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Verizon fios review tv

Verizon TV packages Review – Is it worth it?

Verizon is known for its mobile phone services, but they also have a vast array of TV packages too. Known as Fios, these TV packages are quite impressive, because they give you access to all kinds of great TV programs.

However, not everyone has the same taste in regards to the TV stations they want to watch, so you can imagine there are some discrepancies.
With that in mind, it’s very important to know what you can expect and what you want to see on TV.

Based on that you will know the price for those things you want, and then you can adjust everything accordingly.

Not all the Verizon TV packages don’t include taxes and equipment charges, so it’s important to know that before you pick any of the options.

Fios TV Test Drive

What you will notice about the TV test drive is the fact that it’s quite impressive for the money. Initially, you will have 425+ channels you can browse without limitations.

The $50 per month you pay for the Test Drive option seems fair considering what you get. Again, this price doesn’t include taxes or any equipment charges, so it will become a bit more expensive.

Still, it’s great to see that you can have a test drive system where you get a feel for the offer. After that, you can pick what works for you.

Your Fios TV

This particular package is $50 per month, and it covers 125+ channels. That being said, you will need to choose 5 of your favorite channels and based on that they will recommend a package to suit your needs.

Your Fios TV is fully customizable, which makes it great for those that want a more comprehensive approach or which barely watch TV in general.

If you’re not looking for hundreds of TV channels, but you watch a few ones all the time, this package is certainly worth it.

More Fios TV

More Fios TV includes 300+ channels. What makes this package a good option is that it has the most popular channels and some regional sports channels. Also, it has the first set-top box with DVR included in the $70/mo price.

While it’s a bit more expensive when compared to the other options, you get a lot more channels. And yes, it’s particularly helpful if you are into regional sports. Within this package, you get

  • AMC
  • Comedy Central
  • truTV
  • USA
  • TNT
  • TLC
  • Syfy
  • Fox Sports 1
  • HGTV
  • Freeform
  • ESPN 1 and ESPN 2
  • Disney
  • NFL network among others.

Most Fios TV

With 425+ channels, The Most Fios TV is by far one of the top options for anyone who loves traditional TV. Here is how you get the best selection of movies and sports channels. The $90/mo price includes the 1st set-top box and a basic DVR which has the ability to record and playback shows you missed and includes premium channels not included in More Fios TV.

Its a little more expensive than the base tv package, but it includes more premium channels like:

  • Olympic Channel
  • Tennis Channel
  • Starz
  • DIY
  • Epix
  • CBS Sports Network
  • beIn Sports
  • Discovery
  • Family Channel
  • The Movie Channel, and many others.

What Are The Spanish TV packages?

Looking for Spanish and resynced TV, then Verizon Spanish TV packages are available which includes:

Fios TV Mundo at $70 which has 210+ channels and access to the most popular Spanish programming and regional sports.

$90 every month and you get 215+ channels as well as full access to the best sports and movies

Overall, it’s a great option if you love Spanish content, but it’s not mandatory. It’s more of an add-on if you want it.

Verizon TV packages

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has the option to stream local live channels and a variety of popular networks. It covers 70+ channels, and it includes ESPN 1 and 2, Fox Sports, the Golf Channel, NBA TV, TNT, TLC, TBS, USA, CBS Sports Network and many others. You do want to give it a try and test it out because it will impress you with the value and quality.

The streaming service provided here is great and the quality is very good. YouTube TV has a 1-month trial, so you can use it for a month free of charge before you become a paid customer. It’s $49.99 if you decide to commit to it. Also, the service comes with unlimited DVR storage space too.

Other services you can choose from

Verizon also has other optional features you can go for. Fios On Demand is, as the name suggests, a dedicated system with On Demand titles. It includes thousands of TV shows and movies you can access as you see fit.

You just have to navigate the On-Demand menu with your remote and then select the desired program, you can even queue it up to watch it later if you want.

The Fios TV app is streaming, and it allows you to enjoy on-demand content, premium channels, DVR content and live TV as well. You can use it on the computer or any tablet as well as a smartphone. This is a part of the Fios TV subscription, which is a nice touch.

And lastly, you have Fios TV One. This is a great solution to watch TV at home. It has Netflix integration as well as a voice remote. You can also get access to a Multi-Room DVR enhanced service that helps you record content up to 1 TB.


It’s easy to see that Verizon offers a vast range of Fios TV packages suitable for every customer. There are some pros and cons based on every package, but at the end of the day, you have complete control.

The fact that there’s a 2-month trial package for $50/mo where you can check everything is great. This will give you a good idea of what works for you, and then you can choose what you want to pay for.

Verizon’s TV packages are impressive considering the price, and thankfully you have lots of other options and freebies.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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