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frontier vs verzion

Frontier vs Verizon – Comparing Internet Providers

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Frontier and Verizon are among the many internet providers in the US offering similar internet speeds at a relatively close price. Consequently, it can be overwhelming to decide between these two providers. They both have high-speed internet plans, affordable pricing, and even bundle packages. All these are things people look for when shopping for internet. This only makes the decision more difficult because we all want the best services.

Many people often want to know, which is the best internet service, provider? Remember, it’s not all about the speeds and numbers. There are other things to consider before arriving at a suitable provider who will meet all your specific needs. In this bief, I’ll compare these two internet providers head to head. This should give you clearer insights on their kind of services and if they offer what you’re looking for.

Frontier internet overview

Frontier is a well-established corporation and has garnered itself a significant customer base. The company provides internet, TV and phone services to various states across the US. Frontier has been around since 1935. It has grown over time and expanded its services, earning the 6th position as the best internet service provider.

Frontier offers DSL, cable, and fiber optic internet to residents and businesses in the United States. However, its breakthrough lies in the fiber optic internet, which we all know has the fastest speeds around. In spite of this, the company is currently battling turbulent waters. The frontier communications recently filed for bankruptcy on the 14th of April 2020. This doesn’t mean all is lost. The current customers will continue receiving uninterrupted services.

Verizon internet overview

Verizon is another giant ISPs in the US market founded in 2000. Verizon offers both DSL and fiber optic internet, but the main focus is on the fiber-optic network. As a matter of fact, it was among the very first internet providers to offer fiber-optic service, and this is really a big thing. I mean, who doesn’t like lightning speed internet!

Not everyone is lucky enough to get access to the Verizon high-speed internet. That’s why they also provide DSL (Digital subscriber service). Compared to what other companies have to offer, Verizon DSL is much better, and I can even say it’s advanced. So, don’t lose heart!

whats a better isp Frontier or Verizon

Coverage Availability

It’s important to know whether any or both of these providers are available in your area. Basically, the frontier internet service is available in about 29 states across the entire country. The main regions are those on the northeast, west coast, southeast, and the Midwest areas. Since the Frontier provides both fiber and DSL internet, the folks in the countryside are also kept connected.

The Verizon high-speed internet is limited to just about 10 states. The greatest coverage is in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. As is expected, the fiber-optic network is mainly accessible to metropolitan areas. Personally, I would like to see Verizon expand its borders and take this service over to the suburban and rural areas.

People living outside major cities have to contend with the Verizon high-speed DSL internet. Verizon DSL network has quite a considerable customer bandwidth totaling to as much as 49.1 million people. In terms of coverage areas, Verizon ranks as the 4th largest DSL provider for residential use. This means that while the fiber optic internet is extremely limited, a huge number of people have access to the DSL internet with maximum speeds of 15 Mbps in some areas.

All said and done; Frontier seems to have a larger coverage area for the DSL internet. On the other hand, both companies have limited coverage areas for the fiber optic internet service.

Whos got the best Internet speeds?

Internet speed is usually an important factor to consider in decision making. Remember, people have different internet usages. Therefore, the majority look for internet speeds that will match their specific needs. Frontier brings to the table a variety of plan options, and this means different speeds. For instance, its internet speeds starting from as low as 6Mbps all the way to 1000Mbps. Whether you want just an average connection to read emails and browse the web or ludicrous speeds for downloading files, they got you covered.

The frontier FiOS internet consists of download speeds of 50 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps. These are the solid fiber optic plans. Aside from these, there are also the DSL plans with download speeds of 6 Mbps, 25 Mbps, and 45 Mbps. It’s worth mentioning that the frontier fiber-optic service comes with symmetrical upload and download speeds. You might think that upload speeds are not a big deal until you want to upload a large file, and it takes hours to complete the process.

I had earlier mentioned that Verizon spotlight service is their fiber optic internet. The Verizon FiOS internet has only three plans with download speeds of 200Mbps, 400Mbps, and 940Mbps. Upload speeds are also symmetrical except for the gigabit connection, which has 880Mbps. While it doesn’t match up to the 940Mbps, upload speeds of 880Mbps are still quite high and enough to take on an entire photo gallery.

Verizon also offers the DSL high-speed internet. This is usually an upgrade from the dial-up or even satellite internet, especially when you look at the download speeds. Depending on the location, you stand a chance to reap 15Mbps download speeds.

In this category, both companies score quite well. For instance, Frontier and Verizon have gigabit internet speeds. This means that retrieving any kind of data from the internet will be very easy. There will be no such thing as buffering whenever you are streaming shows on Netflix or gaming with such speeds. However, the frontier DSL plans are generally better than Verizon’s, and they have higher speeds. If you can’t get cable or fiber internet, you’re better off with frontiers DSL internet.

