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How To Cancel Suddenlink

How To Cancel Suddenlink -Follow These 3 Simple Steps

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Suddenlink is a well-known telecommunications company that provides to the general populace such as cable television services, telephone, internet at a relatively low price throughout states like Louisiana, West Virginia, Texas including other 16 other states across the United States. A population of about 6.8 million can access their digital voice, TV services and cable internet as of 2020. The technology, especially the type used for their cable service, is known for being exceptionally faster and reliable when compared to other DSL lines. Furthermore, their Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network services are offered in some selected area, and it uses a coaxial network to any customer’s address, which in turn delivers a fantastic performance, especially for their residential subscribers.

What You Need To Be Aware Of Before Terminating Your Suddenlink Services

  • Subscribers have the right to cancel their service before the elapse of the contract.
  • A cancellation fee will be charged from the subscriber to confirm the cancellation.
  • Also, they provide a deal of thirty (30) days money-back guarantee.

Follow These Steps To Cancel Your Suddenlink Internet

  • Login to the Suddenlink website and key in your account details – By clicking on, you can always access your account. This is where to login with your username and password.

Note: If it’s your first time of logging in, you’ll see a general snapshot of your account.

  • Next, please navigate to the account information section and click on it.
  • Here you’ll be provided with your account details. Also, you can carry other account managing settings.
  • Then, click on account details option. The next dropdown will be terminate account option.

How To Call A Suddenlink Customer Service

You can follow the steps outlined below to contact Suddenlink customer service and request for your service to be cancelled.

  • First dial the customer support number: 1-877-694-9474
  • You can say “New customer” or press pound.
  • Say “Home” or press 1
  • Press 1, 2 or 3
  • Remain on the line
  • Shortly after this, the automated phone system will transfer you to a live customer representative from Suddenlink. Now, you can request the cancellation of your service.

Alternatively: Follow Suddenlink Voice Main Menu

  • Press 1 for payment and billing.
  • Press 2 for a technical issue.
  • Press 3 to cancel services.

How To Return Your Suddenlink Equipment

Here’s the detailed steps how to return Suddenlink equipment in your possession for full cancellation of your Suddenlink service, follow the steps below;

Get your shipment ready – First, you need to properly disconnect all the equipment in your possession such as power cords, remote controls etc. and carefully place it in the box you’ve made available. Add the most recent copy of your Suddenlink bill. Alternatively, you can get a plane sheet and pen down your details (name, street address, city, state, zip code and account number). Place it inside the box and seal it.

Note: If you do not know your Suddenlink account number, click on, navigate to “My Account” located at the top right corner and signing in. The account can also be seen on any of your past bills from Suddenlink.

Produce and print a label – Click here and type in your information. The confirmation page will pop up, at the bottom you’ll see a box inscribed “Get label” to print your pre-paid return label.

Attach the label – One return label must be attached per box. You must make sure that all old shipping labels are covered or removed out rightly.

Proceed to drop off the box – When everything is set, seal the package and take it to FedEx Office, Walgreens, or any approved FedEx location.

Note: Remember not to use a FedEx drop box. Secondly, ensure you collect a receipt. This will serve as proof in case the equipment is misplaced.

More Info About Suddenlink

Suddenlink provides the following services as a brand under the Altice USA Corporation:

  • Television service for Residential and Business.
  • Broadband Internet for Residential and Business.
  • Targeted online advertising and TV for business customers.
  • Digital voice service for Residential and Business.

Suddenlink’s Network Structure

Suddenlink is a popular cable provider; this means that the “last mile” of their broadband services are distributed through coaxial cable networks. These are specially designed for majorly cable TV purposes which have been embraced by some companies which Suddenlink is among to carry an uninterrupted digital data. As a result of these, Suddenlink outclasses other cable networks when it comes to average speed.

Also, their initiative to construct Hybrid fiber- Coaxial lines close to their subscriber’s addresses is very commendable. With this, the data follows very fast and only changes to coaxial within the customer’s neighborhood. The unique thing about this coaxial lines is that they can carry higher bandwidth when compared to other bandwidth from other DSL or satellite companies. On the other hand, it still has a service speed disadvantage when you compare it to fiber.

Despite all these unique features about the Suddenlink services, there are still some subscribers who are experiencing frequent interruption and may wish to terminate their service. Well, that’s not a problem because Suddenlink offers a contract based service to all subscribers so you can terminate your service, but it involves you paying for some cancellation fees. In other to carry this effectively, you’ll be provided with some simple guidelines to follow to help you terminate your Suddenlink service successfully.


Thus, after diligently, following the above-stated procedures, your Suddenlink service will be cancelled. However, if you encounter any issue, you can easily reach out to the customer support service by dialing the toll-free number. They can as well help you terminate it from their end.


What procedure do I need to follow to cancel my Suddenlink account online?

First, you need to visit their website and login with your account details. Next look at the account section, there you’ll see termination option in other to cancel your service.

Will I be charged an Early Termination Fee on Suddenlink?

Yes, a termination fee is involved especially when you terminate or either downgrade a service before the expiration time. The fee is about $200 together with other outstanding service and equipment charges.

Does Suddenlink have 24-hour support?

Yes. Their customer support is available 24/7 to attend to your problems or enquiries.

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