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cox vs verzion

Cox vs Verizon – The Updated Guide 2022

Trying to figure out the difference between Cox vs Verizon internet in 2022 then you are in the right place

Finding the best internet service provider will deliver you great internet experience so that you can do your online activities like online games, HD video streaming, downloading large files, and many more. The Cox and Verizon both these providers offer outstanding services with a reasonable price range, which is why most of you out there find it difficult while the best one.

Today, we are here with an in-depth comparison between these two internet service providers so that you can easily choose the perfect one depending on your requirements.

Whats The Difference Between Cox and Verizon

Verizon Fios Internet Overview

Verizon Fios is one of the widely available service providers in the entire US. Its services include high-speed fiber-optic internet, cable TV, and Telephone services. It is a one-stop service for households and companies. They are very much popular for their fiber internet connection that ensures great speed.

You will get a variety of separate and bundle plans from where you can choose according to your requirements.

Cox internet Overview

Cox is also a US-based broadband company that offers cable internet connection, home Wi-Fi, Telephone service, and cable TV service. They offer a few different services such as home automation and security for those who want to have these services as well as the internet.

How Do They Compare in Internet Speed

Internet speed is the very first thing to notice when comparing two internet service providers. Both these providers provide fiber-optic internet connections for lightning-fast internet speed so that you can have a great internet experience.

But, there is a limitation in fiber optic cable connection and the limitation is that the fiber connection mostly depends on the location. For instance, maybe you are in a location where none of these providers provides fiber internet connection. So, in that case, you will get a typical cable connection.

Cox offers a variety of internet plans with different internet speed. You will get 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps internet speed to choose from. As you can see you can choose your cox plan depending on your internet usage.

On the other hand, Verizon mostly promotes their fiber internet connection which can provide fast internet for almost every need of yours. They offer internet speed up to 940 Mbps which is a little less compared to Cox. That’s why in terms speed Cox is a bit ahead with their flexible internet plans for various range of speed.

But, both these service providers are capable of delivering great internet speed for a wide range of online activities such as gaming, smooth web browsing, streaming, and many more.

Best At Technology

Cox uses HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) technology to provide their services to subscribers. This next-generation fiber-optic connection is the most important component of their system. To provide services within neighbourhoods, the fiber-optic cables function using nodes and serve thorough coaxial cable.

50-200 households can be served using just one node. These nodes can efficiently share bandwidth among customers using an amazing technology named as statistical multiplexing. As this is a shared connection you may get slow speed sometimes when most of the users are using heavily at the same time.

Meanwhile, Verizon uses FITH (Fiber to The Home) technology to provide all household services such as the Internet, Cable TV, and phone services. They are one of the earliest providers who offer the whole system with fiber-optic cables. But, their fiber-optic cable connection is not very widely available.

FITH technology of Verizon carries the signal to subscribers using the next-generation fiber-optic coaxial cable which is similar to Cox. In comparison to Cox’s technology Verizon’s technology can provide high bandwidth with low latency. This is why Verizon is a bit costlier than Cox. Verizon is considered as one of the premium service providers for their efficient technology which provides more stable connection.

Service Availability

When it comes to availability Cox has better coverage than Verizon. However, Verizon covers 10 states around the US including Washington D.C., New York, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

On the other hand, Cox covers 18 states in the whole United States including Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Kansas, and California. These are some big names to know your location is eligible or not you can check on their website or directly by calling on customer support.

What Are The Data Caps

In terms of data cap, Cox provides 1 TB (1024 GB) of data per month which is not like the unlimited, but this data cap should be enough for most of your out there. If anyhow you crossed the data cap limit then you can get an extra 50 GB of data and for this, you need to pay an extra $10/mo.

When it comes to Verizon, they advertise any information about a data cap. But that doesn’t mean they are not providing a low amount of data cap with which you may have to limit your online activity. What you can do to know the data caps of Verizon you can contact with them or check the agreement properly.

The True Cost per Month

Both these providers offer plans with a similar price range. But, at the same price, Verizon offers more value to the customer. In that case, Verizon is cheaper than Cox. For $39.99 per month, Verizon offers 200 Mbps speed with fiber connection. But, fiber connection varies based on location. If you are not in the coverage of fiber connection then you will get cable connection like Cox, but still, you are getting more speed than Cox.

