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DirecTV Error Codes

DirecTV Error Codes – Most Common Problems

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Electronic devices usually display error codes when the self-diagnosis function is active and influential. Some of the devices, including the DirecTV receiver, are fitted with some functionalities that help the device diagnose common issues and offer codes that you can interpret to understand the issue at hand.

DirecTV users’ most common issue is interpreting these error codes and knowing how to go around it. Most customers always have trouble interpreting the error code messages. Even though DirecTV comes with a booklet or a link with a lot of troubleshooting tips, the information may be unavailable during a minor crisis. For that reason, we have compiled some of the most common DirecTV error codes, the meaning and some easy solutions to each of them.

Common DirecTV error codes

Error code 771: Searching for Satellite signal

This is the most common error code message that you will get as a DirecTV user. Although this code seems frustrating, there’s no need to panic because it’s a minor diagnosis of signal interruptions. With some little information from an experienced expert, you can fix this error from home. But before we delve into this, let’s see what causes this error.

What causes DirecTV Error Code 771?

Several variables can cause this error codes. For this reason, error code 771 has a couple of solutions. The main reason you’re getting this error code is because of spotty signals mainly caused by stormy weather. It usually occurs if the device is searching for a satellite signal during a Thunderstorm. You don’t have to panic or try to fix the error code if the weather is stormy. You also shouldn’t call the customer support because none of that will help. As a matter of fact, the DirecTV support has a weather interactive map that they check before troubleshooting this error code.

Besides this weather, there are few other rarer causes of this issue. The accidental change of cable or the aftermath of a storm also has an impact on the satellite signal. An equipment error or a change in electric supply can equally be a reason for the same.

What is the Solution to DirecTV error code 771?

In case of stormy weather, you shouldn’t try to fix the issue or contacting the customer service. Just wait for the weather to get better. But if there’s any other reason for this error, you should retrace our steps before the issue occurred.

Did you interfere with the wires? Is there a device error that you had previously noticed? If yes, then you should try to diagnose the system for a solution. If the electric supply is not consistent, try to fix the issue. Sit down and try to remember other things that may be causing this problem. Were you moving furniture? Have you purchased a new surge protector that could interfere with power and signal supply? If yes, try to fix the root cause.

DirectTV error code: 203

This error code easily means that the account is past due, and for that reason, the services have been reduced to a low level. The error code might also mean that the service is interrupted. There are no other reasons for this error code.

What is the solution to DirecTV error code 203?

The only way this error code 203 can be solved is by contacting the Customer service to restore full DirecTV service. Try to reach the support through 888.388.4249 and use the automated system to reach out to a human agent.

DirecTV error code 775

This is another error code that usually corresponds to a frozen screen on the user’s end. The error code is very common, but most people don’t know what causes the issue and the solutions for the same. If you have been encountering this error code, you can understand it better and internalize some common solutions to this.

What causes DirecTV error code 775?

DirecTV error code 775 can occur for certain reasons. The main in the list is the fact that the receiver is encountering trouble communicating with the satellite Dish. Cable issues or supply problems can cause this.

How to solve DirecTV error code 775?

There are certain methods of solving this issue. Most people end up contacting the customer service, which is good but you need to, first of all, try the below steps.

Ensure the cables are firmly connected. The cables should not be loose. The wires should equally be able to send the right signals between the satellite dish and the receiver. If the cables are tight and correctly inserted, the next thing to do is to unplug the SWiM Power inserter and wait for about 15 seconds before plugging it back.

DirecTV error code 722: Service has expired

You must have definitely dealt with this error at a point in your life. It’s a common error that can be caused by a couple of things. Understanding the error and diagnosing the original issue can be very beneficial to you.

What causes DirecTV error code 722?

This error code mainly happens as a result of a software problem. This can easily be solved by refreshing the services. Software problem can occur because of the common bugs, freezing or any other reason that is very common with electronic devices.

What is the solution for DirecTV error code 722?

There are only two solutions to this error code. The first is to refresh the services online. Log in to the DirecTV account and refresh your viewing. If the error persists, reach out to SeniorTV or call the DirecTV customer service.

Other DirecTV error codes

Besides the above error codes, there are some other rare error codes that you can come across. To make sure every information is covered and a solution to every error is provided, here is a brief introduction of DirecTV rare error codes, meaning and the solution.

