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Cincinnati Bell Internet Review

Cincinnati Bell Internet – Is It Worth It in 2021

We all dream of cheap but fast Internet connections for our daily Internet use. Unfortunately, this is not what we always get. The services vary depending on the type of connection available, the company supplying Internet and other wireless services, and, most importantly, available alternatives. The best Internet Service Provider (ISP) overall is the one that offers reliable Internet, reasonable prices, and fast speeds.

That is likely to change depending on the ISPs available in a certain area and how good and reliable their Internet is. Unfortunately, some regional monopolies don’t care about customer satisfaction. I’ve done individual research about most ISPs available to you. Today, we’ll check Cincinnati Bell Internet from all dimensions including Internet speeds, prices, Bundle options, reliability, Customer service, Outages, Equipment, and fees, among many other categories.

Cincinnati Bell Internet Overview

This is a regional Telecommunication company in the US offering fiber-optic Internet, IPTV services, landline phones and several other services. All the services are offered through its subsidiaries which are Hawaiian Telcom and Cincinnati Bell Internet. Cincinnati Bell Company started operations in 1873 as a telegram company though their Internet services kick-started in 1990s when it upgraded to mobile services and Internet access.

In 2014, the Cincinnati Bell Company divested the Mobile Phone services to focus on Fiber-Optic and enterprise services. In 2020, Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets acquired the Cincinnati Bell Internet. It is traditionally known to be a Landline service company but they had to swiftly change to the communication and entertainment services.

Cincinnati Bell Internet Availability

Most Cincinnati services are available in areas where it traditionally offered services. These services are today available in Hamilton Country, West Harrison and Boone among many others. The Cincinnati Internet services are available in more than 31 states today. But the largest coverage is in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. The company’s Fiber-Optic Internet is available to an estimated 1.4 Million people in the country. Consequently, Cincinnati Bell internet is the 8th largest provider of Fiber optic Internet.

Cincinnati Bell Internet Review summary Table

Cincinnati Internet plan Features Price/month
Cheapest Internet plan 5Mbps $29.99
Fastest Internet Plan 1Gbps $64.99
Equipment Termination Charge Lost, damaged or unreturned Equipment $120
Early termination fee    
Tech Support Fee Premium tech support $125
Late Payment fees Late payment fee + 2% if the bill is above $547.50. $10.95

Cincinnati Internet pros

  • Good Prices
  • No data caps
  • Large amount of service plans
  • Reasonably priced Internet plans
  • Wide selection of Internet plans
  • Comparatively better customer service.

Cincinnati Internet cons

  • Limited availability
  • Contract-Only deals
  • Price locks that expire after 12 or 24 months

Cincinnati Internet Prices and Plans

Cincinnati offers some of the best Internet plans out here. Users have a chance to choose from 9 Internet plans and the prices will depend on the plan features. The Cincinnati Bell most basic Internet plan is 5Mbps which I believe is perfect for accessing emails, music streaming and Internet browsing. This Internet plan is the best for a couple of reasons. Single users can benefit significantly especially because the Internet speed is good and the price is reasonable for small families.

However, I won’t clarify that 5Mbps is perfect for HD streaming. Besides the fact that it can stream SD videos, it’s not the perfect for serious streamers and gamers. Fortunately, there are several other Internet plans that you can go for from Cincinnati. Large families will only have to pay $64.99 per month for the 1Gbps Internet plan. Here is a screenshot to show other Internet plans available on Cincinnati Bell website.

From this screenshot, it’s clear that these prices are introductory prices that are expected to change after the first year. Although this is common in the industry, Cincinnati only adds a small amount of money after the promotional period is over. I’ve actually come across some ISPs such as Mediacom that hikes the price by more than $30 per month after the first year.

The 1Gbps plan works perfectly fine for big Households, people using lots of connected devices, serious streamers and gamers and Home businesses. An additional benefit is that the 1Gbps plan comes with a year TV subscription for Hulu, Amazon Prime or Netflix.

