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Internet Goes Out Every Night at The Same Time how to fix

Internet Goes Out Every Night at The Same Time – Fix in 6 Steps (Guide)

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Why does my internet go out every night at the same time?

This is one popular question I have come across several times from obviously frustrated users. The fact is the internet has become a necessity that most of us cannot do without. I mean, without the internet, how will you surf the web, connect with your online friends or even do your assignment if you’re a student? Definitely, things will not be the same.

This should explain why there are many complaints about internet connections dropping every night and mostly at the exact same time.

There are typically many internet users at night than at any other time. For instance, you can start with yourself. What do you do upon arriving home after a tiresome day at work if not to surf the web, check your emails, chat with friends on social media, play an online game, or watch a TV show on Netflix? All these activities require the internet, and you are not the only one engaging in them.

The internet going out every night at around the same time becomes a daily routine because there is increased internet traffic at that particular time. Luckily, there are reasons behind this and notable ways to solve the issue. Well, let’s get started!

1. The positioning of your router

The drop in your internet connections might have something to do with the distance existing between your devices and the router. The more the distance, the more the chances of experiencing poor connectivity and decreased speeds. Always ensure your wireless router is positioned in a central location in the home. This way, you can access high-quality internet from any part of the home without much hustle. Additionally, there is the choice of getting a wifi extender, which will work two ways to prevent the occurrences of connectivity drops and improve speeds.

2. Disconnect wifi access on devices not in use

Depending on your internet plan, there is a maximum number of devices that can be used simultaneously. If there are very many connected devices in use at the same time, there is a high possibility the router will get overloaded.

This means that it will drop some of the connections or disconnect the internet altogether. To avoid this, turn off the wifi access on all the devices that are not in use. This will help to prevent the frustrations of getting disconnected from the internet especially at night when almost everyone in the household is using it.

3. It’s the internet peak hour

There is that particular time when almost everyone in the neighborhood is using the internet. This should not be a setback, but it becomes one when all of you are using the same internet connection.

What do I mean by this?

Cable users usually have a shared bandwidth, and whenever many people are using the internet at a particular time, the speeds drastically go down. In this case, we are talking about nighttime when a huge number of people arrive home from work and are actively using the internet. This might be the main cause of the annoying drop in signal every other night.

4. Consider moving your router to an appropriate location

Earlier, I mentioned that you ought to position your router in a suitable location in the home, preferably at the center. Though this doesn’t mean it should be close to other wireless devices that may potentially interrupt the signal.

Does the use of wireless devices such as microwaves and washing machines increase at night?

If so, you are looking at a likely cause of the internet going out every night at the same time. So what action do you take in this regard? It’s pretty simple; move the router to a better spot, which is far away from the signal interfering wireless devices. You’ll be shocked at how well things work out after that.

5. Opt for 5GHz wifi

You might be using a wifi band that provides slow speeds, hence the occasional drops on the internet. For most internet devices, a 2.4 GHz wifi band will do the trick.

However, people who engage in heavy internet activities such as online gaming with multiple players or avid streamers should consider switching to a 5 GHz wifi band. This allows speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. Buffering and drops in the connections will be a thing of the past.

6. Upgrade your internet plan

While there are many reasons why your internet goes out at night, there is also a high possibility that the current plan does not meet your internet needs and usage. If the speeds you are receiving don’t match your internet requirements, consider upgrading to a higher plan. Also, some internet providers throttle speeds at peak hours when there is an internet traffic overload. If this a source of frustrations to you, simply seek a more suitable provider or choose a plan that doesn’t come with a data limit.

Cable internet is normally a major culprit of rush hour interrupted connections and slow speeds.

Therefore, one of the most viable solutions is to shift to another type of connection, notably fiber optic or DSL. These are unlikely to experience slow speeds due to increased internet traffic at peak times. But keep in mind, DSL can also be quite slow and limiting in the number of simultaneously connected devices.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my wifi signal go out at midnight?

Among the many possible causes is wireless interference. You might be using many wireless devices at night like baby monitors and garage door openers which are making the signal drop. Remember, wireless interference can also come from closely neighboring houses.

What time of day is the internet fastest?

If possible opt to use the internet before or after the peak hours when there is less traffic load. In most instances, the internet is fastest between 12 am and 3 am. At this time, there are fewer people online, and hence more bandwidth is accessible to you.

What is a good wifi speed?

I believe internet speeds of 25 Mbps and above are enough to get most activities done. Think of HD streaming, online gaming, and browsing the web.


Internet congestion is a common issue, especially in a neighborhood where you all share one connection, AKA cable internet. However, there is a solution to every kind of problem. Optimistically, the tips above will help you get steadfast internet.

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