Optimum Business Internet Review

Optimum Business Internet Review – Must Read For Small Businesses

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Are you a business owner on the lookout for a dependable, affordable, and most importantly, an Internet Service provider that can offer you the functionality your business needs for maximum utilization of resources and more profits?

Have you recently found out that Optimum business internet is available in your area for your small business may be considering this ISP as a viable option? If yes, let me take you to the quality assessment area before you conclude your search.


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Optimum Business offers every Business regardless of the size and type of a wide range of Internet packages and other products. They have, over time, grown to accommodate the varying needs of individuals and businesses. This review walks you through the most important dimensions of Optimum Business Internet and eventually helps you make an informed decision.

Optimum Internet Service Availability

Before we delve any deeper, let’s check whether Optimum offers its cable and fiber Internet services in your area. This company offers services to over 12 million people in many cities and states in the US. It has the largest coverage in New York, western Connecticut, parts of rural Pennsylvania, and eastern New Jersey. If the Business is established in NY, for example, you can get Optimum as an alternative ISP in Yonkers, Long Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, and several other towns and cities.

Facts about Optimum

After noticing that Optimum Internet is available in your area, there are several other things you should consider about this company. Optimum serves in an industry where there are complaints about hidden costs and failure to keep speed promises.

Optimum aims to grab some market share in most states dominated by major Internet service providers. I think this is the reason why they are so open about hidden costs. Their website keeps everything from fees to prices very clear and open to the public.

With this ISP, you can easily find a list of all their plans and the amount of money you will be paying monthly for each. They also consider your financial troubles when you reach out to them. This is unlike other providers in the market.

Another thing is you automatically have a 30-day money-back guarantee upon signing up. So, in case you realize that their service is not what you want, you have room to adjust or choose another ISP. Another thing that sets the company apart is the fact that there are no cancellation fees unless it’s on the Optimum Business Hosted Voice.

Comparing Optimum H2H with other ISPs in the US, this company understands all your Internet needs and struggles as a startup or a new business.


Pricing, costs, and plans

You will not have to sign any contract for Optimum Online. They also offer protection plans for $7.99 every month and Installation charges of about $99 and $149 depending on the type of connection. Optimum offers different Internet plans from $24.99 to $69.99 every month, depending on the deal you go for and the connections.

Their internet speed is another thing to talk about. Their speed starts from 200Mbps for Business. If you must go with the gig package, then you are offered download speeds of up to 940Mbps. Just like other companies out there, this ISP doesn’t guarantee speeds because many factors can affect Internet speeds. Some of these factors include the computer hardware you are using, the traffic at different times of the day, and servers.

The company also has more than 2 Million Hotspots in the country already. You must be within the Internet Hotspot range to use this. You also need a current subscription and your ID and password to start using the hotspots.

Optimum Business Internet Plans

As indicated earlier, this company offers some exciting Internet plans that can benefit your business. If you are satisfied with the speed, price, and other dimensions, what are you waiting for?

Optimum Internet plan Download Speed Upload speed Price/Month
Business Optimum 60 60Mbps 5Mbps $64.99
Business Optimum 150 150Mbps 15Mbps $79.90
Business Optimum 300 300Mbps 20Mbps $119.95
Business Optimum 500 500Mbps 25Mbps $224.95

If Optimum Business Internet is for you and you want to sign up, then choose any of the below Business Internet plans:

Fiber Internet-Just like other companies, optimum looks at establishing a Fiber Internet connection that would offer up to 10Gbps download speeds. This will not be available to people from all places in the country.

Cable Internet-Cable connection is the most popular type of connection from Optimum. That said, the company offers some of the most affordable cable Internet packages for your Business.

Optimum bundle packages

Businesses can include Optimum Internet plans in the same Bundle with other services. Optimum Cable TV and Internet costs about $64.99 to $135 per month. This comes with about 220 to 420 channels. Below are some of their bundle packages that you can as well consider.

Optimum Bundle Plan CoreTV+Internet Select TV + Internet Premier TV+internet
Channels 220 340 420
Contract length 24months 24months 24months
HD Channels None 110 140
Internet speed 200Mbps 300Mbps 200Mbps
Price $64.99 $89.99 $99.99

Optimum Cable TV packages

Optimum also offers cable TV services to customers known as the Optimum Home entertainment platform. In this case, business owners can combine television and the Internet in one Bundle. The packages cost between $59.95 and $109.95 every month, depending on the tier you choose.

Pros and cons

Unlike many Internet providers in the US market, optimum beats most of them in two main aspects, openness, and affordable plans. This doesn’t mean they don’t have their weaknesses. What I am trying to mean is that this company has more pros than cons, and it’s the best fit for new and startup businesses.