Cincinnati Prices and Deals

Cincinnati just like other ISPs has a couple of internet deals and promotions. But you need to leave the purchased plan unchanged to qualify. In case you change the plan, you risk losing the promotion entirely. Moving to another place would also affect the value of an Internet deal and promotions you get. All in all, their prices appear modest. You will barely get anywhere else 1Gbps internet speeds at the price offered on Cincinnati.

Internet speeds and Data

It’s common for Internet Service Providers to offer Internet speeds of up to 1,000Mbps. As a matter of fact, besides Xfinity that offers Internet speeds of up to 2,000Mbps, others have an Internet speed limit of up to 1,000Mbps. This speed is enough for almost all household and Business Internet needs. Who would need more than 1,000Mbps per second? Not many people do.

The only drawback is that the Cincinnati Upload speeds are not consistent. In most cases, people have reported being frustrated when uploading large files and documents. This is not news because majority of ISPs don’t offer symmetrical speeds.

Checking on the plans available on the website, it’s clear that Cincinnati Internet has fairly good Upload speeds. This is better than the download and Upload speeds offered by some Competitors such as Mediacom and WOW internet.

The Internet essential plan comes with 250Mbps download speeds and 100Mbps upload speeds. On the other hand, the most popular Internet 500 has upload speeds of up to 125Mbps. The Cincinnati Bell fastest Internet plan has a download speed of 1Gbps and an upload speed of up to 125Mbps.

Comparing the download and Upload speeds from Cincinnati to those of its major competitors, it’s clear that Cincinnati Internet will win because of the high Download and Upload speeds. The price for these plans is also reasonable.

Additional features

Upon subscribing to any of Cincinnati Internet plans, there are many features that you’re likely to enjoy. Some of these features will only be viable after choosing the premium upgrade. But here are the most popular Internet features for Internet only features.

  • Free email accounts
  • Free Home Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Gateaway for the premium accounts
  • Internet security For Bundle services
  • Whole Home Wi-Fi for Premium services.

Cincinnati Internet fees, contracts and Equipment

The prices advertised on Cincinnati website don’t cover any applicable taxes and fees. Consequently, you should expect to pay a higher price monthly because of similar fees and Taxes. Here are other fees you may have to pay;

Early Termination fees

There’s no contract for Internet Only plans. This indicates that you will not pay any form of Early Termination Fees.

Equipment Termination charge

If in any case the Equipment is damaged or you fail to return it, you will be required to pay an equipment Termination charge worth of up to $120 for the power cord and the router.

Installation fees

Every user will be required to pay an installation fee. But if you want to skip this fee, you can choose to buy your own equipment instead of leasing from Cincinnati. With that said, if you face a problem while installing the Equipment or require Premium Technical Support, you will pay $125 per session.

Late Payment Fees

Customers who are late paying for the bills will be required to add an extra $10.95 as the late payment fee. If the bill is above $547.50, you will pay an additional 2% of that amount.

Cincinnati Internet Outages and Uptime

Just like other ISPs, Cincinnati faces a challenge of lower than normal internet speeds and Outages certain times of the year. Fortunately, the outage and downtime period is less than 5 Hours in a whole year. What this means to serious internet streamers is that they will have a reliable Cincinnati Internet connection for about 99.8% of the connected time.

Furthermore, it’s advisable for every Internet user to always check the routers and cables to be sure that the low Internet speed or Outage is not caused by a faulty connection. It’s wise to include an expert if you feel like the Downtime for your Internet is lower than that of other users. The problem might be with your Equipment and the connection inside the house.

Cincinnati Bell Customer service

Internet service providers are known for poor customer service. These companies fail to respond swiftly to any issues reported by the customers. Cincinnati is no exception. You will generally find many users complaining about the feedbacks and solutions they usually get from the reps.

Cincinnati Bell claimed to offer Internet services around the clock but I’ve come across people complaining that the Menu is complicated and will waste a lot of your time and money before you get forwarded to Human assistance.

