centurylink small business internet review

CenturyLink Business Internet Review – Must Read For Small Businesses

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In recent times both home and business owners require reliable and affordable internet and this is why we decided to cover the Centurylink business internet review. For this reason, an increasing number of people want to clearly understand all the dimensions of a company’s offering before making a move. CenturyLink being one of the many Popular Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the US market, it has a lot to offer small, upcoming, medium-sized and large businesses in terms of internet and bundle packages.

The company has chugged along for many years changing and adapting to new and upcoming technologies, expanding its communication and technology and at the same time reaching an increasing number of Americans in all major cities as well as rural areas. If you’re one of the business owners out there looking for a small-business internet company, read along. This company has some reasonable plans and offers for you.

CenturyLink business internet Availability and Coverage

CenturyLink internet is available in about 50 states in the country. Though, it has the greatest coverage in Colorado, Washington and Arizona. Their DSL internet is available to about 49.3 million people in almost all the states of the country.

The company also offers CenturyLink Fiber, copper and fixed wireless internet service. Their Fiber internet is available to about 9.6Million people across the US states. As a matter of fact, the company is regarded as the 5th largest provider of Fiber internet in the country.

A major selling point is Centurylink’s availability in rural areas courtesy of the existing Telephone infrastructure. This ensures that their Internet plans are accessible to a huge number of people in urban and rural areas. The CenturyLink DSL internet is therefore available to many families and businesses.

How CenturyLink Internet Works

CenturyLink offers Internet, TV and Home phone services in the US market. For the internet, the company offers both DSL and Fiber Optic internet to Businesses and homes. You can bundle the internet packages with TV and Phone for great value and reliability.

One major drawback is that their fiber optic internet is only available in about 10 cities. For customers in other cities, they can only choose DSL internet. To start using their DSL internet, you will be required to sign up with them and place the order for the plans you need. You also have to choose between self-installation and technical assistance from the company.

The technical installation will cost you an extra fee but it’s the best especially if you don’t possess any skills. It’s also good to solve some common issues that may come your way when installing.

Affordable Plans

CenturyLink has been marked as one of the most affordable ISPs that we have in the market today. To help you make an informed decision, we had to compare CenturyLink with a couple of other ISPs in the US market.

Besides the fact that some of these competitors offer a wide range of plans with varying speeds and costs, CenturyLink proves to have some affordable and amazing plans too. Every person and business can choose any of their plans based on the specific business internet needs and your budget.

CenturyLink Internet Plans and Pricing

This ISP just like the majority in the US offers two types of Business Internet services which are Fiber-Optic and Digital Subscriber Line(DSL). Check the table below for some insights about CenturyLink’s Internet plans and Pricing.

DSL internet Plans

You can get diverse affordable and reliable CenturyLink DSL Internet plans depending on where you live in the US. The CenturyLink DSL plans range in speed from 10Mbps to 940Mbps.

Plan Max download speed Starting price/month
Pure Internet up to 10Mbps 10Mbps $59.99
Pure Internet Up to 40Mbps 40Mbps $54.99
Pure Internet up to 100Mbps 100Mbps $84.99
Pure Internet 200Mbps 200Mbps $144.99
Pure Internet 500Mbps 500Mbps $174.99
Pure Internet 940Mbps 940Mbps $224.99

CenturyLink Fiber-Internet plans

CenturyLink Fiber internet speed experiences vary greatly when you’re accessing internet. The maximum download speeds for their Fiber Internet is 940Mbps which I think is enough for all the business needs regardless of the size.

Depending on your business’s Internet needs, you may consider CenturyLink Fiber Internet with speeds of up to 940Mbps for only $65 per month. The technology has come a long way and today companies such as CenturyLink are offering ultra-speed Fiber internet that is good for your business depending on the package you pick.

The CenturyLink Fiber Internet comes with blazing-fast speeds for your business. Though, you will get these benefits only if you live in areas where Fiber Internet is available.

CenturyLink DSL vs. CenturyLink Fiber Internet

What if you live in an area where both CenturyLink Fiber and CenturyLink DSL are available? What options do you go for? To guide you perfectly on this, I choose to compare CenturyLink DSL H2H with CenturyLink Fiber Internet with the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

CenturyLink Fiber Internet Pros CenturyLink DSL Internet Pros
Faster speeds Widely available
More reliable affordable
Perfect for Businesses Perfect for households and small Businesses
CenturyLink Fiber Internet Disadvantages CenturyLink DSL internet disadvantages
More expensive Speed is Limited
Not available in all areas It’s the least reliable Internet

When it comes to super speeds and reliability, Fiber Internet is the best option. This makes it a perfect choice for businesses and households with high internet needs. However, it’s very expensive and may not be budget friendly for some small Businesses.

review of centurylink business internet connection

CenturyLink Bundle Options

CenturyLink offers Internet, TV and home phone services. This is an indication that you can combine all these services for a great value. If you’re looking for TV, Phone and Internet for your business or home, CenturyLink has a lot to offer.

