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How to fix Cox Slow Internet

Cox Slow Internet – 5 Common Causes And Fixes

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Nothing is disheartening than getting the notice, ‘’No Internet Access’’ or ‘’the page took too long to load’’ on your browser when you want to complete some freelance work or submit your research to the lecturer. Slow Internet wastes a lot of your time, money and efforts.

To understand whether your Cox Internet is slow or just throttled, it’s important to run a simple speed test online. Although there are other 3rd party websites where you can run a speed test, it’s always advisable to run a speed test on Cox speed test site.

Reasons For slow Cox Internet?

There are many potential issues when you’re getting slow Cox internet connections. Most of the users always cope with the slow and unreliable Internet without knowing that most of the potential problems can be handled at home. Here are some common reasons why your Cox internet is slow.

1. Poor connections

If the cables and the connections are not all secure and plugged well, you might experience trouble with Cox Internet. It’s now essential to make sure the cables and the connections are plugged as needed. The wireless device should connect to the wireless network well.

2. Problem with the devices

As we all know, there are many devices used to supply Internet at your home or Business. If any of these devices is faulty or has problems, be ready for poor Cox Internet connections. Consequently, check the connections to rule out the problem.

3. Improper use of the Internet

Because Cox doesn’t throttle or limit internet use doesn’t mean that you should connect more devices than needed. The worst blunder you can make is assuming that multitasking and connecting more devices simultaneously will be right for you. If more devices are connected, or more tasks performed simultaneously, the Internet speed will be lower than expected.

4. Someone is using your Internet

If your wireless connection is not secured, there are chances that your neighbour is using your Internet without your knowledge. That is common, but many households don’t think it can slow the Internet. The other user might be using more than one devices simultaneously without your knowledge. If that is the case, then you can expect that the Internet will be slow.

5. Cox Internet outage or service down?

Before jumping into conclusions that the Cox Internet is slow, always start by consulting with your neighbours who use the same provider. They should be in a able to tell you if they are experiencing the same problem. Also, consult with the Cox website to check any outage updates.

How to fix Slow Cox Internet?

Check the connections

Check all the networking connections and wired connections to ensure they’re all connected well before jumping into conclusions. All the connections should be securely fitted in the right place, and the connections are perfect between the router and the devices.

Reboot the router

Rebooting the router is known to solve some common issues with the device. If you have a Wi-Fi router, ensure its properly working. You can turn the antenna for a better connection and at the same time try rebooting it and restarting the router. In some cases, the router may stop working because of overheating or lose connections. Ensure the router has enough breathing area on the walls.

Disconnect the VPN software

Most of us are using VPNs to avoid throttling and for security reasons. It’s great that you care that much about your website security but the VPN can slow your internet speeds, especially if it has some performance issues. Disconnect the VPN and take speed tests to rule out the problem.

Disable the Wi-Fi

The device can start misbehaving if it has been used for a long time. Using a device on Wi-Fi continuously for a long time can cause various internet issues. It’s hard to tell if the slow Internet is because of the performance issues with your device but always disconnect the Wi-Fi feature and try to reconnect later.

Remove all unused devices.

Connecting many devices at a time can equally slow your internet speed. If you have connected more than 3 devices that you are currently not using, it’s important to disconnect them and connect the ones you’re presently utilizing.

Check and avoid signal interferences.

Housed electronics can cause signal interference. If you have a microwave closely, it should always be off unless using it. Another thing, the wires should be a distance from the devices using electromagnetic signals.

Hardware upgrade

Hardware upgrade can as well help you significantly when considering higher internet speeds. Older devices may have problems with load speed and connection issues. So, it’s important to buy new and updated devices.


Is Cox internet good?

Cox internet provides some of the best and reliable download and Upload speeds for households and businesses. Users experience relatively fewer problems, and the company swiftly solves the existing problems. There are a few instances of outage and downtime.

How much does Cox Internet cost?

Cox internet features different internet plans with varying prices depending on the internet speeds and other factors.

How do you know what is slowing down your Internet?

When your Internet is running slow, always start by asking your neighbours using the same ISP whether they’re experiencing the same problem. Next, open the Bandwidth Analysis Feature and run the test for some minutes. You will probably know the current download and upload speeds.

Does Cox Throttle internet?

Currently, Cox doesn’t throttle or limit your Internet access. Though, always keep an eye on the amount of data you’re using. This is probably because there are some potential problems associated with using a lot of data.


Always make sure the slow Internet is as a result of a known problem. If the issue is beyond your capacity, always consult an expert or get in touch with Cox internet support for help. The above-mentioned steps are effective to solve common issues with your Cox internet. If the problem persists, reach out to Cox support.

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