Though, if you manage to bypass the automated menu, you can reach the Technicians, repair services and sales department in minutes. How well you express yourself will determine the type of services you will get from the representatives.

To get the best services from Cincinnati Customer service, I recommend sending a message through the Contact us” page on the website. Make your request as precise as possible and at the same time express all your concerns precisely.

Users can as well call Cincinnati Customer service via 1.888.246.2355 or 513.566.4101.

If you decide to call those numbers, ensure you are as calm and clear as possible to make the reps understand the issue at hand.

It’s also imperative to ask the representative to forward you to the right department. If you have issues with Billing, the Billing office will be the best place to get the services. When seeking to negotiate your Cincinnati Bell Internet Bills, ask the rep to refer you to the Retention department.

Cincinnati Internet Applications

Cincinnati Internet is the best fit for all types of lifestyles and Internet needs. Businesses can benefit specifically from the reliable and super-fast Internet speeds for both Upload and download needs. Here are some of the Cincinnati Internet applications and Internet plan recommendations.


Making every night a movie night needs a seamless and uninterrupted Internet connection. Cincinnati offers the best Internet plan for streamers which is Internet 500 with 500Mbps and Upload speeds of up to 125Mbps. For people that want the best streaming experience, this Internet Only Plan is for you.

Upload and Download

To download and Upload your files, photos, keep up with the Social platforms and a couple of other things, you just need Internet speeds of 5Mbps and upload speeds lesser than that. But its important to choose Higher Internet speeds especially if you operate a Business that includes huge file uploads. Essential internet from Cincinnati with 250Mbps and upload speeds of 100Mbps is perfect for such operations


I won’t advise gamers to settle for anything less than 500Mbps and 125Mbps download and upload speeds respectively. Teaming up with your friends for an online game is not supposed to be a very complicated task. But you definitely don’t want to keep on being disconnected as the sites load. 500Mbps Internet plan from Cincinnati is the best plan for Gamers.

Cincinnati Bell Internet Bundled Offers

Would you want to get all your Utility Bills in one page? If yes, then always go for Bundle Options. Cincinnati just like other ISPs offer Bundle Internet, TV and Home Phone options. It’s important to take time checking the features of each Bundle Option before making the decisions. My best selection is the Cincinnati 500Mbps + MyWay TV. The reason is the download speeds are perfect for Streamers, gamers and Business Internet needs. The price of $69.99 per month for 12 months is also reasonable. With MyWay TV, you will enjoy more than 110 Channels and you can add 1-8 Genre packs with your favorite Channels depending on your lifestyle and budget.

Depending on your needs and budget, there are many other Bundle Options you can choose from Cincinnati. Choose Essential Internet + Basic TV + Home Pak Reach at a monthly cost of $59.97 and download speeds of 500Mbps. Users can as well go for the 500Mbps + Preferred TV + Home Pak Reach for all the Internet, TV and Home phone needs. The screenshot below analyses the available Triple Play options you can choose from Cincinnati.

What do Customers say about Cincinnati Bell Internet Services?

If online reviews and user comments are enough to judge what Cincinnati customers think about its services, then more than 80% of their current and previous customers are contented with the services offered.

Most people praise Cincinnati for the high upload services and reliable connections. The company also offers high speed Internet to a variety of Homes and Businesses. The comments available online shows some people agrees that the Introductory prices for Cincinnati are also comparatively lower than the price offered for similar plans by the competitors. Here are some reviews from Previous and Current Cincinnati Customers.

One customer claims to have requested for the name to be changed more than 4 times and no one is ready to help her. This complaint was directed to the Billing and corrections office. She adds that the Bank denied this name because it’s not the user’s legal name but Cincinnati required her to pay $12 to get it changed. The user adds that she has been charged twice for returns check fees and the Cincinnati Internet speeds are slower than advertised.

The good thing is that the Cincinnati Customer care replied to this issue shortly after and apologized for the issues she experienced. The customer care claims that a one-time courtesy credit of $38.00 was placed on the customer account. The rep assures this user that the speeds are not guaranteed because of many variables.