You can get Internet, Unlimited Phone calls and Texts and most importantly Prism TV for all your utility needs. I have come to realize that the company is currently pushing for DirecTV for better customer experience. The bundle packages are also very cheap and affordable. As a matter of fact, I usually recommend choosing bundle packages over single Internet Plans.

Who’s DSL internet perfect for:

  • Small to Medium Businesses with low to moderate Internet Use
  • Households with little internet needs
  • Gamers
  • People that want affordable Internet

Who’s CenturyLink Fiber for:

  • People with high-speed needs
  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Customers that need Free wifi spots in Public areas

Who’s CenturyLink Internet For?

To see whether the CenturyLink DSL internet packages are for you, first of all check your Internet needs and the amount of money you’re willing to commit every month. For small businesses with little internet needs, 10Mbps to 40Mbps CenturyLink DSL Internet plans are the most suitable. The monthly prices for these packages are also very affordable.

For businesses that have tons of online computing powers and needs, CenturyLink Internet plans of up to 940Mbps are the best fit. Though, you will have to bear with the enormous monthly bills.

The company also gives you free tech features with most of their DSL internet plans. They can actually offer you two licenses for Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials and 20GB of data backup. All these features are very helpful for the business.

For households with heavy internet usages or people that are operating a home-based business, CenturyLink DSL internet plans may be too expensive. Though, this depends on your location and internet use. CenturyLink DSL internet plans of up to 40Mbps can be enough and affordable for your house and business needs

What is the best CenturyLink plan for medium-sized businesses and families?

For small businesses and families that have an increasing need for internet, Price for Life 80Mbps is the best plan for you. If you’re a business owner and expects that your business may need faster internet in the coming days, choosing 80Mbps plan with Price for Life is a wise idea.

The main reason I have picked the Price for life 80Mbps for you is because of the speed and the price. 80Mbps is enough for most businesses and the price is reasonably affordable. It’s important to note that the CenturyLink Internet speeds vary depending on where you live. This indicates that you may not be at a position to get the Price for Life 80 Mbps. The good thing is there are other plans that are closer to this speed.

Best CenturyLink Internet plan for gamers and big companies

Gamers and businesses with varying internet needs in a month should go for Internet plans with a relatively higher download and upload speed. CenturyLink offers Fiber internet of up to 1000Mbps. What this means is that if you’re one of the people that want ultra-fast Internet speeds, you can go for the CenturyLink Fiber Internet.

This package is all about that speed of 1Gbps. Although this is available as 940Mbps, it’s a good plan for all your business and gaming requirements. This plan is actually one of the fastest ones out there. Though, you must be within the range. As we all know, fiber internet currently does not have wide coverage and the technology is still growing. Secondly, expect that the price for such high-speed internet is higher.

CenturyLink contracts, equipment and fees

One major reason why CenturyLink is still a great choice for most businesses and households is the fact that there are no contracts or early termination fees. All you’ve to pay is the modem and installation fees which are quite standard. Most ISPs will charge a relatively higher fee for the modem and installation.

CenturyLink allows you the flexibility to decide whether the company is good for you or their services don’t meet your expectations. This indicates that you can keep the service for as long as you want or cancel the subscription if you feel otherwise. Unlike most companies where you are tied to multi-year contracts, CenturyLink gives you a chance to keep the service as much as you’re satisfied with the speeds and other dimensions of the same.

CenturyLink offers a juicy price-for-Life deal that keeps you in their books. To get a clear picture of what I am talking about, you can compare CenturyLink with other ISPs out there.


You’ve two choices when it comes to the equipment that this company uses. You can either shell out the cash on your own modem and routers or just choose to rent it from the company. If you rent the CenturyLink equipment, you will end up paying $15 every month for as long as you need their services. I will have to point out that this is one of the highest rental fees I have seen so far.

It’s reasonable to buy your own router and other equipment if you intend to keep CenturyLink for more than 10 months. Buying your own modem will only cost you $150 and this is a one-time affair. It’s also important to note that buying your own equipment may be more beneficial because some of them are compatible with other ISPs. In case you leave CenturyLink, your new provider might use the older equipment.

On the other hand, be prepared to pay an additional $50 and handling fees if you buy the modems and other Internet equipment online. You might also need a technician to install the internet for you which might cost you extra cash.

Renting the equipment has the advantage of getting the upgrades on CenturyLink equipment. For instance, they provide a Secure Wi-Fi feature. Out there, this feature is only available with very few models. Hence, it may be worth getting the rented equipment if this is a concern to you.

