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are the metropcs hot sport internet worth it

Are The Metropcs Hotspot Plans Worth It?

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Metropcs referred to as no-contract carrier was officially disclosed by T-Mobile in 2013 as a subordinate of it and now commonly known as Metro. Metropcs offers numerous hotspot plans. Let’s dig the plan in detail to spot one that matches.

If you are looking to get mobile services from MetroPCS then this will be the most important post you read. We’ve compiled all the most important information about their hotspot data plans to see if it is worth it.

metroSMART Hotspot:

The MetroSMART Hotspot is a perfect combination of premium design and a powerful technology (capable of 600 MHz) for high-speed Wi-Fi. Connects up to 15 devices simultaneously to share with family and friends and manages them through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Metropcs is one of the first prepaid carriers to have Mobile Hotspot that is metroSMART included on all data rate plans. So, you can use your data the way you want to.

Features of metroSMART Hotspot plans

  • metroSMART hotspot has a portable design that easily fits anywhere and you don’t feel like you are carrying any device with you.
  • It gives you 5.5 hours of nonstop un-interrupted Wi-Fi and up to 45 hours of standby.
  • Optimizes video streaming to stretch your data further according to your choices.
  • Browse, stream, and stay social anytime anywhere; wherever you are. Enjoy your Wi-Fi network with 600 MHz and Extended Range LTE.
  • The MetroPCS metroSMART Hotspot has a 2150 mAh battery that lasts up to 48 hours standby and 5.3 hours of continuous use.
  • Connect with up to 15 devices at the same time to share with your family and friends.
  • You get to analyze your usage with redesigned and LED indicators which makes it easy for users to understand key stats like battery life, remaining battery, data consumption, and more.

metroSMART Data Plan

metroSMART plans are listed down below. So, you can use your data the way you want to.

10GB of LTE data

metroSMART offers you 10GB of LTE data for $35 per month only. That connects up to 15 devices and allows you to use data to watch hours and hours of videos, listen to several songs, and play up to 7 hours of games.

For more watch, listen, and playtime you can always increase your data plans.

  • 15 GB for $45 per month.
  • 20 GB for $55 per month.
  • 30 GB for $75 per month.

MetroPCS Dedicated Data Hotspot Plans:

MetroPCS offers dedicated data hotspot plans but that plan comes only with MetroPCS phone plan that offers additional gigs for a few bucks in primary data plans. It offers its hotspot lines on Alcatel Linkzone which you can easily get for $45 only.

Features of metroSMART Hotspot plans

  • Has dedicated data hotspot plans.
  • It offers various data packages for the lowest bucks possible.

MetroPCS Dedicated Data Hotspot Data Plans

10GB data

MetroPCS offers 10GB of data on a data hotspot device for $35 per month, to add additional data into your packages there are few gigs available.

  • In addition to every 2GB it adds $5 to the primary price.
  • In addition to every 4GB it adds $10 to the primary price.
  • In addition to every 6GB it adds $15 to the primary price.

Eligible phone plans to be added for a hotspot device line starts at $30 per month for 2 GB MetroPCS plan, you can access 12 GB of data for $65 per month.

MetroPCS Wi-Fi hotspot plan:

MetroPCS Wi-Fi hotspot plan is one of many plans and features offered by MetroPCS, with high speed and unlimited data plans based on your plan.

Features of MetroPCS Wi-Fi hotspot plan

  • Unlimited data with high speed and has a lot of different adjustable plans that you can avail according to your needs and demands of usage.
  • When used high-speed data plans you get an unlimited 3G mobile hotspot.
  • Stretchable data to optimize your video quality.

 MetroPCS Wi-Fi hotspot Data Plans

For the high speed of the internet, the hotspot has always been a best friend of yours. Let’s dig their plans in detail.

$60 Unlimited High Speed. 

This plan gives you 5GB data along with 100 GB Google. On the addition of 2 and 3 lines you get to pay $80 and $110 respectively and this saves you $20 for every line you add.

Without any contract and limits but taxes are always there that are the same for every month.

$80 Unlimited High Speed. 

This plan gives you 15GB unlimited data high speed along with 100 GB Google. This plan lets you stream unlimited Amazon prime and allows you to continue your heavy online work. For the addition of extra lines you get to save up to $30.

$40 for 10GB High Speed. 

Without any hotspot data this plan lets you listen to your favorite music nonstop and you can use above 40 music apps without using your data. For the addition of extra lines, you get to save up to $10.

MetroPCS enables usage of Wi-Fi as high-speed internet. If you are a heavy user of the internet, Metropcs hotspot plans are one of the best go-to hotspots.

The Metropcs hotspot plans are outstanding since you get to share this data with up to 15 connections that make sure you are saving money.

In Addition to this you can add more data when needed at the lowest possible price. The function for the usage of these Metropcs hotspot plans is completely easy and anyone can use it without facing any difficulties.

Is MetroPCS Hotspot internet worth it?

The MetroPCS is a hotspot data plan that has no contracts or additional fees to get a high speed internet speed all over the US. Created by T-Mobile as a middle of the road alternative to their original data internet line up of products, their plans may seem initially more expensive.

Their unlimited speed plan costs $80 and only gives you 15GB which is not worth it if you are only going to use the internet for entertainment purposes only.

See, this product is for the business or freelancer that needs backup for places that dont have good access for the internet. So is MetroPCS worth the money for their data hotspot services, we don’t think so.

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