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centurylink vs suddenlink

Centurylink vs Suddenlink – Comparing Internet Providers in 2021

If you are trying to wonder which is better, Centurylink vs Suddenlink in 2021 then this is the best resource for you.

In this post, we compare two known internet providers Centurylink and Suddenlink. Today, Internet access is as important as other utilities for most businesses and homes. Your business will probably need the Internet for VoIP and email communications with your customers, credit card processing and uploading documents, accepting, delivering, finalizing orders, and communicating with the customers on social media and other platforms.

Home users will equally need the Internet because it’s a primary source of their entertainment through streaming videos and watching YouTube videos along with communicating and chatting with colleagues, family, and friends.

Besides the fact that businesses always get someone to help them have a negotiable advantage with their Internet service providers (ISPs), small businesses, startups, and homes don’t have to pay a huge amount of money for such services.

I understand that the process of selecting and partnering with a specific ISP is daunting. Remember, this process is important to reduce operation costs and monthly utility bills.

With that in mind, I am destined to offer you all the important and applicable information that can help you weigh different Internet Service Providers in the US market. Today, we’re discussing visible and hidden differences and similarities between CenturyLink and Suddenlink Internet providers.

CenturyLink Internet provider Overview

CenturyLink is a global communications company based in Monroe, Louisiana. The company offers different types of Internet for businesses and homes. Additionally, they offer network services, voice, cloud solutions, managed services, and several other services that businesses and individuals need.

It is a massive ISP in the US market with a great share of the market for Internet, TV, and phone services. Their Fiber Internet has a wide range of speeds ranging from 15Mbps to 940Mbps. The company also offers long-distance services and traditional landline phone services.

Although CenturyLink is a well-known ISP, it doesn’t stack up as well as some of its main competitors. The information released by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2018, CenturyLink ranked 12th out of the 16 Internet service providers in the market at that time. That’s not alluring at all.

Though, CenturyLink ranked above ISPs such as Cincinnati Bell and Frontier, which means it has a chance to offer good services to homes and businesses. Their internet speeds and reliability has been praised by some prior and recent users a reason why we have compared the company to Suddenlink Internet Provider. 

Suddenlink Internet Provider Overview

SuddenLink is an American Telecommunications company that offers Internet and other services to households and businesses. The company takes its place among the largest ISP in the US market. They have the main focus of delivering the fastest internet plans to households and businesses both in rural and urban areas.

Suddenlink employs a technology that brings ultra-speed Internet to households and businesses using the Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial infrastructure. This infrastructure enables them to offer 1Gbps. The fiber cables run through the cities and streets, switching coaxial TV cables for customer homes.

Internet availability and service coverage

Suddenlink fiber and cable internet are available to the southern, western, and Midwestern states. Their biggest coverage is in Arizona, Louisiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and North Carolina. It’s important to check whether Suddenlink services are available in your area.

On the other hand, Century Link offers its services to about 50 states, but the greatest coverage is in Arizona, Washington, and Colorado. Its DSL internet is available to over 49.3 million people, which is the reason why the company tops the table in terms of DSL internet coverage.

CenturyLink also provides Fiber, copper, and Fixed Wireless Internet to a large number of people and businesses in the same market. Their fiber service is available to about 9.6 million people. This makes CenturyLink the fourth in the list of Fiber Internet providers in terms of Internet availability and coverage.

What’s the difference between CenturyLink and Suddenlink Internet?

These two companies offer Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps via the Fiber cables. This internet speed is perfect for all forms of works, both residential and business operations. I believe 1Gbps is enough for people that like to stream videos and for businesses downloading a lot of huge files.

Their upload speeds vary, but they’re enough for video conferencing and other business operations. I trust you’re here to see which of the two is perfect for your specific Internet need.

CenturyLink for streaming

Not all CenturyLink Internet plans are perfect for streamers and online junkies. However, their 80Mbps plan seems enough for people that watch a lot of online content. The reasons I chose this package is because of the speeds and the reasonable monthly price. The speeds are high, and the plan is reasonably priced for heavy internet users at home.

CenturyLink has equally partnered with the best TV subscription service to make it effortless to watch TV and stream content online. This includes some services such as High Definition streaming, Long-term commitment, and Cloud DVR.

Suddenlink streaming

Besides the fact that Suddenlink is good for streaming and video uploads, they offer the Suddenlink2Go app that is used to stream your best movie and TV show any time of the day.

