a larger area.

rcn vs xfinity compare internet providers

A Word On Internet speeds

The two ISPs offer Internet speeds that start low and climb all the way to a Gigabit level. A noticeable difference between Xfinity and RCN is that Xfinity Internet speeds continue to climb up to 2Gbps instead of 1Gbps, as it is the case with RCN.

This indicates that Xfinity is the best option for people looking for high Internet speeds. Though, I am convinced a speed of 1Gbps is enough for all business and residential internet needs. These two companies both offer cable and Fiber internet. That’s why their internet speeds are comparatively amazing.

Another difference is that RCN and Xfinity offer cable internet using the already existing cable infrastructure. Given that information, you can expect that your Internet will be slowed during peak hours because of congestion.

The two companies also don’t guarantee the Internet speeds stated on their websites. This indicates that someone can get more than the advertised speeds or less that speeds sometimes. RCN is voted number one by the PC magazine when it comes to internet speeds and reliability.

The RCN upload speeds are also amazing ranging from 2Mbps to 15Mbps, which is enough for normal business uploads.

While the internet download speeds by Xfinity are among the fastest in the US market, the 2Gbps plan is only available in limited areas and also comes with a hefty price tag. Sorry to say that sometimes you won’t get the advertised speeds.

Lastly, the decision is yours, depending on the Internet speeds you need for your business or home. The decision depends on a couple of factors like how many people you have connected to the Internet at once and what each of them is doing. For small and medium-sized businesses, it’s wise to choose the Gigabit plan from any of the two providers. Xfinity Extreme pro with download speeds of 500Mbps is a good option for most households.

To see whether you’re getting the internet speeds you’ve been paying for, it’s imperative to conduct a speed test. Though, if the connection speeds are not as advertised, there’s little you can do. The Internet service provider will probably not listen to you.

Compare RCN and Xfinity Internet plans and Pricing

The monthly output for Xfinity and RCN in terms of the monthly output is the same. But the upfront fees for Xfinity’s fiber plans are higher than those of the same plans with RCN. This is what makes RCN fiber plans more attractive than those of Xfinity.

When comparing megabit plans from RCN and Xfinity, the story will change. RCN and Xfinity offer low upfront fees for the megabit plans. An imperative point to note is that the RCN monthly prices vary greatly depending on the region of service and a couple of internal factors. This is a setback on the RCN internet side because the Xfinity monthly prices are pretty stable across the board.

This is not a surprise because it occurs with other small Business Internet providers. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most common differences between large and small ISPs, such as RCN and Xfinity. It’s due to the costs incurred by the provider in each region.

For households and startups, RCN internet might be a good match for you. This is because you can get 330Mbps in DC and 50Mbps in Boston for under $40 price per month. Xfinity, on the other hand, will offer you 60Mbps regardless of where you live for $40. To make you better understand, I am going to provide a table comparison between RCN internet plans and Xfinity Internet plans in terms of speed, price, and features.

RCN internet plans

Plan speed Price/month
Performance Starter Internet 25Mbps $29.99
Performance select 100Mbps $34.99
Performance pro 200Mbps $49.99
Blast 300Mbps $64.99
Extreme pro+ 600Mbps $74.99
Gigabit 1000Mbps $84.99
Gigabit pro 200Mbps $299.95
Xfinity Internet plans

RCN plan Download speed Price/month
RCN 155Mbps 155Mbps $29.99
RCN 330Mbps 330Mbps $34.99
RCN 1Gig 1000Mbps $49.99

Bundle Packages

The two companies give their customers an option to bundle their Internet with home phone and TV. Besides the fact that Xfinity and RCN offer TV and phone services, RCN offers better packages with nearly 100 more channels and faster speeds. But these services will only get to you if you live in the seven states where they offer their services.

Xfinity, on the other hand, has some amazing Bundle packages for businesses and homes that you can try today. The only drawback is that the packages are comparatively expensive, and the internet speeds per package are lower than those of RCN.

If you need super-fast Internet, national wide and long-distance calling, and tons of entertainment channels for your business or home, RCN internet packages are the best to go for. Additionally, the company is willing to give you free installation.

With RCN bundle packages, you can save up to $35 per month. You will get Signature TV and 50Mbps and unlimited nationwide and long-distance calling. Here’s a table with all the Bundle packages from RCN, the features, and monthly prices.

