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Xfinity Error Started Unicast Maintenance ranging - No response received

Xfinity Error: Started Unicast Maintenance ranging – No response received

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Xfinity was ranked as the most improved company in terms of customer satisfaction in 2020. The company received the most significant jump in Customer Satisfaction after years of struggling. This indicates that today Xfinity can solve most of the customer’s issues better than before and provide exemplary Internet, TV, and wireless services.

The company is also unopposedly the one with the country’s most secure network, providing the best speeds, uptime, latency, and the best connectivity. But no Service provider runs smoothly without some common issues with network provision, TV, and service stability. For Xfinity to work well and maintain the most improved ISP status in 2020, the company has to improve its mechanical and electrical components to minimize the chances of errors and issues.

Xfinity services

Xfinity mainly uses Coaxial cables, but there are Ethernet and fiber optic services offered by the company. Coaxial cable has been Xfinity’s most used cable because it has been around for a long time. Besides the coaxial cables, there are better options. However, the coaxial cables connected with Xfinity Modems and Routers provide good speed and a stable connection for your Smart TVs, PCs, telephones, and TVs.

Xfinity Common errors and their Fixes

All devices run into mechanical and connectivity issues from time to time. Xfinity equipment is equally likely to run into different errors. Luckily, Xfinity routers and modems have an error log that efficiently helps you diagnose the root cause of certain errors and seek methods to correct them. Being able to interpret the error logs enables you to understand what has been causing trouble with your internet connection. The error logs also keep track of all common problems that the modem or your computers have.

I have heard from some people that they have encountered certain problems that limit them from connecting to the internet when everything apparently seems to work. If this is the case, I would advise you to take the time and check the error logs on the modem or the router. So, what are some common Xfinity errors and issues and their solutions?


Just like any other Internet Service Provider, Xfinity can experience Outages. If you cannot access the internet at a certain point in time, it’s wise to check or consult your neighbors if there are any outages in your area. There are a couple of third-party websites providing such information. Equally, you can log in to your Xfinity account and check for possible outages.

Started Unicast maintenance Ranging-No response received

This is a prevalent error that many people receive with Xfinity Modems and routers, especially when using Coaxial cable. You can either get this error occasionally or fit on its own, but there are some instances where it doesn’t clear on its own. You can as well get this error frequently, and by frequently, I mean several times in a day. Furthermore, some people receive this error with no internet connectivity at all. If the error is not common and given it can resolve on its own, you shouldn’t be very concerned. The other two instances are very serious, and you should seriously look for troubleshooting tips. Before you take any actions, diagnose the issue at hand and check the equipment to understand what has caused the error clearly.

What causes this error?

One of the major and significant causes of this error is when you are using the coaxial cable, and it is getting noise. This noise can result in a negative externality to the flow of internet data. Consequently, you are very likely to face issues with connectivity. Coaxial cable, unlike other cables, its sensitive to noise and is protected from noise by several layers.

How to solve this issue

I understand it’s quite a hustle to troubleshoot such errors, but this is likely to change significantly with the right information. Here are some notable steps you can take to troubleshoot this error.

Check the cable

Check to be sure that the coaxial cable is not damaged. You should check for any cuts and scratches. If it’s damaged, it can cause a disturbance to the flow of data. The rubber coating should not be cut. If it’s damaged, replace the whole cable.

Check the connectors

In the case of a faulty connector, this can trigger errors on the modem and the router. Spare some time and ensure that the connectors are working perfectly well. If there are any physical damages to the connector, you should replace it.

Contact Xfinity

The last action to take is to contact Xfinity if you feel like the issue is out of hand. The company might have to replace the router or the modem or look for additional technical solutions to the problem at hand. The team can equally take some time to figure out the cause and possible solutions.


What does it mean when Xfinity Box says case?

This mainly means that the cable Box is loose, or it’s not transmitting signals as needed. If the cable is loose or not correctly fixed, it can prevent the Box from establishing a connection and eventually cause this error. Unplug all the wires and fix them back.

What is a heartbeat error on Xfinity?

This is typically a security check that runs from time to time to ensure nothing has changed on your Box. It may happen after switching from one Wi-Fi SSID to another.

How do I reboot my Xfinity Cable Box?

Open the Account app and click on the Internet icon. Head to Wireless Gateway and select restart the device. Click on restart and confirm. The device will restart and most probably confirm the process after it’s complete.


It’s possible that you can experience issues with your Coaxial cables and Modems and routers from Xfinity. The first step is to diagnose the errors to determine the root cause before jumping for any troubleshooting step. After you have information about the problem’s source, implement one of the many steps explained above. If none works, the last resort is to contact Xfinity for guidance and possible solutions.

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