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Google Fiber Keeps Disconnecting

Google Fiber Keeps Disconnecting – How To Fix (Guide)

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Did you recently notice that your Google Fiber keeps disconnecting, and you’re wondering what could be the cause? Well, you’re not alone, as tons of Google Fiber users have encountered similar problems in the past although our Google Fiber internet review faired well but, but this doesn’t negate some of the underlying issues people face.

The thing is, a patchy or spotty connection that keeps disconnecting isn’t just a minor issue —- it can impact your overall internet experience. Thankfully, you have nothing to worry about, as we have put together some helpful tips to figure out why your Google Fiber keeps disconnecting and what you can do to solve the problem.

Read through our list to find possible reasons why your Google Fiber keeps disconnecting and the actions to take to revive that speedy service back to life.

Reasons why your Google Fiber keeps disconnecting

There are many reasons why your Google Fiber keeps disconnecting. From using an outdated router to slow internet speeds to much bigger problems from your provider, a lot of issues could cause your Google Fiber to start misbehaving. Stay with us as we run you through some peculiar problems that can cause your connection to drop.

Slow internet speed

If your Google Fiber Wi-Fi speed isn’t fast enough, then the chances of your internet dropping from time to time is pretty high. Plus, this is very likely when you live with multiple people who use the same internet simultaneously.

For instance, if you’re on a 15 to 25 Mbps plan, you’ll notice that your connection keeps dropping when you’re busy on zoom, while others are streaming TV shows and playing online games via the same network.

To fix this, the first thing you’ll want to do is run a speed test to know just how fast your internet is or what you’re getting from your provider. If you notice that it isn’t too fast, you can reach out to Google Fiber to opt for a faster internet plan.

Viasat  is having issues connecting to the router

If your modem is having a hard time connecting to your router, then you’ll most likely notice that Google Fiber keeps disconnecting.

Without a doubt, modems play a crucial role when it comes to delivering a flawless internet experience. That said, modems can also be finicky at times. While Google Fiber allows users to use a third-party modem, it must be approved to work with Google Fiber services.

So the next time you notice that your Google Fiber disconnects, quickly reach out to Google Fiber support to see if your modem is receiving and transmitting signals properly. If it isn’t, they will most likely guide you on the steps to take to sort the problem.

Using an out of date router

One of the common reasons why Google Fiber keeps disconnecting is using out of date hardware like routers.

The truth is, a router that is more than five years old will most likely not work very well with Google Fiber, and that’s because your old router runs on out-of-date firmware that doesn’t meet the current Wi-Fi technical standards.

To prevent Google Fiber from disconnecting, always ensure that you opt for the latest routers. If possible, get one with Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 support. Also, make sure that your router’s firmware is up to date.

Using loose or broken cables

Using old, unreliable, and broken cables can cause Google Fiber to keep disconnecting.

And regardless of the type of internet you have, keep in mind that you’ll need different cables, including coaxial cable, Ethernet cable, and phone cable, to connect your modem to the wall and your router, respectively.

Unfortunately, if any of these cables stop working as designed, your network will take a hit, which may either result in a slow network or your connection dropping every now and again. To solve this issue, it will be smart to check all your cables and ensure that they are connected to the right ports. Also, test each cable and make sure they are working correctly.

General network issues

Did you know that a general internet outage can cause Google Fiber to keep disconnecting? Unfortunately, there is little or nothing you can do if that’s the case.

Should there be a general network outage around your area, you’ll need to sit it out and wait for the guys at Google Fiber to solve the problem. Also, Google Fiber can keep disconnecting as a result of bad weather conditions, network congestion, or too many building around your home.

Disconnection issues with Fiber internet

While Google Fiber has made a name for itself in the internet space, you may notice that your connection keeps dropping often. The reason may be due to a damaged or exposed fiber cable. And should this be the reason why Google Fiber keeps disconnecting, you can put a call through to them and see to it that they have the problem fixed.

Frequently asked questions

Does weather affect Fiber internet?

Compared to other internet options, Google Fiber is reliable even in the face of difficult weather conditions. And that’s because optical fibers are designed to carry light instead of electrical signals. While rain, temperature, and lighting can affect electrical signals, Fiber optics has proven to be sophisticated in this regard.

Is Google Fiber fast?

When it comes to internet speed, Google Fiber is in a league of its own as the company delivers unprecedented download speed up to 1000 Mbps. So, if you are interested in high-speed internet connections, you’ll not go wrong to give Google Fiber a try. Plus, we love the fact that the company keeps its internet plans affordable.

Does Google Fiber tie users to contract?

If you’re not ready to deal with the hassles that come with contracts, you’ll be happy to do business with Google Fiber as the company doesn’t force its customers into any contract. Also, we like the fact that you can opt-out of their services any time you like.


Experiencing internet issues like frequent network disconnection can affect your overall internet experience. That’s why you must get to the root of the matter. Feel free to explore some of the tips in today’s post to fix Google Fiber disconnection problems.


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