CenturyLink installation fees and service fees

Renting internet equipment from CenturyLink will cost you $15 every month and you will be required to pay a one-time installation fees. The installation fee to pay will depend on your business location. Depending on that and many other factors, you might end up paying up to $125. Well, this is quite a huge amount of money to pay for installation alone. Though, it never hurts to ask for a discount.

CenturyLink Data caps

The plans offered by this company have a 1TB data limit. That is what the company says on their site but I don’t understand whether this is a real cap because nothing will happen even after surpassing the limit. They are only likely to give you a notice about the same but you will continue getting the services.

Additionally, small and Medium-sized companies would barely use more than 1TB in a month. This is a monstrous amount of data that even big companies would barely surpass. The 1TB data limit is also a standard limit compared to what other ISPs in the same market offer. However, some other internet companies have no data cap which is a bonus if you asked me.

CenturyLink pros and Cons

With the information shared above, it should be simpler to choose a package that works perfectly fine for your business.

CenturyLink pros

  • Price for Life, no contracts
  • Wide availability
  • Free Norton Antivirus
  • Bundled Deals
  • Discounts for veterans and other workers
  • Fiber optic internet in more than 10 cities

CenturyLink cons

There are several reasons why you may want to consider other alternatives such as AT&T, Comcast and several others. Here are the main cons of choosing CenturyLink Internet services.

  • Customer service can be improved
  • No cable Internet options
  • It has a 1TB data Cap

is centurylink business internet good

CenturyLink Customer support Review

Over time, I have come across a number of complaints about CenturyLink which leaves me wondering whether the company has reached a point where they opt to dismiss their customer service for other forms of success. Can they afford to put their corporate profits above good customer service and choose to treat their customers with diligence and respect? To answer all these questions, I had to delve deeper to find information about their customer care and read reviews from previous customers.

The first thing I realized is that the company makes it too hard to communicate to a real person. They are likely to direct you to an automated response for a long time before they direct you to someone who can understand your specific problems.

There are some major ways you can communicate with their live representatives. One way is to dial 1-800-366-8201. There are definitely two ways to reach customer care.

One way is to listen to all the automated responses and eventually you will be presented to one of their reps. This method is for people with mere issues such as connectivity or bills. However, if you have a major outage which has a huge impact on your business productivity, you will definitely not have the patience.

Consequently, you will want to talk to a customer service rep for assistance. You can now follow the prompts throughout the call and eventually, you will be allowed to talk to one of them. The speed at which your problem will be addressed depending on the issue at hand.

  • For repairs and Tech support, dial: 1-877-348-9005
  • For account and Billing issues call: 1-877-837-5738
  • For payments, you can call: 1-800-423-8994

With such details, you can expect that the customer rep for repairs and tech will be readily available. For that reason, I would recommend calling the number and explaining your case. If your case is not related to the number you called, the rep is sure to refer you to another person that can help you.

If you’re not in a hurry with the resolution, you can initiate a live chat via the CenturyLink support Representative on the site.

Although all the details about their customer care are available here, I would rate the CenturyLink customer care as Poor. The main reason for this is because I have come across a number of people complaining about the response time and how hard it is to get in touch with them.

A devastated customer left her review about the CenturyLink customer care. The person claims that she had to join CenturyLink in 2009 because the company was available in the area. She ordered 5Mbps but she ended up getting 0.5Mbps for the time she had paid for. She tried to get in touch with customer service in vain. They put you on automated customer service for so long and eventually hang up.

Tips to get your issues solved quickly by CenturyLink support

Now that you are sure the customer care my not be able to solve your issue that fast, what are some of the tricks you can use to get their attention?

  • Don’t usually call-You don’t have to call. One major frustrating thing is calling a company that will put the call and your life on hold when solving the problem. This can cost you a lot of money and end up making you swear to leave CenturyLink. The best thing to do is to email or use the live chat or even check their social media instead. That way, your issue will be solved without having to put you on hold.
  • Explain yourself best in writing-Its always good to explain every detail of your issue in writing. Ask for an email detailing everything from price to billing.
  • Ask for the manager-In case you feel like the customer rep is not giving the appropriate solution, you can always request to be referred to the manager. The manager may be in a better position to help you.
  • Be kind and patient-Another major reason why you never get helped or your help is delayed is when you’re not kind and respectful to the customer service representative. For that reason, always be very kind and respectful but firm.

CenturyLink Customer Reviews

Being one of the most popular Internet service providers in the US market, CenturyLink has attracted a couple of customers both current and previous. For that reason, you can expect that most of them have reviewed the company to tell the public their experiences while using CenturyLink.