DirecTV error 14: Internal Storage error detected

This is an on-screen Text, meaning that the Internal Storage Error has been detected. It may also mean that an internal problem was detected while reading the Internal storage device. In this case, there are few solutions at hand. You might think of calling the DirecTV and report the issue.

The solution to DirecTV error code 14

The first solution is to select ‘’Reboot” to reset the receiver. If this problem persists, don’t try to reformat from the front panel. You can just replace the receiver.

DirecTV Error code 15: Internal Storage error detected

Error code 14 and Error code 15 mean the same in this regard. They all mean that there was an issue detecting the internal storage device. The solution to error 15 is the same as the solution for error code 14.

The solution to DirecTV error code 15

Firstly select ”Reboot” to reset the receiver. If the error is still there, you can just choose to replace the receiver and not just reformat.

DirecTV error code 614 and DirecTV error code 615, error code 617: Video connection lost

DirecTV error code 614 means that the video connection has been lost between the Wireless Video Bridge or better known as the Main Genie receiver and the Genie Client. DirecTV error code 615 means the same thing. If you get error code 617, there’s the likelihood of an issue with the connection between the Genie Client and the Main Genie Receiver.


Before calling the customer support, start by looking for anything blocking the wireless signal or checking the cabling to diagnose any issues with the cable. The solution to DirecTV error code 617 and error code 615 is the same. Check cabling and anything else that is blocking the wireless signal.

DirecTV error code 727: Program not available in your area

Being a satellite TV, there are a couple of programs that are Geo-limited. What this mean is that there are some programs that might be blocked in your area. Although this is common, there’s something you can do to solve the errors.


The only thing to do in this regard is to get the customer service to verify the address and resend the authorizations. The Customer service should at the same time, check for any Blackouts and FCC Viewing restrictions in your area. Unluckily, if FCC blocks the viewing, there are chances that the services cannot be allowed in your area.

DirecTV error code 731: Access Card Full

This error code means that the access card is full. Its not a very common error code, but once you get it, it can be frustrating. The customer service might only initiate the solution to this through the official line in simple terms. However, there are a few steps to diagnose the issue and solve the problem.


The first thing to do is to run a IRD or better known as system test as the first thing to ensure the phone is okay. If this doesn’t work, then you can troubleshoot the phone line. The customer service can force callback which might only take 2 minutes.

DirecTV Error code 732: IPPV Purchase Limit Reached

Here is another DirecTV error code that you can come across from time to time. The error code means that the IPPV purchase Limit reached.

What is the solution for DirecTV error code 732?

You must know that the IRD has to call to download the PPV information. After this has downloaded, space will be made available. What you must do is to follow the procedure for ‘’731-Access Card Full”.

DirecTV error code 920: Missing Guide Info.

This error code is not very common, but it means that there’s missing Guide Info. In simple terms, it means that the receiver has not received guide information from the Satellite within 13 hours.


The solution to this case is to contact DirecTV Customer service with the information. This is a signal issue that they can solve within a concise period of time. The installation needs to be inspected to realize the root cause of this issue and at the same time, determine why the IRD is receiving the OSD.

DirecTV error code 928: The wireless Video Bridge has lost power

This is common and can be frustrating. In most instances, this error code means that the wireless Video Bridge has lost power. However, it might also mean that the signal is poor, or the device is rebooting. This error might occur for people who have recently replaced the Genie Receiver and need to reset the connection.


Start by checking the connections. You can choose to reset the wireless connection through the Genie Menu.


How do I fix error 771 on DirecTV?

Do you see DirecTV error 771 on the TV screen? If yes, then locate the Access card on your DirecTV receiver, check the Satellite, check the cables and eventually press your ”channel” Button up twice and then down twice.

How do I troubleshoot DirecTV?

Get the power cord out and wait for about 15 seconds before you plug it back in. After that, press the power button and give the receiver some time to reboot. If this issue persists, reach out to DirecTV technical support team.

What is displayed when the receiver is too hot or needs to cool down?

You might get an error message telling you that the receiver is hot or needs to cool down. This might happen if there are any obstructed air vents. The receiver might not display any error code, but it may shut itself off and wait for some time before powering on.


There are many DirecTV error codes that can be displayed on your DirecTV. What counts is having enough information about each of the errors and understanding of common solutions. However, different codes might represent the same issue. But the above information will help you understand all DirecTV error codes and possible solutions.

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