RCN bundle package Internet download speed Channel count Price
Digital Basic TV+ 50Mbps/no phone coverage 50Mbps 70+ channels $39.99
Digital TV + 250Mbps/no phone coverage 250Mbps 70+ Channels $49.99
Digital TV+ 500Mbps Internet/no Phone 500Mbps 70+ channels $59.99
Digital Basic TV+ Gig Internet/no phone 1000Mbps 70+ channels $69.99
Signature TV + 50Mbps 50Mbps 295+ Channels $69.99
Digital Basic TV+ 50Mbps+ Unlimited Phone 50Mbps 70+ channels $49.99
Digital Basic TV + 500Mbps+ Unlimited Phone 500Mbps 70+ channels $64.99
Signature TV + 1Gbps+Unlimited Phone 1000Mbps 295+ channels $119.99

The above information is legit to the day of writing this brief. This is because of the fact that the information will change over time and the speed, the number of TV channels, and the Price per package can vary with time.

Xfinity Bundle package Table

Xfinity equally gives all their customers a chance to save when bundling 2-3 services together. You have a chance to bundle TV and Phone with Internet speeds of 25Mbps-1,000Mbps. Just add the unlimited calling with Xfinity Voice to your data plan, and you’ll be good to go. Check the Xfinity Bundle package table below for more insights.

Xfinity Package Download speeds TV channels Home phone Price
Choice Double Play 100Mbps 10+ TV channels N/A $49.99
Choice Double Play + Performance pro internet 200Mbps 10+ TV channels N/A $64.99
Standard Double Play 200Mbps 125+ Channels N/A $69.99
Performance Internet + Xfinity Service 100Mbps N/A Unlimited Nationwide calling $59.99
Standard Triple Play 200Mbps 125+ TV channels Unlimited Nationwide calling $79.99
Signature Triple play 600Mbps 210+ TV channels Unlimited Nationwide Calling $119.99
Super Tripe Play 1,000Mbps 250+ TV channels Unlimited Nationwide Calling $149.99

The information on the above table is bound to change over time. Xfinity provides more than the above-stated Bundle packages. The list is long, so I had to skip some packages that seemed closely related to the ones offered above. For more alternatives, you can get in touch with the Customer service via (855) 805-2088 for queries and guidance.

Internet Performance – Are they Good?

It’s very imperative to have a basic understanding of the company’s Internet performance, the amount of downtime to expect, and other issues that are likely to affect your business performance. The system through which RCN or Xfinity delivers the Internet to your home or business will have an unembellished impact on your overall satisfaction.

Xfinity already has an extensive network that utilizes cable connections. This means they deliver Internet through Coaxial Cable that hooks up to your TV. This is capable of delivering speeds that are many times above the DSL internet speeds.

It’s important to note that the cable internet lacks consistent speeds. The speed will rely heavily on how heavy your neighbors are using the Internet. RCN is rolling out a fiber-optic network. This is currently the best internet technology that is making it easy for businesses to get reliable and high-speed Internet.

Data Allowance

Unlike Xfinity, RCN offers its customers unlimited data. This is regardless of the data plan you sign up for. This is good news to heavy users who’re worried about paying overages or those who don’t want their Internet to get slowed at a point before the month ends.

Xfinity, on the other hand, offers 1TB data limit every month. This number shouldn’t worry you because it’s incredibly hard for someone to overpass 1TB data in 30 days. For a business, think at it like this, every month has 720 hours, and you probably won’t be using your Internet during the day and night. This way, it’s incredibly hard to come close to the 1TB data limit in 720 hours.

Though, my statement doesn’t conclude that it’s impossible to use 1TB of data in a single month. There are chances that large corporations and medium-sized businesses that offer free Wi-Fi to their customers, such as schools can surpass the data limit. If you do, you will only have to pay $10 for an additional 50GB that you’re going to use until the end of the month.


  • Xfinity is a comprehensive provider when it comes to TV Service
  • Xfinity offers up to 2Gbps download speeds
  • RCN internet plans are comparatively lower
  • RCN internet speed is reliable and stable
  • Xfinity offers appealing Bundled packages
  • Xfinity is widely available
  • RCN has lower installation fees
  • Xfinity doesn’t get into any contracts with the customers
  • Xfinity has Premium DVR and on-demand services
  • RCN has a comparatively higher customer satisfaction rating


  • Xfinity has data limits
  • RCN is not widely available
  • Xfinity internet plans are relatively expensive
  • RCN doesn’t have as many channels as the Xfinity
  • The speeds vary with RCN depending on where you live
  • Xfinity has a comparatively worse customer care
  • Xfinity fees can quickly add up.

Business Internet Deals

The two companies value their customers and are very likely to offer business internet deals time to time. For new customers, it’s important to look at some deals such as Speed upgrades, TV and Phone Bundles and free installation of course. They also offer low Introductory prices to their customers.

Before we proceed, note that Xfinity offers deals to their new customers in terms of low introductory rates. This is also the case with RCN and so after signing up, it’s important to ask the customer care for such details. Prepare for the date that the prices will skyrocket after entering the standard pricing period.