CenturyLink and Suddenlink Internet speed

The internet speed for the two ISPs is enough for most business and residential internet needs. Suddenlink and CenturyLink offer Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps via Fiber networks. 1Gbps is what your home and Business needs for seamless streaming, file download, and several other processes.

However, when it comes to Internet speeds, Suddenlink hedges CenturyLink. This is because they offer additional internet speeds. CenturyLink Internet speeds start from 100Mbps to 1Gbps. This is not good news for people that want something in between.

Suddenlink offers additional Internet plans such as 10Mbps, 200Mbps, 400Mbps, and 1 Gigabit per second. It’s hard to determine which Internet service provider between CenturyLink and Suddenlink is good in terms of Internet speeds. This is because the two provide top speeds on fiber plans. But I can assure you Suddenlink is the best when it comes to variety in internet speeds. It offers the widest range in cable internet plans with as little as 1Mbps download speeds for budget spenders.

Suddenlink specializes in Cable internet for business and home connections. Someone can choose internet speeds plans ranging from glacial 3Mbps service to a super-fast 1Gbps package.

Suddenlink Fiber Internet

We all know that fiber internet is the fastest and the most reliable type of connection. In such a case, the connections travel via cables that have thin optical fibers. This is what makes fiber internet faster than other types of connections. Suddenlink is in a constant move to build and grow their Fiber Network in the US market. Check whether Suddenlink Fiber Internet is available to you.

CenturyLink DSL and Fiber Network

The DSL internet from CenturyLink can be thought of as a phone line. This is because it shares the same structure and functionality. Their internet speeds vary depending on the type of connection that is available to you. Some people are lucky to get Fiber Internet on their homes and Businesses with so much ease.

Cost, Data and Value for your money

Suddenlink plans attract higher prices as the download and upload speeds change. For lower download speeds, you’re likely to pay lower monthly prices. Suddenlink attracts its customers with lower introductory prices, which are bound to skyrocket within a very short time. On the other hand, Century Link has steady prices, which is why you would think about it.

The Centurylink’s prices are guaranteed for life, but the Suddenlink’s pricing is guaranteed for 12 months. The monthly costs are destined to raise after one year. Comparing the 1Gbps plan for the two ISPs, it’s easy to notice that CenturyLink has a cheaper 1Gbps plan for the people and Businesses that wants super-speed internet connections. Another important thing to note is that Suddenlink’s 1Gbps is unlimited, while CenturyLink’s 1Gbps plan has a 1,000GB cap.

CenturyLink Internet plans and prices

To determine whether different CenturyLink internet plans are perfect for your business or home use, we have provided different plans, speeds, and prices on a table below.

CenturyLink plan Download speed Price/month
Price for Life 15Mbps 10Mbps $49
Price for Life 20Mbps 20Mbps $49
Price for Life 40Mbps 40Mbps $49
Price for Life 80Mbps 80Mbps $49
Price for life 100Mbps 100Mbps $49
CenturyLink Fiber Internet 940Mbps $65

All the CenturyLink Internet plans presented above don’t require a yearly contract. This is an added advantage for users who don’t want to be tied up in a year’s contract. The internet speeds and the plans above are also bound to change over time. The offers and availability of such services depend on where you live and your specific internet needs.

CenturyLink pros

  • No contracts
  • No hidden costs
  • Prices for life
  • Gig Fiber Internet option
  • High Internet speeds

CenturyLink Cons

  • The download speeds are a hit and miss
  • Their customer care is comparably worse

Suddenlink Internet plans and prices

Suddenlink has a couple of options for people and Businesses with varying internet needs. Depending on how much data and Internet you need in a month, someone can always find an Internet plan from Suddenlink that matches those needs. Suddenlink offers you an opportunity to save with their 100Mbps for only $34.99 per month. The plan comes with no annual contracts. Here are the plans, Internet speeds, and Prices in a table.

Plan Price/month Download speed
Internet 100 $39.99 100Mbps
Internet 400 $59.99 400Mbps
Internet 1000 $89.99 1Gbps

Suddenlink pros

  • Low prices
  • More data options
  • Stable and fast cable plans
  • Lighting fast fiber is available
  • The installation fee is lower

Suddenlink cons

  • The bundle options are fewer
  • Overall availability is limited

Bundled Data packages

To save further on your utilities, Suddenlink and Century link allows you to bundle your Internet with TV and Phone. Let’s now see how these two companies compare in terms of their Bundle packages and pricing.

Suddenlink wants everybody to save on Bundled Internet services to the extent that they don’t offer Standalone TV. It may not be easy to say how much money you can save with the Suddenlink bundle. Competitors such as CenturyLink also offer TV, Phone, and Internet Bundles to their customers.