On the other hand, at this price, Cox offers just 50 Mbps internet speed with a cable connection. So, it is very clear that in terms of cost Verizon is the winner. However, there is a cheap plan of 10 Mbps for those who are in a tight budget. And this plan will cost around $29.99 per month.


There are two types of installation process offered by these two providers: Self-installation and Professional-installation. Self-installation is very much cheaper than professional installation because professional installation requires an expert to install the service at your location. You will get a guide from the provider for self-installation while subscribing to a plan. You may also find the installation guide on their website and you need to follow them to install the whole thing yourself.

If you are not a techy guy then you should go with the professional installation service.

Cox encourages its subscribers to self-installation so that they can save money. They will provide you with an easy installation guide on their website and by following that step by step you can install. But self-installation is possible if your residence is wired previously.

As Verizon provides fiber-optic connection, it will be best to go with their professional installation service. Their expert will set up your internet connection using fiber-optic cables and he will also install a technology called ONT (Optical Network Terminal) which will provide the internet connection via your home’s Ethernet cabling.

Both the providers cost up to $100 for professional-installation service. But, you may get it for free as they offer so many promotional offers where they waive the installation fee.

How To Get The Best Deals?

Most of the time throughout the year, there are various promotional offers for new customers offered by these two providers. You can save lots of money per month if you take these offers as a new customer because these offers provide services with a cheap price range.

But the promotional offers they advertise are not for a lifetime. There are some terms and conditions where you will find that you can enjoy the service with the promotional price for 6 months or 1 year. After that time period, you may have to pay the regular price.

When it comes to the promotional deals or offers Verizon is a bit ahead than Cox as they waive the installation fee sometimes with the deals. You don’t have to be sad if you are an existing customer, you may also get promotional deals with a low price range. For that, you need to contact the provider to know whether you are eligible for the offer or not.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important things you need to check while choosing internet service providers. If you face any problem in your internet connection then surely you will contact the service providers to get the issue solved. The trouble starts when you will not get the proper support from your internet service provider at a crucial moment.

Based on the survey report of ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index), Cox scored a total rating of 60 out of 100 in 2019. In 2013 Cox scored 68 rating which was the highest rating for them. This high score means that they are good at resolving customer complaints by providing them with good support. Cox also offers on-time customer service support for its customers. If the technician is late then customers will get $20 credits.

Meanwhile, Verizon scored a total rating of 70 out of 100 based on the ASCI survey report which is higher than the COX. This ranking is also one of the highest scores in compared to most of the ISPs. This means it earned an A grade in customer service support according to ASCI.

So, if we just consider the customer satisfaction rating then it is clear that Verizon is the winner, but Cox is also not very bad at customer support.

Internet Deals of Verizon

Verizon comes with few internet plans that deliver internet with fiber connection, which means it will be easier for you to choose from these fewer plans.

Plan Speed Connection Data Cap Price Contract
Verizon Fios Internet 200 Mbps 200 Mbps Download and Upload Speed Fiber Optic No Data cap $39.99 per month No
Verizon Fios Internet 400 Mbps 400 Mbps Download and Upload Speed Fiber Optic No Data cap $59.99 per month No Contract
Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet 940 Mbps Download and 880 Mbps Upload Speed Fiber Optic No Data cap $79.99 No Contract

Internet Deals of Cox

You will get a lot of flexibility while choosing Cox internet plans. In comparison to Verizon Cox has more plans to choose from. But when it comes to affordability with high-speed internet than Verizon is better than Cox.

Plans Speed Connection Data Cap Price Contract
Cox Internet Starter 10 Mbps 10 Mbps Download Speed and 1 Mbps Upload Speed Cable Connection 1024 GB Data cap monthly $29.99 Monthly The contract for 12 Months
Cox Internet Essential 50 Mbps 50 Mbps Download Speed and 10 Mbps Upload Speed Cable Connection 1024 GB Data cap monthly $39.99 Monthly The contract for 12 Months
Cox Internet Preferred 1 50 Mbps 150 Mbps Download Speed and 10 Mbps Upload Speed Cable Connection 1024 GB Data cap monthly $59.99 Monthly The contract for 12 Months
Cox Internet Ultimate 500 Mbps 500 Mbps Download Speed and 10 Mbps Upload Speed Cable Connection 1024 GB Data cap monthly $79.99 Monthly The contract for 12 Months
Cox Gigabit Internet 1 Gbps Download Speed and 35 Mbps Upload Speed Cable Connection 1024 GB Data cap monthly $99.99 Monthly The contract for 12 Months