Frontier and Verizon Bundle services for Internet cable and Phone

You have the option to choose a bundle package that includes internet and phone or TV. Most of the internet companies offer double and triple internet deals. This way, you get one package that has all the services you need saving you time and money.

Frontier provides internet, TV, and phone in its bundle packages. Furthermore, if you seek additional services, they are provided in some of the bundles. For instance, if you are concerned about your information’s safety, you can opt to get the frontier security plan. Some of the internet and TV bundle packages come with DVR functionality.

Verizon is not left lagging behind either; it brings forth its own bundle packages. Similar to Frontier, Verizon has the double and triple deals for you to choose from. The Verizon bundle services are particularly juicy considering the fact that some of the plans consist of a 12 month free Disney+ subscription. Also, depending on the plan you choose, they offer over 200 TV channels for the utmost entertainment. The home phone service is added at the cost of $20 monthly.

There is no doubt Verizon avails a number of sweet deals to its customers. At the cost of $40, you receive 200 Mbps for streaming and downloading movies together with a free Disney + subscription for a whole year. The gigabit connection costs $80per month for 940Mbps, 12 months free Disney+, another 12 months of free Hulu, and free stream TV. This is simply entertainment taken to a whole new level.

With Frontier, there is the opportunity to bundle fiber internet with TV or phone or both as well as DSL internet with phone or TV. For instance, the 50Mbps bundle package comes with over 130 TV channels, most of which are in HD.

I would say that there is actually no winner here. Once again, both companies have gone ahead of their game to provide customers with both internet and home entertainment. With that said, Frontier gets the upper hand with its wide variety of bundle options to suit different needs and the people in different locations.

Those in the urban areas have the chance to go with the fiber bundle packages. On the other hand, those in the rural areas can choose any of the DSL plus Dish double and triple packages.

Monthly cost, data allowance, and value for money

Monthly cost

It’s always a great idea to compare the monthly costs of an internet provider. As a result, you have an insight into their pricing and what will fit within your specific budget. We have already seen that both Verizon and Frontier have a variety of internet plans. The Frontier’s lowest internet plan costs about $27.99 per month while the gigabit plan comes at the cost of $74.99.

On the other hand, Verizon has only three notable fiber-optic plan options with the lowest costing about $40 monthly for 200Mbps. The Verizon FiOS gigabit connection is priced at $80 per month for 940Mbps. The DSL internet does not match up to the FiOS reliability but provides adequate user experience. Unless you are a gamer or streamer, their DSL network is worth it. It has a price range of $39.99 to $69.99 a month.

On an overall level, Frontier has a lower starting price and monthly costs. Additionally, their DSL internet is cheaper than that of Verizon. Frontier and Verizon both have fairly priced gigabit plans. They both actually have the best priced FiOS internet at the moment.

Data allowance

A major selling point for the frontier internet is the no data cap policy. I mean it; there are absolutely no data caps. How great is that! Another big bonus is that with Frontier, there is no data throttling. If you have worked with internet providers, you should know that some of them are quite sneaky. They will make you believe you have unlimited data only to go behind your back and regulate it at certain points. This basically means that the service provider will slow down your connection at certain times. Thankfully, with Frontier, there is no such thing.

Verizon internet plans also don’t have data caps. This means there are really no data limits, especially for the FiOS customers. You can stream 4k HD movies, do online gaming, and browse the web without worrying about surpassing a set limit. So, thumbs up for Verizon and Frontier for giving their customers unlimited data. However, if you burn through what is termed as ‘excessive data’ (over 3 terabytes), neither of these companies will be happy with you.

Value for money

Alongside no contract policies, Verizon doesn’t have creepy price hikes. In this case, if there are any additional monthly fees, they are all put into one price, which is the advertised one. Verizon also includes other deals that can save customers tons of money. For instance, if you opt to order their service online, you are served with free installation. Otherwise, a professional set up costs $99. The router’s monthly rental fee is $15, but those who subscribe for the gigabit connection get it for free.

The adverse contract users will definitely not be happy with Frontier. Wondering why? Unfortunately, you have to sign one or two-year agreements for some of their internet plans. But, a few other plans are contract-free. This gets me thinking, why choose a contract plan when you can do otherwise? The catch with the contract plans is that they are usually waived off the $75 installation fee. With that in mind, a contract is usually closely followed by an early termination fee. The frontier early termination fee can go up to $400, hence choose wisely.

Unlike Verizon, Frontier is a bit sneaky with its fees. Most of the extra charges will spontaneously appear on the monthly bill without your prior knowledge. While we’re at it, the fee that has got us frowning is that of the equipment rental. Capture this; everyone pays $10 monthly for the modem and wifi router. This includes even those who opt to buy their own equipment. Besides, the company makes it difficult for users to purchase their own equipment. Frontier does not provide a list of compatible equipment on the website; therefore, you might not know what to buy.

