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freedompop internet review

FreedomPop Review – Still Worth The Money in 2022?

FreedomPop is among the newbies on the internet and wireless phone service industry and they are taking 2022 by storm with their amazing offers. We answer your questions and more in our review of FreedomPop’s affordable services.

On that note, not every household in the US consists of high-income earners. There are many Americans who need the internet just like everyone else but don’t have that much money to pay for it.

As you might have experienced first-hand, internet services are not necessarily cheap, and a huge number of people part with close to $100 monthly on bills. FreedomPop offers inexpensive internet and wireless phone plans and is also completely free of charge for those eligible. Even if you don’t really fall in the low-income category, you will still get unlimited plans that are incredibly cheap.

FreedomPop overview

FreedomPop is an internet and wireless phone company whose goal is to offer extremely low-cost services. As a matter of fact, this is what sets it apart from all the other industry players. FreedomPop wants to prove to its customers that everyone can actually afford to get good internet services without spending an arm and a leg.

Think about this for a second; you get 500 MB of data, 500 text messages, and 200 minutes at absolutely no monthly costs. Yes, that’s right! You don’t get to pay a single penny for all that. This is simply a low-cost internet and mobile phone service taken to a whole new level.

Basically, FreedomPop is a solid partner in a program called Connect2Compete. This program focuses on providing free or low-cost internet to low-income households and families across the United States. Therefore, families with a low income and those who qualify for the program receive higher levels of data usage, lower prices on the internet equipment and cheap/free internet.

How does FreedomPop Work?

I know you’re already wondering how the heck FreedomPop works. The FreedomPop internet is neither cable nor DSL. The devices receive signals from Towers provided by other giant companies such as Sprint and AT&T. To make it easy for you to understand, take it as a VoIP, which means that any calls and texts you send use a technology known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This technology is not new because Skype and Whatsapp are already using it.

Just like the case with Skype and Whatsapp, calls and the texts uses a data signal instead of the traditional signals we are accustomed to. The technology is comparatively cheap and doesn’t use much of your data. This answers the question you have in your mind ‘’How does FreedomPop offer Free services?’’.

What are the best FreedomPop Plans?

This company has some unbeatable plans and prices, which is why many people consider it an alternative to traditional calls and texting systems. The good thing is that FreedomPop has a Free plan where users can get Free services regardless of where they are in real-time.

It’s important to inform you that this option will only be good and cheap if you are always on Wi-Fi. There are some data charges from your carrier that can accrue any time for people who use data. FreedomPop gives every person the freedom to do anything, including making calls, audio and Video, and sending texts.

With FreedomPop Free plan, users will have 200 Minutes of Talk, 500Mbps of data, and 500 Text messages. In case you don’t want to live with such limitations, you can always choose the premium plans. Depending on the data you need, the prices are set to increase accordingly. Prices are also likely to differ depending on whether you use FreedomPop Phone or bring your GSM device.

Plans start from $12.99 for BYOD customers, and they will have access to 1GB of data. The good thing is that you can choose any of the top plans for up to 3GB of data. Choosing any of the carrier’s phones, you will save additionally, but you will have the option of buying a 4GB plan which is not available to other customers.

FreedomPop plans Talk Text Data Cost With Carrier’s Phone/Data With Carrier’s Phone cost
Basic 200 Minutes 500 Texts 500MB Free
Premium 1GB Unlimited Unlimited 1GB $12.99 1GB $19.99
Premium 2GB Unlimited Unlimited 2GB $19.99 2GB $24.99
Premium 3GB Unlimited Unlimited 3GB $26.99 3GB $29.99
Premium 4G Unlimited Unlimited N/A N/A 4GB $34.99

Confusingly, you can always opt for Data Only plans from the same company. Being a Mobile phone service provider, it would be surprising how the company can opt for Data only plans and leave calls and Texts. You can definitely choose free Plans with 500MB and get access to the carrier’s 4G LTE network. Additionally, spend $3.99 a month for the pro plan that has a 500MB plan but still offers you support for FreedomPop’s 3G Network.

The rates further increase to $28.99 per month for the 3GB data-only plan and $34.99 for the 4GB data-only plans. Fortunately, you can as well secure a 5GB data-only plan and 10GB data-only plans for $39.99 and $74.99, respectively. I was trying to figure out why the internet only plans costs cheaper than their counterparts with Calls and Texts.

FreedomPop’s Family Plans

This company also offers Family plans, but each member of the family should be drawing from one pool of data. The family is going to get a 1GB of LTE data and FreedomPop bills as a Free Option, but each member will probably pay $5 for the lines.

FreedomPop Bonus of 50MB of data per line is also an additive to the monthly plans. This Bonus helps grow the pool of data for larger families. Furthermore, there are other tiers of data that are worth noting. The 2GB family data costs $14.99, and the highest Family plan costs $159.99 for 25GB of data. They also come with unlimited talks and Texts, and each family can have up to 10 lines on the FreedomPop’s Family plan.