Here are some of my Bundle package recommendations from Suddenlink.

Suddenlink package Download speeds Channels Price per month
Internet 100+ Value TV + Phone 100Mbps 225+Channels $79.99
Internet 200+ Value TV+ Phone 200Mbps 225+ channels $89.99
Internet 400+Value TV+ Phone 400Mbps 225+ Channels $99.99
Internet 400+Select TV + Phone 400Mbps 290+ Channels $109.99
Internet 1 Gig+ Select TV + Phone 1,000Mbps 290+ channels $139.99

Along with the information shared here, Suddenlink offers its new customers incredibly fast Internet and packages for no extra charge. There are additional things that you should understand about the Suddenlink service.

  • Suddenlink offers contract Buyout up to $500
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • No contracts.

CenturyLink Bundle packages

With CenturyLink, you have a chance to bundle TV and Phone with the Internet. This way, several options help you get DirecTV and Phone for full home entertainment and calling. Here are some of the options that you’ve with CenturyLink Bundle packages.

CenturyLink Package Download speeds Phone and TV features Price
DirecTV Xtra all included+ CenturyLink Internet+ Home phone 20Mbps Unlimited Nationwide calling+ 235+ channels $149.99
DirecTV Ultimate all Included+ CenturyLink Internet+ Home Phone 20Mbps Unlimited Nationwide calling+ 250+ Channels $154.99
DirecTV Premier all Included+ Internet+ Home Phone 20Mbps Unlimited Nationwide Calling+ 330 channels $204.99

The above information is valid until the day of writing this review. There are chances that the pricing and features of the packages may vary.

Bundle packages: Which is the best value for you?

Given the information I have provided above, it’s easy to realize that the Bundle packages for the two companies vary significantly. The Bundle package for CenturyLink is comparatively expensive and, at the same time, doesn’t offer more than 20Mbps download speeds. Take, for example, Internet 100+ Value TV + Phone from Suddenlink, which goes at $79.99. A similar package from CenturyLink would cost more than that amount. However, the TV channels on Suddenlink packages don’t contain as many channels as it is the case with CenturyLink.

Similar Internet Providers

If you’ve not been pleased by these two providers, there are chances that you can find another affordable and reliable provider near you. For that reason, I have listed three main alternatives to CenturyLink and Suddenlink.


Cox is another perfect alternative to Suddenlink and CenturyLink, offering internet services to homes and businesses worldwide. Its highest speed is 1,000Mbps, just like CenturyLink and Suddenlink. You can go for other internet plans with lower speeds and affordable prices. For gamers, 150Mbps and 300Mbps are perfect for your operations.

Cox Internet services are available in areas where the CenturyLink and Suddenlink offer services. The services are available in 19 States but with the most extensive coverage in Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, Nebraska, and North Carolina.

Cox Internet speeds and prices vary from 1Mbps to 1,000Mbps and $29.99 to $99.99, respectively.

Xfinity (Comcast)

Xfinity is the second alternative to CenturyLink and SuddenLink. The company offers high-speed Internet to homes and businesses at a very reasonable price. Its cable internet plans, speeds, and Data are reliable and reasonable. Xfinity was named the fastest Internet service provider in the US by Speed in 2018.


Frontier is a provider of high-speed Internet at reasonable prices. Their internet speeds and reliability is enough for browsing and downloading. The company provides both Fiber-optic service and DSL internet. Its internet service is available in 38 states, including Idaho, Oregon, Texas, and Washington DC.


Which Internet service provider is better, CenturyLink, or Suddenlink.

From the review above, it’s easy to realize that Suddenlink was the winner in the majority of the categories. Though, CenturyLink locked pricing is one of the reasons I would pronounce the company as the winner. Another thing is the century link’s Robust coverage in the country.

Is CenturyLink a good Internet provider?

CenturyLink will be a good internet provider for people looking for unlimited Internet with no data caps though their internet speeds and prices are not guaranteed because they can change from one location to the other.

Will Suddenlink lower my bills?

Suddenlink’s prices are very likely to go up after the promotion period. At that point, it would help to call the company and see whether they can offer you more discount or at least lower your bills. Although the customer support will not lower your bill so-miraculously, $10 would do.

Final verdict

I understand that it can be daunting to draw a clear line between two Internet service providers available in your area. But with the right information in terms of their Internet speeds, reliability, and prices, you can determine the best option for you. So, make the decision based on the information I’ve provided above.

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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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