Customer service

Verizon has a fairly good reputation, which is no mean feat in the ISP’s world. For starters, the company mainly uses the fiber-optic network. This is definitely the most reliable internet type around. However, there is a possibility of facing one or two setbacks. That’s why responsive customer service is invaluable. The majority of the Verizon customers attest to it that they’re well taken care of whenever they call customer support.

One of the major issues common with internet providers is slower than advertised speeds. Download speeds are quite important. This is because most of the tasks you do online rely on efficient download speeds.

According to a report from the federal communications commission (FCC), Verizon’s actual over advertised speeds, on average, got a score of 107%. This certainly indicates the company delivers higher than advertised speeds. This is commendable! Users don’t really have to complain about slow speeds. They get what they pay for and even more.

The Verizon fiber-optic service seems to be the most reliable. A Verizon FiOS customer says that she pays for 200 Mbps and can get up to 330Mbps at times. She adds that the speeds never slow down, and the customer service is really good. Many of the complaints are about the DSL service and not fiber. There is a DSL user who complains that the speeds are too slow, especially during peak times. All in all, there are many positive reviews than I have ever seen with most of the competing providers.

On the other hand, the frontier customer service is ranked below average. The truth is there is no one ISPs that receive an excellent score in the customer service category. However, Frontier has to do something to upgrade its customer service. Its unresponsive and even the live chat can sometimes be unreliable.

Looking at some of the reviews from the current frontier users, a good number of them are pleased with the internet service, speeds, and reliability. The problem is with the customer service, which many people think is inconsistent, poor, and takes too long to respond to the issues raised.

This particular frontier user says that the internet has not been working well for several months, yet the company has done very little to help. Another one points out the customer service is unreliable. She claims to have been experiencing outages, yet there is no help coming from the company’s side. Apparently, they promise to credit her account, but this never happens.

Frontier vs. Verizon: Pros and cons

Frontier pros

  • Provides high-speed fiber internet to its users
  • A variety of speed options
  • Affordable prices
  • Unlimited data

Frontier cons

  • The fiber internet is limited to only a few areas.
  • Two-year contract for the vantage fiber internet and FiOS

Verizon pros

  • Fast symmetrical speeds
  • Reliable services
  • No contracts
  • No early termination fees

Verizon Cons

  • Limited availability

Frontier vs Verizon comparison

Similar providers


One major alternative to Verizon and Frontier is Xfinity Internet. The company has affordable broadband Internet plans. The prices start from $50 for 100Mbps in most areas in the country. Xfinity is also available in major states and cities where Frontier and Verizon Internet is available. Their most extensive coverage is in states such as Colorado, California, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, and Kansa, Florida, District of Colombia, and several other places.


AT&T is a popular internet service provider providing internet to businesses and Households in major states and Cities. The Internet from AT&T starts at $40 for 100Mbps. Users also have a chance to bundle Internet with TV and Phone from wherever they are in the country. The AT&T services are available in Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Florida, California, Georgia, and several other states in the country.


You cannot go wrong with CenturyLink Internet for their speeds of up to 1Gbps. Though, that package is available for people that are lucky enough to live in areas where CenturyLink Fiber Internet is available. CenturyLink also offers DSL lines in some major cities and states including, Florida, Georgia, Lowe, Arkansas, Nevada, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Montana, among many other places.


Is Frontier the same Verizon?

Frontier is not necessarily the same as Verizon, but there is previous news that Frontier Communications acquired Verizon FiOS network in some states, including Florida, Texas, and California, for a short period of time years back.

What’s the difference between Verizon FiOS and Frontier FiOS?

Frontier FiOS is the name used by Frontier in areas where it had acquired Verizon FiOS. It’s the name used in Texas, California, and Florida, but this is not the situation today.

Frontier vs Verizon: Who’s the winner?

I understand you want to have a definite answer about who’s the best between Verizon and Frontier. However, it may prove very hard to draw a clear line between the two because they offer similar services at affordable prices.

But in my own opinion, Frontier proves to be a slightly better ISP in our case. This is because of the availability, Cheap DSL plans, and Bundle packages. Though, when it comes to contracts and hidden costs, you may choose Verizon. For businesses and people that want high-speed internet, Verizon is a good alternative.

Final verdict

This information is enough to help you make a viable decision between these two ISPs depending on your preferences and specific Internet needs. Frontier is the way to go for people in the lookout for the best Internet, TV, and Phone Bundle package at affordable prices.

Verizon is for home-based Businesses and people with high Internet demands and those that don’t want to be tied into contracts. Verizon Offers super-speed Internet, which is why it makes as the best for high-speed Internet needs. Another notable thing with Verizon is that it offers a symmetrical Internet speed, which is an added advantage.

What Internet Service is Available in My Area?


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