Pros & Cons of Cox and Verizon

  Cox Verizon 
  • Flexible plans
  • Budget-friendly deals
  • Widely available
  • Affordable Gigabit Internet Plan
  • High-speed fiber-optic internet connection
  • Equal download and upload speed
  • Gigabit plan is expensive
  • Low customer support score
  • Fiber connection is not widely available

Best 3 Alternative Service Providers

There are not just Cox and Verizon who provides great internet service as we as other services like phone and cable TV. You will also find a few other service providers in the US who also offers incredible services with reliability. Below we have listed 3 similar service providers.

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity internet service covers almost every location in the United States and that’s why they are very much popular. You will get a reliable internet connection with fast Gigabit internet plans. Though their prices are not very inexpensive still you will get a reasonable price. They offer great value for money.

You can choose from their variety of plans including amazing bundle plans. One of the most outstanding features of this provider is that you will get free access to tons of wireless hotspots around the US. These wireless Wi-Fi hotspots will help you to get connected wherever you go.

If you are looking for a decent plan to get a taste of all internet activities then you can go with their Performance Select internet plan which comes at just $34.99 per month. This plan offers up to 100 Mbps download speed.


AT&T is one of the oldest service providers in the United States which is quite popular as well. To keep things easy and simple the AT&T offers just three internet plans to choose from: Internet 1000, Internet 300, and Internet 100. They provide internet through DSL and fibre-based on availability. If your location is eligible for fiber internet connection, you will be able to enjoy lightning-fast internet.

From their three fast internet plans, you can go for the Internet 300 which will give you download speed up to 300 Mbps. And with this speed range, you can enjoy online gaming, HD streaming and many more internet activities. This plan starts at $49.99 for the first 12 months.

AT&T also offers great bundle plans and these plans will help you to save money. You can bundle your internet with AT&T TV and DirecTV.


If you are looking for an internet service provider which will let you the freedom to cancel the subscription at any time and for any reason, you can go with Spectrum. It offers fast and reliable internet services that will meet all your internet requirements.

You will get three internet plans from Spectrum: Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Internet Ultra, and Spectrum Internet GIG and the speed of these internet plans are 100 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and 940 Mbps.

You can go with their Spectrum Internet plan that offers 100 Mbps of download speed. It comes with $49.99 per month for the first 12 months. However, the 100 Mbps speed will let you enjoy HD video streaming, surfing on the web, online gaming, and sharing files.

You can also get their GIG plan for incredibly fast internet speed.

Spectrum also offers Double Play and Triple Play bundles so that you can get all your household services from one provider. And these bundle plans will help you to minimize your monthly cost.


Which one is best for home use?

Though this mostly depends on your requirements such as many users, location, budget, and customer support, we will make it easier for you to decide in this section. If you don’t need a high-speed internet plan then you may go for the Cox as it offers more plans including low-speed plans. These low-speed plans will surely save your money.

On the other hand, if you require a fast internet connection for multiple users, Verizon will be the best option for you. Moreover, Verizon not only offers speed but also offers great stable connection.

Which one is best for use in the Business?

When it comes to the business, you should go with a service provider who can provide fast internet with great reliability. If the internet service provider you have selected is not able to deliver you the service as you expected then you might be in trouble.

That’s why choosing the best internet service for business is very essential. For business purposes, Cox will be the best option according to us as it provides more internet packages than Verizon. But they are not very good at customer service.

Does Verizon offer a bundle package?

Yes, Verizon offers bundle plans including internet service and cable TV. They offer bundle packages with internet and Fios TV. There are three bundles like these: 200 Mbps Internet + Fios TV, 400 Mbps + Fios TV, and Fios Gigabit Internet + Fios TV.

Bottom Line

Both these service providers offer great internet service and other services as well, but in some specific categories, one is better than the other one. For instance, when it comes to fast internet speed with a reasonable price Verizon is best.

On the other hand, Cox is better than Verizon in terms of availability. So, it depends on your using priorities which one is best. We have tried to provide an overall idea of Cox vs. Verizon to help you out.