RCN and Xfinity Customer reviews

When you’re in the market searching for reliable and dependable internet service provider for your home or business, there are some factors to consider for the quality of services. Some of these factors are not under your control because they relies heavily on how the business controls and manages its services.

On RCN, some customers feel like they’re not receiving the best services from this provider. Sadly, the company has received a noticeable amount of 1 star and two-star reviews from angry customers. This goes the same with Xfinity. What this shows is that the two companies have sufficient space for improvement.

The customer should understand the details of the agreement and get exactly that in writing. This is the best ways to keep everything running out smoothly.

Furthermore, there are many complaints about the price hikes after the promotion period. Many people feels like the price hikes are too high and too sudden. This goes for the two companies because they offer the same deals and the same formulas of promotions and transitioning their customers to the standard rates.

To avoid such complaints and issues, read and understand RCN and Xfinity Terms of services. It’s also important to negotiate with the company given that these companies are more than willing to keep your promotional prices but only when you discuss that with them. If you notice a significant increase on their prices, you have an option to switch or stay with the service. That way, call the right department and show your interest to switch or stay only after they’ve lowered the prices for you.

Who’s Xfinity Internet for?

Besides the fact that Xfinity has a 1TB data cap, their internet plans are perfect for sports fans and streamers who want to bundle their Internet with other entertainment plans such as TV. Xfinity also offers nationwide public hotspots for users on the go.

Who’s RCN internet for?

The fact that RCN doesn’t have any data caps makes its Internet plans perfect for heavy internet users. The internet speed is also reliable and the prices are reasonable for a small and medium-sized business. For businesses looking to entertain employees and the customers and at the same time remain impeccably connected, RCN bundle packages are the best. The TV and Phone Bundles are decent and affordable. The channels provided offer enough entertainment to most demanding viewers.

Sports TV package from Xfinity and RCN

The two companies offer Bundle packages as explained above. Although their TV bundles cover the majority of sports, Xfinity has comparatively comprehensive coverage and a DVR that integrates with the games for semi-interactive features.

You can watch games such as Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Football, Soccer and Hockey any time with RCN Bundle TV and Internet package. They also offer MLB and NFL Red zone innings for an additional charge.

On the other hand, Xfinity DVR allows you to track many games at the same time. You can choose Xfinity sports for some major sports. You can watch Racing, Baseball, College sports, Hockey, Golf, soccer and Football among many other sports.

is rcn and xfinity deals worth it

Equipment and Installation

RCN uses TiVo which is the king of quality DVRs. This is what wins RCN majority points in the equipment section. Xfinity offers good storage at 500GB and some good sports functionality but for the basic Internet service and modem, there’s a setback to note. The Installation fee is higher. Though, there’s the option of self-installation which is a more economical option.

The RCN professional Installation costs $50 but the Installation fee from Xfinity is $25-$100 depending on the location and few other factors. There are other additional monthly rental fees that RCN and Xfinity charge depending on the region and the equipment type.

The winner?

I wouldn’t give you a definite answer as to who is the winner between Xfinity and RCN. I will leave that decision to you based on the information above. But some hints would show that RCN is the overall champ in terms of low prices and fast unlimited Internet speeds.

Coming to the Bundle package and the services offered such as sports and Phone, businesses would probably go for Xfinity Bundles. Xfinity also offers up to 2Gbps Internet speeds. The Xfinity speeds are fast enough for most users. What brings an issue here is the prices for similar plans.

Another issue with Xfinity is their limited data usage which brings these limits to some heavy TV and Internet users such as large Businesses and Internet junkies in the Freelancing world. The Upload speeds for RCN are not the best. As a matter of fact, Businesses that involve a lot of uploads such as Hospitals, Marketing Businesses and schools would probably opt for Xfinity Internet plans for higher upload speeds.


Which is better, RCN or Xfinity?

The two Internet service providers have the best Internet speeds and reasonably priced plans. Xfinity and RCN are good options in terms of internet reliability and customer service. Though, RCN is not as widely available as Xfinity. Xfinity Internet plans are highly-priced and come with 1TB data cap. Make a decision from that information.

Is Xfinity a good Internet service provider for Businesses?

Businesses with heavy internet needs would go for Xfinity Business Internet plans because of the high Internet speeds of up to 2Gbps and high upload speeds. But there are data caps and the prices are comparatively higher.

Is RCN good Internet?

For home users and home-based businesses such as Freelancing, RCN is a good option for their low prices, high internet speeds and high reliability.

Final verdict

Every homeowner and a business owner living in areas where Xfinity and RCN cable and Fiber-optic internet is available you have to make a wise decision when it comes to these two Internet giants. Someone has to weigh the information provided above to make a concrete decision on the one to go for.

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