Optimum Pros

  • Upfront-pricing info
  • High-speed Internet plans
  • Affordable plans
  • Bundle packages are affordable
  • 30-Day money back Guarantee

Optimum cons

  • Limited availability
  • Extra costs that accrue later

Optimum Internet speeds

Optimum sells well in the market because of its high-speed plans and their low prices. Their 150Mbps plan is a good match for most businesses, and it comes for $80, which is lower than a similar plan from Verizon.

They also promise that the speed you pay for is essentially the speed you will get. Reports from FCC show that most of the Optimum customers get exactly the speeds they pay for or at least 95% of that speed throughout their contract.

optimum business internet package

Optimum Business Internet Customer reviews

Over time, Optimum has been offering these services to a significant number of businesses. With that said, most of these businesses took it online to share their experiences with this ISPS. To help you make a better decision and be informed of all the setbacks and benefits of Optimum Business Internet, I spared some time to check the reviews and read customer feedbacks.

A good number of their previous and their current customers agree that this company offers reliable and affordable Internet to all types of businesses in the market. Though, I bumped into one of the customers complaining about their customer service and the quality of services he got.

This customer claims that he had to get a bundle package with the Phone, TV, and Internet from Optimum because there was no competition in his area. He complains that he got the wrong services, and their customer care didn’t participate in any way to help him.

Another complaint came from the fact that Optimum doesn’t offer any email to contact their customer care. If you cannot express yourself well via a phone call, you will definitely have to put up with the issues. Another customer also criticized their chat interface for not working on many browsers. If you manage to reach them, you will be transferred to automated responses, which may take a lot of your time before rep factors in to help you.

Optimum has to bridge the gap between their customers and the company through improving their customer service.

Fees and Contracts

One amazing thing about this company is that they don’t require annual contracts for their Business Internet services. There’s also no early termination fee. Though, if you choose their Bundle packages, you will have to bear with the two years contract.

What’s the Fastest Plan?

If your business Internet needs are on the rise, you may want to choose the Optimum 1 Gig, which is the fastest. It offers you 940Mbps download speeds at $69.99 every month.

What’s the best value package?

For businesses that are still growing, it’s a good idea to choose the Optimum 200 with download speeds of 200Mbps for your business operations. You will only have to pay $44.99 each month. I also recommend choosing Optimum Bundle packages if you need Phone, TV, and Internet from the same provider.

Customer Support and Technical support

The company has a wide range of useful features to make sure your Business is geared efficiently for productivity. On the side of Customer care, the company offers a personalized Optimum Voice Homepage, which gives you the ability to check-in and connects to your home and business pone.

Although they claim to offer customer care through the mail, telephone, and Live chat, all three channels are coupled by issues. First of all, they don’t offer us a genuine email to reach their customer care. If you choose to contact them via telephone, they will hold you for so long on their automated call receiver.

Their live chat is the same; you will get automated responses for so long before someone is available to help you. If the reviews available online are to be used in decision making, I would say their customer care is almost non-existent. So, if you get any issues with your Internet, you will suffer silently for long hours before the problem is rectified.

Is Optimum a Good Internet Provider for Businesses?

If not for the unreliable Customer service, Optimum Business Internet would be at the top of the list for the best Internet providers. The speed is incredible, the plans are affordable, and their bundle package is the best. The only setback is that they are slow to respond in case you run into a problem.

Can you negotiate with Optimum for lower Bills?

Yes, there is a good chance someone on the other end will listen and consider your case if you called and explained your issues with internet bills. If you cannot do it yourself, then choose another 3rd party team of experts to fight for you. Furthermore, the company offers reduced costs for startup businesses.

optimum internet business plans


Is there an installation fee for Optimum Internet?

This ISP offers self-installation for most of the business plans. This is an indication that you can skip the installation fees if you have the expertise and experience to do it on your own. Furthermore, the installation can be easy if you have an existing Internet service team that can do the installation.

For those who lack the knowledge and expertise, they can request for professional installation at a fee of $59.

Can you get Optimum Internet Only?

The company offers multiple Internet-only plans that you can choose according to your needs and budget. The plans have Internet speeds of up to 940Mbps suitable for any kind of Business.

Does Optimum charge for Modem?

Yes, if you want installation and to use their modems, you will have to pay for such things. Their modems are rented at the cost of $10 every month plus the taxes. You may also need a wifi extender, which is also included in the rental cost.


Optimum high-speed business internet options offer both, cable and Fiber Internet in many areas in New York and several other states. If the information shared above convinces you that Optimum is a viable ISP for your business, then go for it. The company offers you locked-in prices for life and a money-back guarantee. Though, I must warn you of a couple of hidden fees that you will find out about later. Always do some research to make sure you get the best deal.

If you are looking for business internet plans near you then scroll down and click your state and see which are the cheapest business internet packages in your area and budget. We’ve helped America make the switch to get better value and service for the money without any additional fees.

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Jill Burns
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John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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