You can expect that a serious browser can go over the allotted data, and for that reason, they’re set to incur an extra cost of $0.015 per Mb. But remember, Free users will not have a chance to add more data on their Monthly Basic Plan. To pay for any upper tier, Free users will be forced to upgrade to the premium accounts and pay $0.02 per MB.

Surprisingly, Free users don’t have the option of adding more talk minutes and Texts after they reach their cap unless they choose to upgrade to the paid options. Remember, when you approach your data limit, the company will charge you an extra $15, and the excess of that money will be gotten from that credit.

FreedomPop Customer reviews

I have personally checked the internet for available FreedomPop Reviews as a step to offer a quality review. On this move, I’ve noticed that many users are no longer recommending FreedomPop for different reasons. A reviewer on Trustpilot.com claims that his experience with FreedomPop was rather a nightmare. He continues to say that the sims can fail to work, and the customer service will not be willing to help here. His SIM didn’t work, and there were no email responses, no refunds, and no reply letter from the company. This was not good news because he had moved here from another plan that worked moderately better for him.

FreedomPop Cell Phones and Devices

This company has a huge list of refurbished phones and devices. This indicates that it’s hard to spot the latest Models of your favorite Phone with them. This is not the first company to do this. Verily, most Prepaid providers don’t have the latest Smartphones. Another important thing to note is that FreedomPop carries only used devices. So, are you wondering what smartphones does FreedomPop has? Here are some of those you will find in the list.

  • iPhone-The company has some latest iPhone models, but you are unlikely to find new releases here. Some of the models they have include iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6S.
  • Samsung-You will definitely not find the latest Samsung Galaxy 10e on the list, but you can Buy Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Edge Plus, and Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.
  • HTC-This model only has four models available on the company’s site. You can get HTC 10, One M8, One M9, and One A9.
  • Kyocera-Kyocera only has one model which is Kyocera Torque ST.
  • LG-People can secure LG G3

It’s important to note that the selection of Phones from FreedomPop is likely to change, and you may not get the Phone you want. But remember, Phones are cheap.

FreedomPop’s Performance

People usually want to be sure of the FreedomPop’s performance before going for any of the plans. The company uses Sprint and AT&T networks depending on whether the Phone uses any of the GSM or CMDA connection. Some people don’t easily know what that is, but luckily, FreedomPop can figure out the type of Phone you’re using during the signup process.

Remember, AT&T has better coverage in the US compared to Sprint. It’s therefore important to make sure you have a GSM phone if you want to be well connected. For people that don’t have any options, the CDMA phone will be a good option.

I won’t specifically state which of the two is better than the other simply because users report mixed experiences with both of them. The choices here will definitely depend on where you live and the options you have at hand.

Is FreedomPop good for me?

FreedomPop is unique because it offers Free Plans and, at the same time, gives way for some cheap Internet plans for their customers. But I’ve come across a couple of complaints from previous users. That said, let’s check on each subcategory to help you make the decision.

  • Reliability-FreedomPop is reliable when making calls, both Video, and audio and when sending texts. But I had already stated that it’s not a standalone company. This means that they usually rely on Sprint and AT&T to offer the services. Consequently, the reliability of the providers is heavily dependent on the company FreedomPop has partnered with.
  • Plans-FreedomPop has Free plans that you can go for if you have low needs for Calls, Texts, and the Internet. For serious surfers, callers, and People that like Texting, FreedomPop has super low data plans. The only thing I didn’t like is the fact that you will pay more in case you surpass the data caps.
  • Customer service-I haven’t been able to find a lot of FreedomPop reviews from users online, but the few that are available show that many of its customers are complaining a lot. But that doesn’t mean this is the worst company in the market. It’s common with companies in this industry.
  • Performance-This Company uses AT&T and Sprint’s networks to offer services. The performance and how reliable the services are depends on the service you pick.


Is FreedomPop free?

No, FreedomPop Features a couple of premium plans that users can pick any time depending on their specific needs and willingness. But there’s no obligation, and you can move to the Free plans any time of the year without any Termination costs. FreedomPop gives you easy and fast Mobile Phone solutions that can either be offered as Basic or Premium services depending on a couple of reasons.

What Cellular Network does FreedomPop use?

Sprint, FreedomPop is a new entry-level company in the Mobile phone market. Consequently, the company relies on Towers from Sprint and other industrial giant companies to offer nationwide coverage. People can only pay $60 for unlimited service.

Do you have to use the FreedomPop app?

To get the Free data, you don’t have to install the FreedomPop app necessarily. But it comes with a couple of benefits in case you choose to install it.

Final verdict

FreedomPop is a good company offering Unique picks of super cheap wireless services and is easy to cancel if you have no use for it. But the company’s data-only plans have low data Bundles. The user is also likely to use a lot of money in case they surpass the data limits. Consequently, you have to make sure that your real-life usage matches the plans available on FreedomPop’s website.