Cincinnati has a comparatively better customer care but many people complain about the customer service unresponsiveness and ignorance. This is common in this industry but that shouldn’t justify the Cincinnati Customer service ignorance and incompetence. I’ve seen many people complaining that Cincinnati Customer service didn’t offer the needed and expected services. We would like to see them improve and do better.

Cincinnati Service Cancellation information

If for any case you’re not happy with Cincinnati Services or the company no longer meets your Internet needs and budget, you can choose to cancel the service and look for available alternatives. To cancel, follow the below steps.

Take time to decide-Before you consider cancelling the service, take time to check the available alternatives and weigh the prices, features and other things. If the alternatives offer better deals than Cincinnati, you can go ahead and cancel the service.

  • Call the customer service via 1.888.246.2355 or 513.566.4101
  • Ask the customer service to refer you to the retention department and eventually speak out about the issues you are facing and the reasons why you want to cancel. After that, ask the customer rep to help you cancel the service.
  • Pack and return the equipment-Were you using Cincinnati Modem and Router? If yes, then pack and ship them back to finalize the cancellation process.

Cincinnati vs. Competition

Cincinnati vs. Spectrum Cable Packages

Cincinnati and Spectrum excel equally when it comes to provision of affordable cable TV services. That is on the number of TV channels offered and the prices per bundle package. When it comes to Internet plans, Cincinnati offers cheaper Internet options. This is especially because for the first year, people will have introductory prices which are promotional.


Viasat is a satellite Internet service provider in Cincinnati which is the reason why it’s on the list of the main competitors to Cincinnati Bell Internet. Viasat offers high-speed satellite packages in almost all areas. Some customers award Viasat a two star overall review because of the poor connections and high prices. This is where Cincinnati Bell Internet comes in. The Prices are different and more recommendable for people in search of high speed Internet.


Here is another Cincinnati Internet provider that competes closely with Cincinnati Bell Internet in terms of speed and prices. Being a Satellite internet provider, you cannot expect HughesNet to offer Internet speeds of 1,000Mbps or even upload speeds of more than 100Mbps. The price range for HughesNet is $59.99 to $149.99 which are higher than the prices for Cincinnati Bell Internet plans with higher Internet speeds. This leaves Cincinnati Bell Internet as the ultimate winner.

Cincinnati Bell Internet Important Takeaways

Cincinnati Internet saving deals

To save significantly on Cincinnati Bell Internet, always look for Cincinnati Internet deals. Fortunately, Cincinnati Bell offers a couple of deals and promotions every year. Always keep an eye on this to save on your next Cincinnati Internet cost.

Always check Cincinnati Internet availability before moving

In case you have to move to another place and want to continue using Cincinnati Bell Internet, always check for the availability before you move.


How much is Cincinnati Internet Only plans?

The price for Cincinnati Bell Internet starts at $24.99 for 5Mbps per month. The company offers up to 11 Internet plans with varying speeds and prices. You don’t need TV or Phone to start enjoying Cincinnati Bell Internet services.

How much is Cincinnati Internet after 12 months?

Cincinnati Internet is advertised using promotional prices which are very likely to change over time. So, the price for any of Cincinnati Internet plans will change after the first 12 months. I haven’t got enough information about the prices over time. But I’m sure the prices will vary over time.

How fast is Cincinnati Internet?

Cincinnati Internet suits people with different lifestyles. The website features Internet speeds as low as 5Mbps to 1Gbps. Depending on individual Internet needs in your business or family, you can go with any Cincinnati Internet plan in the range.

Final verdict

Cincinnati Bell Internet is a good option for people living in rural areas of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and still requires high speed Internet. The price locks are worthwhile despite the fact that you will have to sign an agreement. The prices and Internet speeds from Cincinnati Bell are perfect for all types of Internet users. Compared to satellite, Cincinnati Bell internet is quite and upgrade.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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