Most of the customers both previous and current agree that CenturyLink is a good ISP for small and medium-sized companies. Though, a good number of them complained about the unwarranted outages. One person complained that he has ever experienced an outage that lasted for 5 days. This was unfortunate but the customer care eventually solved the underlying issue.

Carefully analyzing the customer reviews, it’s easy to notice that CenturyLink offers reliable and high-speed internet depending on where you live. Unfortunately, a significant group of people whines that the company doesn’t offer the Internet speeds marketed on their site.

People agree that CenturyLink customer care is responsive and the tech has all it takes to fix the majority of the problems with the Internet connectivity or outages. One person goes an extra mile to appreciate a tech that was helping them connect to CenturyLink service. He adds that the tech was incredibly personable and informative. The tech had all the knowledge and easily helped connect the business to their service.

Although I understand the internet speed varies depending on your location, one person is not happy about getting just 7Mbps download speeds for his business. He adds that all the company can offer in his location is 7Mbps and they have no intentions of improving it.

Working at CenturyLink Reviews

To give you a detailed review, I had to spare enough time checking what prior and current workers are saying about the relations with the staff, management, benefits, salaries and other sides of working at CenturyLink. A good number of people claim that working with a company is a wise decision. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Great coaches and team leads
  • Work/life balance is alright
  • Standard benefits
  • Coworkers are nice
  • Good for people with experience
  • It’s a stable company
  • Good opportunities to sharpen your skills and experience

Disadvantages of Working at CenturyLink

  • The pay could be better
  • The management is a joke
  • Horrible working environment
  • Poor ethics

The above benefits and disadvantages are based on the user experience and the information available online. Though, most of the previous workers claim that it’s a nice idea to work here because of the numerous benefits. The salary is good but some of the workers believe it would be better.

Additional things to know about CenturyLink Internet

The information above is meant to give you a clear picture of CenturyLink Internet. Start by noting that this company focuses its internet plans for businesses with not more than 10 Employees. This indicates that big businesses may not find CenturyLink Business Internet plans helpful. Your business may also have to ditch CenturyLink for another ISP as the business Internet usage changes.

For small businesses, there are some affordable DSL plans and Bundles that you can go for. This is regardless of your internet requirements and the budget at hand. We also recommend a new business to go for Bundle packages because they offer great value and at the same time more reliability.

centurylink business internet plans

CenturyLink Frequently Asked Questions

Is CenturyLink a good Internet provider?

CenturyLink is a good Internet provider for people that are looking for unlimited Internet. For people that live miles away from their main box, they are very unlikely to get high-speed Internet but at least get access to 20Mbps. Additionally; CenturyLink Customer care is reliable and gets back to you swiftly. On the other hand, the bundle package is a good value for businesses and individuals with huge internet, and the phone uses.

Is CenturyLink Internet fast?

CenturyLink is one of the many providers in the US offering Internet with download speeds of up to 940Mbps. The home internet is fast and reliable. Businesses can as well choose from the list of superfast Internet packages offered by CenturyLink. All the packages are reliable, secure and fast enough for all sizes of businesses.

Why does My CenturyLink Internet Keep on disconnecting?

Although there could be issues with the provider and signal strength in your area, some material issues could be interrupting the WI-FI connection. Maybe you’re using an out of data Modem or materials that are hard for WI-FI signals to pass through such as drywall, wood and concrete which can be blocking the signal. Take time and diagnose the issue.

Does CenturyLink Internet require a phone line?

CenturyLink offers high-speed internet services. These services don’t require a home phone line. Depending on where you stay the download and upload speeds may vary. Additionally, the company offers Bundle packages for people that want to combine the internet with TV and phone services.

Is CenturyLink Bundle good value for Business?

CenturyLink offers a couple of Bundle packages for businesses with varying utility needs. You can go for Internet and Phone Bundle for only $85. The speeds for the bundle you pick can vary depending on where you stay. The CenturyLink Business Internet bundle is a good value for your money. It gives the convenience of accessing unlimited phone calls, texts and Internet from one provider.

Final verdict: is CenturyLink Good?

Although CenturyLink is an established ISP in the US, the company faces stiff competition from other ISPs such as Comcast, AT&T and several others. One major reason why I recommend CenturyLink for small and medium-sized businesses is the fact that their download and upload speeds are good and the price is very affordable.

Though, it’s important to note that the CenturyLink Internet speeds will depend on where you live. The prices are very competitive especially for people living in areas where they can get ultra-speed plans. There are wide selections of speeds for varying business and household needs. Another thing is that the company doesn’t charge any early contract termination fees. However, you might want to move along because of the high rental and installation fees.

Another major disappointment is the company’s customer care. There are many people and businesses complaining about the company’s customer service and the time it take to get in touch with a real customer care rep. The company also doesn’t respond as needed to solve most of the issues their customers face while using the service.

What Internet Service is Available in My Area?

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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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